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As kindly pointed out to us by Mr. John J. Britland, of Derby, “There is a place named Britland edge hill in the very north of Derbyshire, so it [Britland] is a Derbyshire name.” The place is however so small that it is not listed in any gazetteer we have seen, and the name is so rare that it is not mentioned in Guppy’s Homes of Family Names in Great Britain (1890). Of the 43 entries in Boyd’s Marriage Index, 17 are for Derbyshire.

The following account is primarily a reconstruction based on John Palmer’s transcriptions of the parish registers of Wirksworth and Middleton-by-Wirksworth, Derbyshire, England, 1608-1899,[1] and of Matlock, Derbyshire, 1637-1856.[2] Other documentary sources include John Palmer’s transcriptions of the censuses of Wirksworth hundred, Derbyshire, for 1841,[3] 1851,[4] and 1861.[5] We have shown the suspected ancestor of this family in a greyed-out box, as his identity is not proved.

In addition to John J. Britland, we should like to thank the following for assistance:

  • Stuart Flint, for pointing out to us the marriage record of Elizabeth Britland, daughter of Jesse Britland, which we had unaccountably neglected to include in an earlier draft, and for supplying a record of her family;
  • Sandra Ibbotson, for information on her husband’s branch of the family.

John Britland, of Cromford, a chapelry in the parish of Wirksworth, Derbyshire, living 1705-12, may well have been the progenitor of all the Britlands of Cromford, and we suspect, but cannot prove, that he was father of our earliest proven ancestor, Robert Britland. The name of his wife is unknown, as the pre-1780 baptismal records of Wirksworth generally do not supply the names of the mothers. It seems likely on chronological grounds that he is John Britland, born about 1670-71, mentioned in the following record:

At the following Easter Sessions [in 1704], a further batch of impressed soldiers were brought under the notice of the court: By Exuperius Cresswell Constable of Middleton & Cromford: John Britland of Cromford Aged about 33 yeares listed wth Capt Martin Grandpree in the Hono[ra]ble Collonell Rookes Regim[en]t of Foot, the Artickles of Warr read to him gave him a Guinea advance….[6]

If this is our John Britland, the closest baptism for a man of about the right age which can be found in the IGI would be the one for a John Britland, son of John Britland, baptized 10 December 1673 at Tideswell, co. Derby, about 16 miles north-west of Wirksworth. Known issue:

  1. John Britland, Jr., baptized 21 March 1704/5. Presumably the one of this name who (then of Cromford) married 26 December 1732, Elizabeth Coates. This man did not baptize any children at Wirksworth.
  2. Patience Britland, baptized 23 April 1707. She (then of Cromford) married 18 December 1728, John Brooks, of Middleton-by-Wirksworth.
  3. William Britland, baptized 14 January 1708/9, living 1747. He (then of Cromford) married 16 April 1733, Ann Holmes, of Matlock, presumably the “Ann, wife of William Britland, of Cromford,” who was buried 11 December 1763. They had at least seven children.
  4. Joseph Britland, baptized 19 March 1711/2, living 1757, called of Wirksworth in the baptismal record of his daughter Isabella (1744) but of Cromford in those of his other children. He (then of Cromford) married 30 June 1737, Ann Holmes, of Cromford (who had the same name as the wife of his brother William, but was not identical with her). He was perhaps also the one of this name (of Cromford) who married 7 July 1743, Ruth Wagstaff. He had at least four children.
  5. (perhaps) Robert Britland (no. 1 below), born say 1715, for whom no baptismal record has been found.

1.   Robert Britland, of Cromford, born say 1715, living 1758 (when his youngest known child was baptized), was probably the one of this name buried 5 March 1782 in Wirksworth churchyard, the age at death being unstated. Aside from the good chronological fit, there are certain indications that he may have belonged to the family of John Britland, above, such as the facts of his (like two of John Britland’s proven sons) marrying a Holmes, and (like John Britland) naming a daughter Patience, a somewhat uncommon name. However, stronger proof is required. He married 26 July 1739 in Wirksworth parish church, Mary Holmes, of Cromford at the time of their marriage, who as “Mary, wife of Robert Britland, of Cromford” was buried 26 December 1783 in Wirksworth churchyard (her age at death not being stated in the record). She was perhaps the Mary Holmes, daughter of Samuel Holmes, of Cromford, who was baptized 23 May 1712 at Wirksworth; it will be noted that she named a son Samuel. Known issue (all baptisms in the parish church of Wirksworth):[7]

