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The following notes present everything we know about the Mitchelson family, apart from most of our information on living persons. A related page is our Ancestor Table of Richard Harry Mitchelson, Jr.

We are grateful to Joan (Mitchelson) Poitras of Winnipeg, Manitoba, for information on this line. Several persons have supplied information on the probably-related Mitchelson family of Thistleton, Rutland: Phillip Isles, Angela O’Dell, Olga (Bell) Borrell, Olive (Stanhope) Alderman, and Angie Corby.

1. Richard Mitchelson, of Spalding, Lincolnshire, said to have been born about 1816-17 (his age is stated as 32 in 1850, 31 in 1851, and 45 in 1861), at Thistleton, Rutland (per 1851 census) or at Whissendine, Rutland (per 1861 census), and was still alive in 1861 but dead by 1871 (when his wife appears as a widow in the census). Thistleton and Whissendine are both parishes near Oakham. Although he claims in his marriage record to have been the son of a William Mitchelson, no suitable candidate for his father has ever been found.[1] This suggests the possibility, for which we are indebted to Angela O’Dell, that the name was fictitious and that he was actually the Richard, illegitimate son of Caroline “Micheson” [i.e. Mitchelson], of Thistleton, Rutland, baptized 8 June 1820 at Whissendine, Rutland (see the Appendix below. This would explain not only our inability to find a plausible match for his father, but the confusion as to his birthplace; and it will be noted that he gave his eldest daughter Caroline as a middle name. The transcriptions of the 1841 census by English Origins and by Ancetry.com contain no Richard Mitchelson in Rutland or Lincolnshire of anywhere near the right age to be our subject. He married 25 August 1850 in the Independent Chapel, Stamford, Lincolnshire,[2] Harriet Newton, born probably in 1826,[3] at Duddington, near Wansford, Northamptonshire, baptized 28 May 1826 in the parish church of St. Mary, Duddington,[4] died 23 November 1901 at no. 11 Abbey Street, Derby, Derbyshire, of stomach disease, aged 74 years,[5] daughter of John Newton, of Duddington, cordwainer, by the latter’s wife Elizabeth ____. In their marriage record, Richard Mitchelson is called a horse-keeper and his wife a dress-maker, and both were single at the time; the witnesses were John Newton [possibly the bride’s brother] and Mary Manton.
    Richard Mitchelson was enumerated at Red Lion Street, Spalding, Lincolnshire, in the 1851 census, in which he is called an ostler, his father-in-law John Newtown appearing in the household as a “visitor.”[6] At the birth of their son Richard in 1855 they were of Abbey Yard, Spalding, the father being called an ostler in the record. They were enumerated at Vine Street, Spalding, in the 1861 census, in which Richard is called an ostler.[7] His wife Harriet, and their daughter Lydia, were absent from the time as they were visiting Harriet’s mother, who had been widowed only a few days earlier.[8] In light of the occupations reported for Richard Mitchelson during his lifetime, we are unconvinced by the claim in his son Richard’s 1886 marriage record that he was a valet.
    The widow Harriet Mitchelson, a stay-maker, is found with her children Richard, Elizabeth, and Lydia at Abbey Yard, Spalding, in the 1871 census.[9] She was living with her children Richard and Lydia at no. 16 Sitwell Street, Derby, Derbyshire, in 1881, when she is called a housekeeper (but as she was the head of her household and had a lodger, this probably meant simply that she was keeping her own house).[10] She was living with her son Richard in 1891, when she was said to be “living on her own means.” We have not located her in the 1901 census. In the record of her death she is called “widow of Richard Mitchelson, outrider” — this term perhaps being used in its sense of “commercial traveller.”
    Known issue:

