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Ancestor list for Jean Margaret Kennedy

We briefly summarize here, without documentation, some of the ancestry of my grandmother, Jean Margaret Kennedy, wife of Richard Harry Mitchelson, Jr., of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Margaret (Kennedy) Mitchelson and John Blythe Dobson, summer 1991 The ancestry of her paternal grandmother, Margaret Comfort, is presented in greater detail in the latter’s own table. Consequently the present table is truncated at the seventh generation, since at present most of the other lines cannot be extended further. Persons marked * are known to be the immigrant heads of their families in North America (in some cases, it is not known what generation of a line was the immigrant).

The two sides of Margaret’s ancestry could hardly be more different in the circumstances leading to their discovery, or in the extent of the results obtained. Her father was fortunate enough to be uncle to the late Cecelia (Coon) Botting, who made their shared ancestry the object of nearly a lifetime of study. Her mother, on the other hand, was a secretive woman whose concealed background would not be revealed until the necessary records were released and indexed in the late twentieth century. Thus the maternal side of the pedigree is entirely a modern reconstruction, produced without benefit of traditional information.

In February 2005, Margaret Kennedy was added to the well-known Genealogics database by the late Leo van de Pas, who kindly informed us of the fact. His treatment of some of her ancestral lines extends further than ours currently does.

    Generation I

  1. Jean Margaret Kennedy, born 13 June 1917 at Melita, Manitoba, Canada, died January 2000 at Winnipeg, died January 2000 at Winnipeg. David McMillan Margaret was born and raised at Melita, living there until moving to Winnipeg at the age of 16, when she enrolled in Wesley College (now the University of Winnipeg). She married 15 August 1937, Richard (“Dick”) Harry Mitchelson, Jr., of Winnipeg, born 31 December 1914, died 13 February 1998 at Winnipeg, son of Richard Harry Mitchelson, of Winnipeg and Vancouver, by his wife Kathleen McBride.

    Generation II

  2. John Kennedy (V), of Melita, Manitoba, Canada, born 13 April 1862 at St. Anns, Gainsborough Tp., Lincoln Co., Ontario, died 13 July 1939 at Winnipeg, and buried there in Elmwood Cemetery. John Kennedy (1862-1939) He married 2 January 1916 in Westminster Presbyterian Church (now Westminster United Church), Winnipeg, Manitoba,
  3. Susanna Samantha Helena Young, born 26 March 1882, presumably in Williamsburg Tp., Dundas Co., Ontario (but her birth appears to have gone unregistered), died 12 October 1937 at Winnipeg, and buried there in Elmwood Cemetery. Her name is given in her marriage record exactly as shown here, including the underlining. However, in the 1901 census she is simply called Susanna H. Young, and we believe she assumed the name Samantha in adulthood.

    Generation III

  4. John Kennedy (IV), of St. Anns, Gainsborough Tp., Lincoln co., Upper Canada, farmer, born 29 February 1832, died 11 October 1897, and buried at St. Anns. He married 23 October 1856,
  5. Margaret Comfort, born 11 December 1833, baptized 18 May 1834 in Clinton Presbyterian Church, died 2 January 1916, and buried in St. Anns Cemetery.
  6. Joseph Young, of Williamsburg Tp., Dundas Co., Ontario, born there 26 April 1846, living 1901. No record of his death has been found between that year and 1932. He married 11 August 1875 at the Parsonage, North Williamsburg (the chief village of Williamsburg Tp.), by license,
  7. Mary Jane McMillan, born 30 November 1850 in Williamsburg Tp., died 24 June 1937 at Winchester, Winchester Tp., Dundas County, at the age of 86 years, 6 months, and 24 days, of “extreme age” and “complete physical & mental exhaustion” following a fractured femur, and buried in the Old Williamsburg Union Cemetery.