  1. 2William Britland, baptized 19 October 1739.
  2. Mary Britland, baptized 10 November 1742, died July 1818 at Middleton-by-Wirksworth. She married 18 November 1762 at Wirksworth, John Brooks, and had issue:[8]
    1. Mary Brooks, baptized 11 April 1764.
    2. Lydia Brooks, baptized 23 September 1766, died 31 January 1768 at Middleton-by-Wirksworth.
    3. Alice Brooks, baptized 3 January 1770.
    4. Edward Brooks, baptized 14 December 1774.
    5. Thomas Brooks, baptized 25 May 1775. He married 22 December 1791 at Wirksworth, Mary Hoades, and had issue.
    6. Elizabeth Brooks, baptized September 1778.
    7. Simeon Brooks, baptized 16 June 1779.
    8. Lydia Brooks, born 3 September 1781 at Middleton-by-Wirksworth, died there 20 February 1782.
    9. William Brooks, baptized 16 January 1784.
  3. Elizabeth Britland, baptized 19 March 1745/6. According to Robinson, was the one of this name who married 19 October 1767 at Wirksworth, Benjamin Sterndale, cordwainer, the witnesses being Anthony “Wesson” and Joseph Britland. This would be consistent with the appearance of a Benjamin “Standall” as a witness to the marriage of Ann Britland, below. Because there was a contemporary Benjamin Sterndale who married 16 July 1755 at Wirksworth, Sarah Roper,[9] and as the baptismal records of this period do not provide the names of the mother, we are unable to say whether any of the children of a Benjamin Sterndale baptized at Wirksworth belong to the present couple.
  4. Robert Britland, baptized 13 May 1748, of whom no further record has been found, unless he is the one of this name who appeared as a witness at the marriage of Patience Britland in 1772.
  5. Ann Britland, baptized 7 November 1750. According to Robinson, she was the one of this name who married 16 September 1769 at Wirksworth, Anthony Weston, possibly the Anthony Wesson, aged 71 years, who was buried 17 April 1816 at Cromford. The marriage record, which states that he was a minor, gives the names of the witnesses as Benjamin “Standall” and Robert Britland. This couple had issue:[10]
    1. Anthony Weston, baptized 29 Sept 1771 at Wirksworth as a son of Anthony and Ann Weston, of Cromford, buried 27 January 1797 as a son of Anthony and Ann Weston, of Cromford.
    2. Joseph Weston, baptized 7 May 1773 at Wirksworth as a son of Anthony and Ann Weston, of Cromford. He married 2 October 1800 at Wirksworth, Ann Fox, and had issue.[11]
  6. Patience Britland, baptized 2 May 1753. According to Robinson, she was the one of this name who was buried 20 September 1775 as Patience, wife of John Roper, of Cromford, having presumably died in childbirth as her short-lived daughter Patience was baptized the same day. She married 23 April 1772 at Wirksworth, John Roper. The witnesses to the marriage were Paul Cotterill and Robert Britland. Only known child:
    1. Patience Roper, baptized 20 September 1775, buried 26 September following.
  7. John Britland, of Matlock, baptized 2 April 1755, probably the John Britland “who departed this life January 11, 18— [illegible], aged 82 years,” who is buried in Wirksworth churchyard. If so, he married 14 September 1775 at Matlock, Elizabeth Fox, who as “Elizabeth, wife of John Britland, who departed this life October 4, 1829, aged 70 years,” was buried in the same place; she was a daughter of Samuel Fox (whose will is said to name John Britland) and Helen Walker.[12] In any case, John Britland and Elizabeth ____ were parents of:
    1. Robert Britland, baptized 3 March 1782 at Wirksworth as a child of John and Elizabeth Britland, of Cromford. We have not found a likely match for him in later records.
    2. Andrew Britland, baptized 25 June 1786 in Cromford Independent Chapel, Matlock Bath; no further record found.
    3. John Britland, born 2 May 1788, baptized 29 June following in Cromford Independent Chapel, Matlock Bath. We have not found a likely match for him in later records.
    4. Jesse Britland, framework-knitter (as he is designated in the marriage records of three of his children), born 7 December 1789, baptized 25 December following in Cromford Independent Chapel, Matlock Bath, who as Jesse Britland, of Cromford, aged 58 years, was buried 22 October 1847 at Wirksworth. He married 31 December 1810 in the parish church of Matlock,[13] Mary Growcot. Issue (all baptisms in Cromford Independent Chapel, Matlock Bath):