  1. Sarah Caroline Mitchelson, born 1851-52 (aged 9 in 1861, 29 in 1881) at Spalding, alive in 1881 but probably dead by 1891, when her daughter is found in the household of Sarah’s sister Elizabeth. She was living with her parents in 1861, but was no longer with her widowed mother in 1871. She married in 1880 in the Derby registration district,[11] Charles Buckley, born 1853-54 (aged 27 in 1881) at Litcham, near Swaffham, Norfolk, alive in 1881 but probably dead by 1891. They were enumerated at no. 15 Scholes Street, Broughton-in-Salford, Lancashire, in the 1881 census, in which Charles is called a saddler.[12] Only known child:
    1. Florence Buckley, born about February 1881 (aged 2 months at the taking of the census in April 1881) at Salford (per 1881 census) or at Manchester, Lancashire (per 1891 census). In 1891 she was living with her unmarried aunts, Elizabeth and Lydia Mitchelson, below.
  2. Emma Jemima Mitchelson, born 1853 at Spalding,[13] alive in 1901. She was no longer living with her mother in 1881. She married in 1881 in the Derby registration district,[14] John Harrison, born 1850-51 (aged 40 in 1891) at Wotton, Surrey, alive in 1901. They are found at Gresham Road, Staines, Middlesex, in the 1891 census, in which her husband is called a carpenter and builder; no children appear with them.[15] They are also found there in the 1901 census, in which her husband is described in precisely the same terms; and again no children appear with them.[16] As “E. Harrison, daughter, [of] Gresham Road, Staines,” she reported her mother’s death in November of 1901.
  3. 2Richard Newton Mitchelson, born 25 October 1855 at Abbey Yard, Spalding.
  4. Elizabeth Mitchelson, born 1858 at Spalding,[17] living 1901. She was living with widowed mother in 1871. She was living unmarried at 1 Regent Street, Litchurch, Derby, when she was working as a grocer’s assistant to the grocer Elizabeth Butterworth.[18] In 1891 she was a grocer, at 23 Elms Street, St. Alkmund parish, Derby, her household including her younger sister Lydia, and her niece Florence Buckley, aged 10, born at Manchester, Lancashire.[19] She was still unmarried and living at Derby in 1901, when she was a grocer.[20]
  5. Lydia Maria Mitchelson, born 1860 at Spalding,[21] living 1891. As mentioned above, she and her mother were visiting the latter’s recently-widowed mother at the taking of the 1861 census. Lydia was living unmarried with her widowed mother in 1871, in 1881 when she is called a milliner, and with her sister Elizabeth in 1891, when she is called a draper’s assistant.

2. Richard Newton Mitchelson, of Shepherd’s Bush, Hammersmith, Fulham, Middlesex (now in Greater London), son of Richard Mitchelson and Harriet Newton, was born 25 October 1855 at Abbey Yard, Spalding, Lincolnshire,[22] and died between 17 December 1914 and 16 July 1915. He is called an errand-boy in 1871. He was still living unmarried with his widowed mother at Derby in 1881, when he is called a railway clerk. He probably met his future wife when their two families were living at Derby. He married 29 March 1886 in St. Luke’s Parish Church, Darley, near Matlock, Derbyshire,[23] Lydia Maria Bell, born 25 January 1858 at Little Rowsley, in the parish of Darley aforesaid, baptized 28 February following at Great Rowsley (in the parish of Bakewell), still alive on 1 October 1915 and apparently also on 7 July 1918, daughter of Joseph Bell, of Little Rowsley, hotel-keeper, by his wife Lydia Hackett.[24] At the time of their marriage in 1886 both were single, he being a “fruiterer & green grocer,” of 98 Gold Hawk Road, Shepherd’s Bush, aged 29 years, and she a “tailoress,” of 44 Parliament Street, Darley, aged 27 years. The witnesses were Richard Henry Bell and Eliza Bell, whom we know to have been the bride’s siblings.
    Richard Newton Mitchelson was still a fruiterer, of 98 Gold Hawk Road, in April 1887, when his son Richard was born. He was at the same address at the taking of the 1891 census, when he is called a greengrocer, and when his household included a domestic servant who was also a nurse.[25] He also is listed there in the 1901 census as a “fruiterer, greengrocer, and furniture remover,”[26] and was still there in 1908.[27] However, in the 1911 census, in which he is called a “fruiterer and greengrocer,” he is instead found at Ravenscroft, Penton Avenue, Staines, Middlesex. [28] He is mentioned as “Richard Mitchelson, 5 Richmond Road, Staines, Middlesex, next of kin” in the enlistment record of his son Richard, dated 17 December 1914, but he had died by 16 July 1915, when a second enlistment record shows this son’s next-of-kin as “Mrs. L. Mitchelson, 5 Richmond Rd., Staines, Middlesex.” He is posthumously called a salesman in the 1920 marriage record of his son Richard.
    Known issue (per 1901 census):