    Generation IV

  8. John Kennedy (III), of St. Anns, Gainsborough Tp., Lincoln Co., Upper Canada, born 4 March 1787 in New Jersey, died 18 April 1874, aged over 87 years, and buried in St. Anns Presbyterian Churchyard. David McMillan His tombstone reads: “In memory of John, son of John and Charity Kennedy, born in Sussex Co., N. J., 1787, came to this province June, 1795, died 1874, aged 87. Was an honored elder of the Presbyterian church for more than fifty years. A man ready for every good work. Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord.” He married 11 February 1816,
  9. Barbara Dean, born 16 June 1791 at Fox Hill, New Jersey, died 27 June 1861, and buried in St. Anns Presbyterian Churchyard. David McMillan
  10. Francis Comfort, of Beamsville, Clinton Tp., Lincoln Co., Upper Canada, born 28 August 1800 at Montgomery, Montgomery Tp., Orange Co., New York, baptized 1 January 1801 in the Goodwill Presbyterian Church, Montgomery, died 18 or 19 June 1880 near Beamsville, and buried in Clinton Presbyterian Cemetery. Francis Comfort He married 20 February 1822,
  11. Jemima Wilcox, born 27 December 1801 in Grimsby Tp., Lincoln Co., died 5 November 1876 near Beamsville, and buried in Clinton Presbyterian Cemetery. Jemima Wilcox
  12. * Samuel Young, born probably ca. 1805-6 in Ireland, died 26 July 1890 in Williamsburg Tp., Dundas Co., Ontario, aged 88 years, and buried with his wife. He married by 1843, and if (as there seems no reason to doubt) she was the mother of all his children, by 1833,
  13. * Elizabeth Clark, born about September 1809 in Ireland, died 13 February 1874 in Williamsburg Tp., aged 64 years, 5 months, and buried in Old Williamsburg Union Cemetery.
  14. * David McMillan, of Williamsburg Tp., born ca. 1791-92, died some time in 1871-81, but his death appears to have gone unrecorded. David McMillan David McMillan came to Canada some time between 1835 and 1839, as may be inferred from the birthplaces of his children. The local history gives the date of his arrival as 1837, and states that he was preceeded there by his brother Daniel in 1830. He settled on lot 13, concession 8, of Williamsburg township. David McMillan is listed as a farmer (or in 1891 as a laborer), in religion Presbyterian, in all censuses of Williamsburg Tp. between 1852 and 1871. He married before 1830, presumably in Ireland,
  15. * Frances MacAulay, born probably ca. 1805-08, in County Derry (the original and restored name of the county for some time known as Londonderry), Ireland (according to her death record), died 21 June 1887 of “old age.” Her own death record fails to supply her maiden surname, but she is named as Fanny MacAulay in that of her daughter Mary Jane (McMillan) Young. We follow this nearly contemporary evidence against the statement of her husband’s great-great-grandnephew, Rae Myers, that her name was Frances Cawley.

    Generation V

  16. John Kennedy, Jr., of St. Anns, Gainsborough Tp., Lincoln Co., Upper Canada, school-teacher, born 8 May 1761 in New Jersey, presumably the John, son of John Kennedy (mother not named), baptized 26 July 1761 in St. John’s Episcopal Church, Elizabeth, Essex (now Union) Co., New Jersey, died 12 April 1847 at St. Anns, aged over 85 years. His tombstone reads: “In memory of John Kennedy, Sr., who was born in the State of New Jersey, came to this Province June 8, 1795, with a wife and five children. Died April 12, 1847. Aged 85 years, 11 months and four days.” He was married (1) 9 April 1786 at Frankford, Sussex Co., New Jersey, by “Squire” Francis Price, J.P., to
  17. Charity Wurts, born 23 March 1768, presumably in New Jersey, died 30 April 1799.
  18. John Dean, of Gainsborough Tp., Lincoln Co., Upper Canada, to which he came from Fox Hill, Roxbury (now Washington) Tp., Morris Co., New Jersey, in 1801. He was born 1 March 1754, and died 19 September 1827. He married 19 March 1781 in the Evangelical Lutheran Church, New Germantown (now Oldwick), Hunterdon Co., New Jersey,
  19. Margaret Flach, born ca. 22 March 1752 in New Jersey, died 6 March 1839, “aged 86 years, 11 months, 14 days,” and buried in the Presbyterian Churchyard, St. Anns, Gainsborough Tp.
  20. John Comfort, Jr., of Digby Tp., Annapolis (now Digby) Co., N.S., Montgomery Tp., Orange Co., New York, and finally of Clinton Tp., Lincoln Co., Upper Canada, born in or shortly before 1755, died Jan. 1830 in Lincoln Co., Upper Canada He married by New York licence dated 13 July 1782,
  21. Catharine Harris, born 5 October 1767, baptized 4 November 1767 in Hopewell Dutch Church, Hopewell Junction, East Fishkill Tp., Dutchess Co., New York, died 10 August 1846 in Lincoln Co., Upper Canada
  22. Daniel Wilcox, of St. Anns, Gainsborough Tp., born 1770-71, presumably in New Jersey, died 6 March 1857, aged 86 years. He married 18 June 1795,
  23. Mary (“Polly”) McIntyre, born 29 September 1775 somewhere in the U.S.A., living June 1816.
  24. (Young)
  26. (Clark)
  28. ____ McMillan
  29. * (probably) Betsy ____, born 1769-70 (aged 82 in 1852), possibly in co. Londonderry, Ulster, died in Canada, probably before the beginning of civil registration in 1869. As Betsy McMullen she is found in the household of her daughter Jane (McMillan) Hyndman in the 1852 census of Mountain Tp., Dundas Co., Ontario. She is thus almost certainly the unnamed member of this daughter’s household who died in 1860 at the age of 94 years, of old age.
  30. (MacAulay)