      1. Sarah Britland, born 4 November 1811, baptized 8 December following, not living with her parents in 1841. As Sarah, daughter of Jesse Britland, framework-knitter, she married 29 October 1838 at Wirksworth, Edwin Wildgoose a.k.a. Wilkinson, of Cromford, book-keeper, illegitimate son of Dorothy Wildgoose, apparently by Joseph Wilkinson (and not of the fictitious “Joseph Wildgoose, joiner” named in his marriage record); his parents did not marry until two years after his birth. The witnesses to the marriage were Nathaniel Staley and Hannah Hinkinson (?). As pointed out to us by the wife of a descendant, Sandra Ibbotson, Edwin appears as Edwin Wilkinson in census records. Known issue:[14]
        1. William Wilkinson, born 1840 at Cromford.
        2. James Edwin Wilkinson, born 28 March 1847 at Broughton Green, Salford, Lancashire, died in 1906 at Rotherham, Yorkshire. He married on 1869 at East Retford, Nottinghamshire, Jane Bowman, born in 1848 at East Markham, Newark, Notinghamshire, alive in 1901, daughter of William Bowman and Sarah Moss. Issue:
          1. James Edwin Wilkinson, born in 1874-75 Masborough, Rotherham.
          2. Emma Martha Wilkinson, born 1877 at Masborough.
          3. John William Wilkinson, born 1879 at Masborough.
          4. Isabella Jane Wilkinson, born 1881 at Masborough.
          5. Helen Hannah Wilkinson, born 1885-86 at Masborough.
          6. Bertha Alice Wilkinson, born 28 July 1888 at Masborough, died 28 February 1977 at Bradgate, Rotherham. She married 9 September 1919 in Kimberworth, Rotherham, William Ibbotson, born 5 November 1891 at Kimberworth, Rotherham, died there 26 March 1944, son of Arthur Ibbotson and Florence Hinchcliffe. Issue:
            1. Dennis Ibbotson, born 4 December 1920 at Bradgate, Rotherham, died 6 August 2002 at Moorgate, Rotherham. He married 29 May 1945 at Thrybergh, Rotherham, Mary Manns, born 14 February 1920 at Rotherham, died there 29 September 1994, daughter of Thomas Manns and Ada Staniforth. They had four children.
            2. Bertha Ibbotson, born 8 November 1921 at no. 131 Wortley Road, Rotherham, died in October 1987 at Rotherham.
          7. Jennie Wilkinson, born 1892-93 at Masborough.
        3. John Wilkinson, born 1855 at Derby, Derbyshire.
        4. Emma Wilkinson, born 1856 at Derby, Derbyshire.
      2. (probably) A son who died by 1841, having married Hannah ____, who as Hannah Britland, born 1815-16 (aged 25 years in 1841), is found with Jesse and Mary Britland in the 1841 census, and was presumably the mother of Lydia Britland (aged 5 years) and Ellen Britland (aged 1 month), listed immediately after her.
      3. Mary Britland, born 11 January 1815, baptized 8 February following, buried as Mary Horobin, aged 23 years, 17 April 1838 at Wirksworth. As Mary Britland, cotton-spinner, daughter of Jesse Britland, framework-maker, she married 27 November 1837 at Wirksworth, Charles Horobin, of Cromford, ostler, born 23 May 1798 at Under Whitle, Sheen, Staffordshire, who as Charles Horobin, of Cromford, aged 43 years, was buried 26 January 1842 at Wirksworth; he was a son of John Horobin and Mary Wheeldon.[15] The marriage record does not name his father; the witnesses were Nathaniel Staley and Sarah Britland. Considering the brevity of their marriage it is unlikely there was issue; and no child appears with Charles Horobin in the 1841 census, in which he appears in the household of his father-in-law.[16]
      4. Elizabeth Britland, born (or baptized?) 