  1. 3Richard Harry Mitchelson, born 22 April 1887 at Shepherd’s Bush aforesaid. He was evidently named for a maternal uncle, Richard Harry Bell.
  2. Alfred Mitchelson, born ca. 1888-89 at Shepherd’s Bush.
  3. ____ Mitchelson, born March-April 1891 (aged “under 1 month” at the taking of the census on 5 April 1891), not named, and presumably died young as no child of the same age is found in this family in 1901.
  4. William Mitchelson, born ca. 1895-96 at Shepherd’s Bush,[29] an errand boy for a furniture-dealer in 1911.
  5. Arthur J. Mitchelson, born ca. 1897-98 at Shepherd’s Bush.[30]

3. Richard Harry Mitchelson, son of Richard Newton Mitchelson and Lydia Maria Bell, was born 22 April 1887 at Shepherd’s Bush, Hammersmith, Fulham, Middlesex (now in Greater London),[31] died (apparently intestate) 25 May 1973 at Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, aged over 86 years, and buried with his wife in Ocean-view Cemetery, Vancouver. Richard H. Mitchelson is found in his parents’ household as a 13-year-old in 1901. As “Richard Henry Mitchelson,” carpenter, aged 23, of English nationality, belonging to the Church of England, he came to Canada in 1910, sailing on the Royal George from Bristol on 21 July and arriving at Montréal, Québec, on 28 July; on his arrival he declared his intended destination as Winnipeg, Manitoba.[32] However, he has not been found there (or anywhere else) in the 1911 census. We have not found any obvious match in immigration records for his future wife.[33] When as “Harry Mitchelson,” occupation waiter, he enlisted at Winnipeg for military service on 17 December 1914 in the 44th (subsequently renumbered 8th) battalion of the Canadian Over-Seas Expeditionary Force, he distinctly stated that he was unmarried at the time. There is a second attestation paper for him dated 16 July 1915, in which he calls himself a chauffeur, serving in the Winnipeg Grenadiers, and again states that he is unmarried.[34] He received a medical discharge on 7 August 1918, and was disembarked at Halifax, Nova Scotia, his address being stated as 561 Sargebt Avenue, Winnipeg.[35]

signature of Harry Mitchelson
Signature of (Richard) Harry Mitchelson, from his 1914 attestation paper
(click for larger detail)