    Generation VI

  31. * John Kennedy, born ca. 1731, apparently in Scotland, died 1817 at St. Anns, Lincoln Co., Upper Canada (where he lived the last few years of his life). He married before 1761,
  32. Elizabeth ____, living 1795, when she joined her husband in a land transaction.
  33. Conrad Wirtz (V), of Roxbury Tp., Morris Co., New Jersey, born apparently in 1736-43, who died testate between 23 August 1766 and 17 October 1767, naming wife Anna in his will.
  34. Anna (Waldorff) Coeck, widow of Georg Coeck.
  35. (Dean)
  37. * Andreas Flach, who came with his wife and four eldest children from Wurtemberg on the Speedwell in 1749, stayed briefly at Philadelphia, Pa., then went to New Jersey, where he founded Flocktown, German Valley (now Long Valley), Roxbury (now Washington) Tp., Morris Co. He was born 9 September 1711 (per his baptismal record), baptized at Kehl, Baden-Württemberg, Germany, died 1779 at Schooley’s Mountain, Roxbury (now Washington) Tp., and buried at Long Valley. He married 17 January 1736 at Kehl,
  38. * Anna Maria Schütterlin, almost certainly the one of this name baptized 1 December 1717 at Kehl, died 1810 at Long Valley.
  39. John Comfort, of Montgomery, Ulster (now Orange) Co., New York, born say 1725, probably at Newtown (now Elmhurst), Queens Co., L.I., died shortly before October 1795. He married in 1750-51,
  40. Anna Maul, baptized 17 April 1734 in the Montgomery Dutch Church, living 3 November 1794.
  41. Francis Harris, of Sandy Cove, Digby Tp., Annapolis (now Digby) Co., Nova Scotia, baptized 9 May 1740 in the Poughkeepsie Dutch Church, died in Nova Scotia in 1816, between 1 April (when he made his will) and 27 December (when it was proved). He married (1) 1 January 1763 in the Rumbout Presbyterian Church,
  42. Catharina Lent, born say 1743, died 1767-74.
  43. Benjamin Wilcox, who came from New Jersey to Grimsby Tp., Lincoln Co., Upper Canada, in 1787, born 21 August 1737 at Dartmouth, Bristol Co., Massachusetts, died 1816, and buried in the old Windham Methodist Cemetery, near Simcoe, Woodhouse Tp., Norfolk Co. (where he lived with a son the last few years of his life). He married before 1759,
  44. Elsie Lanning, born 1739, died 1805, and buried in St. Anns Cemetery, Gainsborough Tp., Lincoln Co., Upper Canada
  45. * Daniel McIntyre, (Sr.), U.E.L., of Grimsby Tp., Lincoln Co., Upper Canada; he was one of the soldiers in the 78th Regiment of Foot (Fraser’s Highlanders), brought to America in 1757 to fight in the French and Indian Wars, and eventually came to Canada, where he received a grant of land on the basis of this service; born ca. 1736 in Scotland, died January 1825 in Grimsby Tp. He married (1) before 1767, presumably in the U.S.A.,
  46. Mary ____, born ca. 1730, died 12 September 1802.