25 January 1818. As Elizabeth daughter of Jesse Britland, framework-knitter, she married 29 October 1838 at Wirksworth, John Crofts, of Cromford, born 15 November 1814, son of David Crofts (a carpenter with Richard Arkwright & Co.) and Susannah Birch. The groom is described in the record as a foundry-worker, and his father as a wheelwright; the witnesses were William Britland and Hannah Crofts. According to Stuart Flint, “John Crofts was a Iron Founder in his early years, but by some good fortune, he gained a position as a School Teacher at Bonsall Free Grammar School. He and Elizabeth then removed to Tansley near Matlock, where he taught in an Elementary School and then removed again to Somercotes near Alfreton. By the 1850s he was Head Master at a Public School at Isleworth Middlesex. His sister (my great-grandmother Emily Crofts) married Henry Flint … son of Samuel and Mary Flint née Killer.” Further details are supplied by information published by Donna Saunders, who is our source for most of what follows:[17] “John Crofts … was a school teacher in the village of Bonsall on the 1851, 1861 and 1871 census. As far as I know he ran the Parish School where the Bonsall History Society now resides. In 1851 he lived at Dale End and was a ‘Teacher of the Parish School.’ In 1861 he lived at 2 Dale End and was classified as ‘School Master’ on the census. In 1871 he lived at New Inn, Dale and was an Elementary School Teacher on the census. His youngest daughter Florence, who was 14 in 1871, was a teachers assistant…. John and Elizabeth Crofts moved to Isleworth, Middlesex by 1881, and their children moved away from Bonsall…. Their ten children were born in Tansley, Somercotes and Bonsall, and they all went on to become very successful individuals…. All of them married and had families except for Marianne who remained single.” Known issue:
        1. Henry Crofts became a C.S. Education Department Assistant and lived in Chiswick, Middlesex.
        2. Marianne Crofts lived with her youngest sister Florence at Battersea, Surrey, where they were both school teachers.
        3. James Crofts, Head Master at Sir Thomas Rich’s School, Longlevens, co. Gloucester, Gloucester, from 1869 to 1906.
        4. John Crofts moved to Stapenhill, Derbyshire and became a commercial brewer’s clerk.
        5. William Crofts moved to Alfreton, Derbyshire, in 1881, and then to Sutton-in-Ashfield, Nottingham, by 1901, and was a banksman, and then a draper.
        6. Charles Crofts moved to Hornsey, Middlesex and became a commercial railway clerk.
        7. Samuel Crofts moved to Ealing, London and became a railway clerk.
        8. Septimus Crofts moved to Sale, Cheshire and became a smallware-buyer and silk-dealer manager.
        9. Arthur Crofts moved to Nottingham and became a banker and clerk.
        10. Florence Crofts was living unmarried with her sister Marianne in 1881 and was a school teacher, but later married by 1901, ____ Mills.
      5. William Britland, born (or baptized?) 4 May 1820, living unmarried with his parents in 1841, but not found in Wirksworth census records in 1851. As William Britland, of Cromford, miller, aged 20 years, son of Jesse Britland, stockinger [i.e. stocking-maker], he married 6 August 1840 at Wirksworth, Hannah Romford, of Wirksworth, daughter of George Romfort, farmer. The witnesses were James Hardy and Alice Mountenay. He and his wife, who do not appear to have had any children baptized at Wirksworth, emigrated to New York, where as William Britland, miller, aged 60 years, born in England, and Hannah, aged 63, they are found in the 1880 census of Harrisville, Lewis Co.[18] A good account of their family is supplied by a local history:
        William Britland, a native of Derbyshire, Eng., located in the town of Carthage, at Great Bend, about 1842, and a few years later removed to Carthage, where he resided about 20 years, when he removed to Harrisville, Lewis County, where he died in 1884. He was a miller, and was well known in this county. He married Hannah Rumford, and they had four children, three of whom are living, namely: Emma (Mrs. Milton Osborn), in Harrisville; William, in Nevada City, Cal., and George J., in this town. George J. Britland was born September 7, 1843. September 11, 1862, he enlisted in Co. D, 10th Regt. N.Y.H.A., and was discharged July 5, 1865. In 1878 he married Elizabeth, daughter of Job Cudworth, and they have one son, William Herbert. Mr. Britland has been in the employ of M.P. Mason since 1865.[19]
      6. Lydia Britland, born 11 February 1823, baptized 6 March following, not found in her parents’ household in 1841.
      7. Emma Britland, born 9 November 1830, baptized 25 December 1831 (sic), living 1841.
  8. Samuel Britland, baptized 19 April 1758, buried 24 September following at Wirksworth as a son of Robert Britland, of Cromford.