    Harry Mitchelson married by licence 13 August 1920 at no. 353 St. Mary Avenue, Winnipeg (i.e. the home of the witnesses, Frank Casew and John Ryan), by Roman Catholic rites,[36] Kathleen McBride, born 4 November 1884 at Killen in Newtownstewart, co. Tyrone, Northern Ireland,[37] died (apparently intestate) 1 October 1968 at Vancouver, aged 84 years,[38] daughter James McBride, farmer, of co. Tyrone, Northern Ireland, by the latter’s wife Mary Sharkey. In the 1921 census she declares a year of immigration of 1900 which is obviously fictitious, considering her absence from the 1901, 1906, 1911, and 1916 censuses. If her death record is correct in stating the length of her residence in the country as 60 years, she arrived in Canada in 1907 or 1908, but in fact there is no solid evidence of her presence in the country before her marriage in 1920.
    At the time of his marriage in 1920 Harry Mithcleson was an electrician, living at 561 Sargent Avenue, Winnipeg, Manitoba, his religious denomination being given as Church of England and his marital status as bachelor, while his wife is said to have been a maid, living at 348 Colony Street, Winnipeg, her religious denomination being given as Roman Catholic and her marital status as spinster. (In the 1921 census and the 1922 city directory, 348 Colony Street is listed as inhabited by a Jane Jamieson.)
    “R. Mitchelson” of 561 Sargent Avenue appears in the city directories of Winnipeg in 1920 and 1921, but has not been found in that of 1922. In the 1921 census Richard Mitchelson, “electrician [in] plant,” is found at 561 Furby Street [an error for Sargent Avenue], and a seriously inaccurate date of 1906 is given as his year of immigration.[39] He is the only person of his surname in the household, and his wife Kathleen and their six-year-old son Richard are found at Portage la Prairie, where she was working as a [seasonal] farm laborer; she declares an obviously fictitious year of immigration of 1900.[40] Richard Mitchelson next appears in the city directories in 1923, when he was living at 627 Cathedral Street. By 1929 he was an employee of Winnipeg Electric, and remained with that firm as a terminal operator until his departure from Winnipeg ca. 1953. In 1940 he and his wife moved to the “Jessie Apartments” at 626 Jessie Street, apartment no. 14, and were still there in 1953, after which year he no longer appears in the city directories. They must have removed immediately afterward to Vancouver (where they spent the rest of their lives), as Kathleen’s death certificate states she had lived there for 15 years prior to her death.
    Compounding the rather odd circumstances surrounding this couple’s marriage is the fact that the birth of their evidently illegitimate son Richard Jr., who was pretty definitely born in late 1914, was not registered in Manitoba under the name Mitchelson, according to the results of a search commissioned by us. Richard Jr., our grandfather, distinctly stated to us that he was a son of Richard Mitchelson and Kathleen McBride, and he seemed unaware of any irregularity regarding his own birth; but as he died before our discovery of the record of his parents’ belated marriage, we missed the opportunity of questioning him more explicitly on the subject. Given the facts that his birth occurred a mere 14 days after his reputed father made an express declaration under oath to be an unmarried man, his father’s repeated claims between then and 1920 to be unmarried, and the lack of any credible evidence that his mother was even in the country prior to 1920, serious doubt remains as to whether he was the child of his alleged father. And if he was not, then obviously Richard Harry Mitchelson, Jr., was not his real name.
    Known issue:

  1. 4(probably an illegitimate child of Kathleen McBride) Richard Harry Mitchelson, Jr., supposedly born 31 December 1914 at Winnipeg, possibly not the son of both his alleged parents.
  2. William (“Bill”) A____ Mitchelson, apparently born around 1923-25, alive in 1998. Two items in the social pages of a local newspaper in 1941 supply some details of his war service: “Wireless operator W.A. Mitchelson, R.C.N.V.R. [Royal Canadian Naval Volunteer Reserve], arrived Monday to spend his furlough with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. R. Mitchelson, 14 Jessie apartments.”[41] “William Mitchelson, now a leading telegrapher with the R.C.N.V.R. … returned home Monday to spend a few days’ leave with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. R. Mitchelson, 14 Jessie apartments. He has been in the navy for more than a year.”[42] He is mentioned as of Toronto in the 1998 obituary of his brother Richard.