    Generation VII

  47. (Kennedy)
  49. * The Rev. Johannes Conrad Wirtz (IV), was born 30 September 1706 at Zürich, Switzerland and died 21 September 1763 at York, Pennsylvania, aged 56 years.
  50. * Anna Goetschius, born 12 August 1716 at Bernack, Switzerland.
  51. Anthony Waldorff, of Roxbury Tp., born ca. 1704, died 1777.
  52. Maria Gertraud “Charity” Kil, born ca. 1702, died 1768.
  53. Matthias Flach, of Kehl, Baden-Württemberg, born 13 January 1678 at Kehl, died there 8 August 1714. He married (1) 28 February 1700 at Kehl, Maria Beinhard, born 21 June 1677, died by 1709, daughter of Hans Beinhard and Anna Baumert Wwe Müller. He married (2) 21 January 1709 at Kehl,
  54. Barbara Mündel, baptized 26 September 1688 at Kehl, died 24 January 1725. Her surname is given as Mündels in her marriage record, but as Mündlerin (a feminine form of Mündel) in the baptismal records of all of her children. She afterwards married secondly 10 November 1716 at Kehl, Andreas Schütterlin, by whom she had an only known child, Georg Schütterlin, born 10 August 1717, possibly the one of this name who went to Pennsylvania on the same ship as his half-brother Andreas Flach (no. 38) in 1749.
  55. Hans Schütterlin, of Kehl, born there 25 May 1687, alive in 1728 but died by 1736 (he is called deceased in the marriage record of his daughter Anna Maria); married 23 April 1714 at Kehl, his third cousin (through the Baumert family) and fourth cousin (through the Schütterlin family),
  56. Anna Schantz, born 30 March 1691 at Kehl, alive in 1728.
  57. Benjamin Comfort, of Newtown (now Elmhurst), Queens Co., L.I., and Montgomery Tp., Ulster (now Orange) Co., New York, tailor, an adult in 1716, living 1737 and probably 1756. He married (1) 7 March 1724 in Newtown Presbyterian Church,
  58. Elizabeth Haywood, died before 1731.
  59. Christoffel Maul, of Montgomery, Ulster (now Orange) Co., New York, who with his wife and parents was among the party of Palatines who came on the ship John in the summer of 1710, was baptized 1 January 1688 at Driedorf, near Herborn, in Hessen, Preussen (now in Germany), living 1751. He married probably in 1709-10,
  60. Anna Juliana Sergius, baptized 24 March 1689 in the Reformed Church, Nordhofen, Germany, living 1751.
  61. Joseph Harris, of Poughkeepsie, baptized 12 June 1709 in the First Church of New London, Connecticut, living 1746. He married before 1739,
  62. Catharina Hegeman, born say 1711, living 1737-45.
  63. Isaac Lent, of Westchester Co., New York, and later of Fishkill, Dutchess Co., New York, said to have been baptized 14 April 1707, died shortly before June 1771. He married by 1732,
  64. Sarah Luyster, born 3 January 1714, probably at Newtown, died 27 December 1767.
  65. William Wilcox, of Dartmouth, Bristol Co., Massachusetts, blacksmith, born there 22 November 1711, died shortly before 18 October 1743 (when application was made for administration of his estate). He married 8 February 1732/3 at Darmouth,
  66. Dorothy Allen, born 1 January 1707 at Dartmouth, said to have died (testate) in 1782, between 19 September and 30 Nov.
  67. Isaac Lanning, of Hardwick Tp., Sussex Co., New Jersey, died June 1781 in Hardwick Tp. He married by 1741,
  68. Sarah Hunt, born say 1713, living Jan. 1774.
  69. (McIntyre)

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