2.   William Britland, of Cromford, son of Robert Britland and Mary Holmes, was baptized 19 October 1739, and was still alive in 1784. He was probably one of the two men named William Britland, both of Cromford, who died in 1795, one being buried on 7 June and the other on 4 August of that year. As “William Britland, of Wirksworth, miner [i.e. minor, since he was under the age of 25],” he married 16 January 1764 in the parish church of Matlock, Lydia Limb,[20] of Matlock at the time of their marriage, who as “Lydia, wife of William Britland, of Cromford,” was buried 18 February 1810 (her age at death not being stated in the record). They doubtless had more children than we have indicated, but because of the failure of most of the pre-1780 Wirksworth baptismal records to give the names of the mothers, their issue — except for the first two children, born before 1767 — is difficult to distinguish from that of his contemporary, William Britland, of Cromford, who married 30 August 1767 at Wirksworth, Dorothy Loxly, also of Cromford (see below). The only children of the present couple for whom the baptismal records supply the name of the mother are Benjamin (1780), Charles (1782), and Samuel (1784), although burial records provide the mother’s name for a few of the others, and Mary (1764) and Lydia (1765) were born before the marriage of William Britland to Dorothy Loxly.
    Known issue (order partly inferential; all baptisms and burials at Wirksworth):

  1. Mary Britland, baptized 13 July 1764 as a daughter of William Britland, of Cromford (mother not named in record), buried 25 January 1782 (mother’s first name given in burial record).
  2. Lydia Britland, baptized 22 September 1765 as a dau. of William Britland, of Cromford (mother not named in record), and as “Lydia, wife of William Fogg of Cromford,” buried 29 April 1804 in Wirksworth churchyard. She (then of Wirksworth) married 26 December 1785, William Fogg, of Cromford, born ca. 1762-63, died May 1835, aged 72 years, and buried 27 May 1835 in Wirksworth churchyard. The witnesses at their marriage were Thomas Brown and George Salt.[21]
  3. William Britland, buried 11 August 1800 as a child of William and Dorothy Britland. He was probably either the William, son of William Britland of Cromford, baptized 13 November 1767, or else the William, son of William Britland of Cromford, baptized a Jan. 1768.
  4. Samuel Britland baptized 19 June 1774, buried 26 August 1781 as a son of William and Dorothy Britland.
  5. (possibly) Peter Britland, baptized 7 April 1776 as a son of William Britland, of Cromford (mother not named in record), living 1861. We think it likely he was a son of the present couple because of his naming of a daughter Lydia, but we cannot consider the question proved.[22] He (then of Cromford) married 5 June 1808, Mary Waterfield, born 1780-86, died 1841-51. The witnesses at their marriage were Richard Gibson and W. Wilkinson. He is called a cotton-spinner in the baptismal records of his children Lydia (1814), Benjamin (1816), and Elizabeth (1819). He is found with his family in the 1841 census of Cromford, in which he is called a cotton-spinner. In 1851 he is found as a widower, living at North Street, Cromford, and is called a “pauper cotton-spinner.” In 1861 he was at the same street, and is called “formerly a cotton factory worker.” Known issue:
    1. James Britland, “son of Peter & Mary Britland, of Cromford,” buried 2 September 1810.
    2. William Britland, “son of Peter & Mary Britland, of Cromford,” born 19 November 1808, baptized 11 December following in Cromford chapel, buried 5 January 1812, aged 3 years.
    3. Peter Britland, Jr., born 15 June 1811, baptized 7 July following in Cromford chapel, living 1861. He was living unmarried with his parents in 1841. He married by 1851, Mary Ann ____, born 1818-19, living 1861. They are found very close (possibly next door) to his father in the 1851 census, in which he is called a laborer. In 1861 he was on Wirksworth Road, Cromford, and is still called a laborer. Known issue:
      1. Lydia Britland, born 1848-49, living with her parents in 1851 but not in 1861.
      2. William Britland, born 1849-50, living with his parents in 1861.
      3. Herbert Britland, born 1856-57, living 1861.
    4. Mary Britland, born 1812-13, living unmarried with her parents in 1841, but no longer living with her father in 1851.
    5. Lydia Britland, born 1 May 1814, baptized 22 May following in St. Mary’s parish church, Cromford, living unmarried with her parents in 1841, but no longer living with her father in 1851.
    6. Benjamin Britland, born 11 September 1816, baptized 29 September following, buried 30 November 1824, aged 8 years.
    7. Elizabeth Britland, born 2 January 1819, baptized 18 April following, buried 25 December 1824, aged 5 years.
    8. Sara Britland, born 1822-23, still living unmarried with her father in 1861. In 1851 she is called a cotton-spinner, and in 1851 a cotton-factory worker.
  6. John Britland, baptized 29 March 1778, buried 6 November 1780 (mother’s first name given in burial record).
  7. Benjamin Britland, born 12 March 1780, baptized 19 March following as a child of William and Lydia Britland, buried 13 April 1798.
  8. Charles Britland as a child of William and Lydia Britland, born 6 May 1782,[23] baptized 12 May following, living 1851. He (then of Wirksworth) married 2 May 1802, Elizabeth “Stendall” (doubtless an error for Sterndale, a local name), born ca. 1780 (aged 58 in 1841, 74 in 1851), living 1851. The witnesses at their marriage were Samuel Hanson and George Salt.[24] He is called a cotton-spinner in the baptismal records of his daughters Mary (1815) and Elizabeth (1818). He and his family are found at North Street in the 1841 census of Wirksworth, in which he is called a cotton-spinner. In 1851 he is called a recipient of parish relief. We have not found him in the 1861 census. Known issue:
    1. Hannah Britland, born 26 July 1802, baptized 8 August 1802 in Cromford chapel (only three months after her parents’ marriage), living unmarried with her parents in 1851, when she was working as a cotton-spinner. She had an illegitimate daughter:
      1. Fanny Britland, born 1849-50, living 1851.
    2. William Britland, “son of Charles & Elizabeth Britland, of Cromford,” born 18 October 1803, baptized 23 October 1803 in Cromford chapel, buried 3 March 1805.
    3. Joseph Britland, born 24 October 1806, baptized 23 November 1806 in Cromford chapel, not found with his parents in the 1841 census.
    4. Charles Britland, Jr., born 28 February 1811, baptized 24 March following in Cromford chapel, not found with his parents in the 1841 census.
    5. Mary Britland, born 4 September 1815, baptized 1 October following, living unmarried with her parents in 1841 but not in 1851.
    6. Elizabeth Britland, born 16 August 1818, baptized 23 August following, living with her parents in 1841 but not in 1851.
    7. Lydia Britland, born 1825-31, living with her parents in 1841 but not in 1851.
  9. Samuel Britland, born 20 December 1783 as a child of William and Lydia Britland, baptized 18 April 1784, of whom no further record has been found.