4. Richard (“Dick”) Harry Mitchelson, Jr., probably an illegitimate son of Kathleen McBride, was born 31 December 1914 (according to his own statement, supported by his age of six in the 1921 census), supposedly at Winnipeg (but there is no birth on file in Manitoba under this name), and died 13 February 1998 at Vancouver, British Columbia (during a visit to a daughter), aged over 83 years, and was buried in St. Vital Cemetery.[43] He married 15 August 1937, Jean Margaret Kennedy, born 13 June 1917, died 4 January 2000 at Winnipeg, aged over 82 years,[44] only child of John Kennedy (V), of Melita, Manitoba, by the latter’s wife Susanna Samantha Helena Young.[45]
    Richard Mitchelson served in the Royal Canadian Naval Volunteer Reserve and in the Second World War on both the HMCS Prince Henry and the HMCS Prince Robert, serving throughout the entire war, from 1939 to 1945. Afterwards he became a locomotive engineer with the Canadian National Railway (CNR) by 1946, retiring in 1979. Richard and Margaret Mitchelson were living at 228 Balmoral Street, Winnipeg, in 1946-47, and at 426 Robertson from 1948 to 1972. About the end of 1972 they moved to 22 Greenwood Avenue, where they lived until their deaths. They have five children, all still living.

Appendix: Mitchelsons of Thistleton, Rutland

Although our ancestor Richard Mitchelson (no. 2 above) was born at Thistleton, we have not been able to place his father, William Mitchelson, in the Mitchelson family of that place. The name was certainly common there, and the forename Richard was notably prevalent. It is found so far back as 27 November 1642, when a Richard “Michelson” and an Elizabeth Tory were married in the parish church. More recent Mitchelsons of the place include:

1. Richard Michaelson (as his name is spelled in the baptismal records of his two sons), of Thistleton, died (testate) in 1747.[46] He married by 1732, Sarah ____. Known issue, both baptized in the parish church of Thistleton (per IGI):

  1. 2Richard Michaelson, baptized 16 June 1732.
  2. Robert Michaelson, baptized 23 July 1733 at Thistleton; according to Angela O’Dell he moved to South Witham, Lincolnshire.

2. Richard Mitchelson, Jr., of Thistleton, farmer, son of Richard “Michaelson” by the latter’s wife Sarah ____, was baptized 16 June 1732 in the parish church of Thistleton, and died (testate) in 1811.[47] He married (1) by 1781, Frances ____, died by 1783. He married (2) 24 February 1783 in the parish church of Thistleton (per IGI), Mary Allen, died by 1786. He married (3) 21 August 1786 in the parish church of Thistleton (per IGI), Mary Healy, living 1804. She was presumably the Mary Mitchelson, born 1760-66 (aged 75-80 in 1841) in Rutland, who is found in the household of a William Parker in the 1841 census of Thistleton.[48] The death of a Mary Mitchelson was registered in the Oakham registration district in the January-March quarter of 1846, but the age is not given in the index and we have not checked the original record.[49] According to Angela O’Dell, Richard Mitchelson’s farm passed to his second son, Robert. Known issue (all baptisms in the parish church):

(by first wife:)

  1. Richard Mitchelson, baptized 7 October 1781 in Thistleton parish church, died by 1793, when another son was given the same name.

(by second wife:)

  1. Thomas Mitchelson, who according to Angela O’Dell left the area and was childless.

(by third wife:)

  1. John Mitchelson, baptized 10 June 1787, presumably died by 1804, when another son was given the same name.
  2. 3Robert Mitchelson, baptized 22 March 1789, likely the one below.
  3. Mary Mitchelson, baptized 23 January 1791.
  4. Richard Mitchelson, baptized 27 January 1793 or 22 April 1793 (the church register seems to contain two entries for the same child).
  5. Sarah Mitchelson, baptized 8 June 1794.
  6. Ann Mitchelson, baptized 28 November 1796.
  7. Elizabeth Caroline Mitchelson, baptized 25 December 1798, alive in 1851. Prior to Caroline’s marriage she had a son, who is not found with her in the 1841 census. She, being doubtless pregant at the time, married 29 November 1836 in Thistleton parish church, the vastly younger John Collier, born 1817-18 (aged 33 in 1851) at Thistleton, alive in 1851, who is called a minor in the marriage record. A John Colier, aged 20[-24] with wife Caroline, aged 25[-29], and daughter Ann, aged 4, none of them born in Lincolnshire, appear at South Witham, Lincolnshire, in the 1841 census; it is clear from comparison with later censuses that this is the right couple, but with her age grossly understated.[50] They are also found at South Witham in 1851, his occupation being given as agricultural laborer.[51] Known issue of Caroline Mitchelson:
    1. Richard Mitchelson, baptized 8 June 1820 at Whissendine, Rutland, as Richard Micheson, illegitimate son of Caroline Micheson.[52] Despite the discrepancy in his age as reported in census records, it seems possible that he was Richard Mitchelson who heads these notes.
    2. Ann Collier, born 1836-37 (aged 4 in 1841, 14 in 1851) at Thisleton, alive in 1851.
    3. Robert Collier, born 1842-43 (aged 8 in 1851) at Louth, Lincolnshire, alive in 1851.
  8. Frances Mitchelson [female], baptized 13 April 1800.
  9. Amelia Mitchelson, baptized 25 October 1801.
  10. Jane Mitchelson, baptized 24 December 1802, died 26 December 1802.
  11. John Mitchelson, baptized 15 April 1804. He married 1828,[53] Sarah Aitkinson, born 1802-03 (aged 58 in 1861) at South Witham, Lincolnshire. By 1861, if not earlier, he were living at South Witham, and was an agricultural laborer.[54] Known issue:
    1. William Mitchelson (twin), born 1829 at South Witham. He had a son John Mitchelson, of South Witham, whose daughter Winifred Mitchelson was the grandmother of Angela O’Dell.
    2. Fanny Mitchelson, born 1835-56 (aged 25 in 1861) at South Witham; still living unmarried with her parents in 1861.
    3. Thomas Mitchelson, born 1845-46 (aged 15 in 1861) at South Witham.

3. Robert Mitchelson, of Thistleton, son of Richard Mitchelson by the latter’ third wife, Mary Healy, was baptized 22 March 1789 in Thistleton parish church, died 1862. He appears at Thistleton in the 1841 census, in which he is called a farmer.[55] In 1851 is again called a farmer; at the time, his household included a granddaughter, Eliza E. Mitchelson, aged 5 years, of unknown parentage.[56] He is described as a “farmer (given up)” in the 1861 census, at the taking of which none of his children were any longer living with him.[57] He married by 1821, Elizabeth Beecham, born about 1793 (aged 57 in 1851, 69 in 1861) at Thorney (near Peterborough), Cambridgeshire, living 1861. The death of an Elizabeth Mitchelson was registered in the Oakham registration district in the October-December quarter of 1863, but the age is not given in the index and we have not checked the original record.[58] Known issue (all born in Rutland):