Other children of a William Britland, some of whom probably belong to no. 2 above

The following were all baptized as children of a William Britland of Cromford, no mother named:

  1. (perhaps) William Britland, Jr., baptized 15 November 1767.
  2. William Britland, baptized 1 January 1768.
  3. Robert Britland, baptized 16 March 1770, buried 2 April 1771 as a son of William Britland, of Cromford (mother not named in either record).
  4. Anthony Britland, baptized 14 February 1770. He married 4 October 1790 at Wirksworth, Dorothy Boden. The witnesses were George Salt and William Britland.
  5. Joseph Britland, baptized 24 June 1772.
  6. Joseph Britland, baptized 24 June 1774.


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name                  age  gender  born in county?  occupation
Jesse      Britland    50[-54]   m   Y            frame work knitter
William    Britland    20        m   Y            lab
Mary       Britland    50[-55]   f   Y
Hannah     Britland    25[-30]   f   Y            ind
Ellen      Britland     1m       f   Y
Lidia      Britland     5        f   Y
Emma       Britland    11        f   -            ind
Charles    Horrobin    45[-50]   m   N            M.S.
William    Wilkason?    2        m   Y
Mary       Bamford     50[-55]   f   Y            ind
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19Child’s Gazetteer of Jefferson County [New York] — Town of Champion, available online at http://www.rootsweb.com/~nyjeffer/childcha.htm.
20Palmer, Matlock Parish Registers. An IGI entry from the LDS Controlled Extraction Program reads the surname as Sims. We have not seen the original entry, but put more trust in Palmer’s transcription and suspect it represents a case of the local surname Lim/Limb/Limm/Lymn. We cannot, in either case, find a baptismal record which could apply to this Lydia.
21George Salt appears so frequently as a witness to marriages, that he must have been a parish clerk or some such official.
22It is possible his death record might settle the matter.
23Such a date of birth is, admittedly, not in good agreement with the ages of 55 and 71 reported for him in the 1841 and 1851 censuses.
24As previously noted, George Salt appears so frequently as a witness to marriages, that he must have been a parish clerk or some such official.

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