  1. Elizabeth Mitchelson, born 1815-21 (aged 20-25 in 1841), still living unmarried with her parents in 1841. It will be noticed that she had a younger sister named Eliza, and the census proves that the two daughters were alive at the same time.
  2. Robert Mitchelson, born probably in 1820 (aged 15-20 in 1841, 31 in 1851, 40 in 1861) at Thirtleton, living 1861. He was still living unmarried with his parents in 1841, when he was an agricultural laborer. As Robert Mitchelson, aged 31 years, born at Thistleton, he is found working as a porter for Charles Bland, Grocer and Spirit Merchant, of Market Place, Wisbech St. Peter, Cambridgeshire, at the taking of the 1851 census.[59] He married by 1852, Anna E. ____, born (aged 39 in 1861) at Wallington, Norfolk, living 1861. They are still found at Wisbech in the 1861 census, in which he is called “formerly grocer.”[60] Known issue:
    1. Brian Mitchelson, born 1852-53 (aged 8 in 1861) at Wisbech.
    2. Eliza Mitchelson, born 1854-55 (aged 6 in 1861) at Wisbech. She had a natural daughter by a teacher named ____ Perry,[61] found in her father’s household in the 1851 census:
      1. Elizabeth Emily Mitchelson (called Emily in the 1841 census), born 21 May 1845,[62] great-grandmother of Olga (Bell) Borrell.
    3. Robert Mitchelson, born (aged 3 in 1861) at Long Sutton, Lincolnshire.
  3. Eliza Mitchelson, born 1826-27 (aged 14 in 1841).
  4. Bryan Mitchelson, born 16 November 1826, died 24 October 1886 at Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, aged 59 years, of cancer of the liver, and buried at Peterborough. His death record gives his occupation as railway engine driver, and the informant being his son, R. Mitchelson. still living unmarred with his parents in 1851. He married 5 July 1859 in the parish church of Deeping St. James, Lincolnshire, Francis Ruth Wright, of Deeping St. James, Lincolnshire. In the record of the marriage, both parties are described as single and of full age, and the groom was a “cottager” (i.e. an agricultural labourer, living on his employer’s farm cottage), and his residence was Thistleton, Rutland. His father is named as Robert Mitchelson, farmer. According to descendant Olive (Stanhope) Alderman, “At the time [his son] George was born [in 1860] the farm went bankrupt and the family moved to Peterborough where Bryan got a job on the Great North Railway, first as a fireman and then later a driver.” Known issue:[63]
    1. George Mitchelson, born 1860 on the family farm at Thistleton. He married (1) Mary Chesterfield, who died at the age of 24 years of tuberculosis. He married (2) his first cousin, Fanny Partridge. His issue included:
      1. Mary Mitchelson, born 1895 at Corby, Northamptonshire; married (as his second wife) in November 1919, Herbert Edward Stanhope, born 7 March 1883 at Peterborough, died 1936, son of Henry Stanhope and Emily Todd. They have two children:[64]
        1. Hilda Stanhope.
        2. Olive (Stanhope) Alderman, President of the Peterborough & District Family History Society; born in September 1930 at Peterborough, Northamptonshire (now Cambridgeshire).
    2. Emily Mitchelson, born 29 November 1863 at no. 162 New England Street, Peterborough. Her great-great-grandson, Phillip Isles, is our informant on this branch of the family.
    3. Robert Mitchelson, born 1866.
    4. Henry Mitchelson, born 1867, died 1947. He migrated to Wind Hill Shipley, West Yorkshire, where he worked as a shunter for Great Northern Railway (the same company as that for which his father worked). He married before 1891, Mary Jane Waddington, a police constable’s daughter. He is recorded in the 1901 census as an iced cream and tripe salesman, with three children. Issue:[65]
      1. Clara Mitchelson.
      2. Emily Mitchelson, born 1892, died 1981, grandmother of Angie Corby.
      3. Bryan Mitchelson, died 29 May 1918 of wounds sustained in combat. Her served as a private in the 15th/17th Batallion, West Yorkshire Regiment, during World War I.
    5. Joseph Mitchelson, born 1868.
    6. Fanny Mitchelson, born 1869.
  5. Charlotte Mitchelson, born 1830-31 (aged 10 in 1841).
  6. Catherine Mitchelson, born 1832-33 (aged 8 in 1841).


1The transcriptions of the 1841 census by English Origins and by Ancestry.com contain no William Mitchelson in Rutland, while the only one of this name of sufficient age in Lincolnshire is a William “Michelson,” aged 50-54, tailor, of Red Lion Square, Stamford, with wife Elizabeth, but without son Richard; and as he is said to have been born in the county (i.e. in Lincolnshire), this man seems a poor candidate for our subject [1841 Census of England, Lincolnshire, Stamford, superintendent registrar’s district: Stamford Union, registrar’s district: Stamford, Enumeration District 2, p. 37; National Archives Ref HO107-0625, folio 6/49]. This is likely the William Michelson from Stamford St. George who married 6 November 1810 at Harlaxton, Lincolnshire, Elizabeth Barnes [information from Angela O’Dell].
2Marriage certificate; the marriage was registered in the July-September quarter of that year in the Stamford District, vol. 14, p. 851. Under date of 31 July 1850, “notice of [the] intended marriage between … Richard Mitchelson and Harriet Newton” is recorded in Stamford Union Minute book No. 6 [PL15/102/6]; see Stamford Union minutes, 1838-1842, ed. Anne Cole, available online at http://www.genuki.org.uk/big/eng/LIN/Stamford/stamford_union_list.txt.
3She was aged 24 years in 1850, 24 years in early 1851, 34 years in 1861, 44 years in 1871, 55 years in 1881, 65 years in 1891, and 74 years at her death in 1901.
4Extract from the LDS Controlled Extraction Program, batch C026862, per IGI.
5Civil registration of death, Derby Registration District, vol. 7b, p. 327.
61851 census of England, Lincolnshire, registration district: Spalding, subdistrict: Pinchbeck, enumeration district 2c, p. 32; HO107/2096, folio 424 [Family History Library microfilm no. 87,725]. The entry reads:
Richard Mitchelson head  mar.  31 ostler     Rutland: Thistleton
H.      "          wife  mar.  24            Northants.: Duddington
John Newton     visitor  mar.* 59 shoemaker  Lincoln: Stamford
* Reading uncertain; stroked through.
71861 Census of England, Lincolnshire, registration district: Spalding, subdistrict: Spalding, enumeration district 9, p. 3; RG9/2324, folio 42 [Family History Library microfilm no. 542,954]. The entry reads:
Richard Mitchelson head  mar. 45 ostler     Rutland: Wissendine [sic]
Sarah Caroline "   dau.  ---   9 scholar    Lincoln: Spalding
Emma J.        "   dau.  ---   7 "          "        "
Richard N.     "   son   ---   5 "          "        "
Elizabeth      "   dau.  ---   2 "          "        "
William Wensor  lodger   unm. 38 journeyman Lincoln: Deeping
                                   brewer              St. Nicholas
81861 Census of England, Lincolnshire, registration district: Stamford, subdistrict: Stamford, enumeration district 1, p. 18; PRO R.G. 9, piece 2311, fo. 12 [Family History Library microfilm no. 542,952]. The entry reads:
name        relationship cond. age occupation birthplace
Elisabeth Newton   head     W  69  ----       Rutland -- Tixover
John Newton        son      W  40  shoemaker  Lincoln -- Stamford
Emma Newton        dau.     U  30  serv.      Northants. -- Duddington
Harriet Mitchelson dau.     M  34  ----       Northants. -- Duddington
Lydia Mitchelson   dau.*    -   5  ----       Lincoln -- Spalding
Robert Littles     apprent. U  18  shoemaker  Northants. -- Kings Cliffe
* Sic; actually she was Harriet Mitchelson's daughter
91871 Census of England, Lincolnshire, Registration district: Spalding, Subdistrict: Spalding, enumeration district 11, p. 35; PRO RG10/3323, folio 41 [Family History Library microfilm no. 839,349].
101881 Census of England, P.R.O. RG 3395/84, p. 17 [Family History Library microfilm no. 1341811].
11The marriage was registered in the April-June quarter of 1880 in the Derby registration district, vol. 7b, p. 740; original record not checked.
121881 Census of England, Lancashire, Broughton-in-Salford, enumeration district __, p. 30; PRO RG11, piece 3955, folio 135 [Family History Library microfilm no. 1,341,944].
13Her birth was registered at Spalding in the July-September quarter of 1853, vol. 7a, p. 292; the original record has not been checked.
14Her marriage was registered at Derby in the October-December quarter of 1881, vol. 7b, p. 995; the original record has not been checked.
151891 Census of Staines, Middlesex, p. 27; RG 12/1017.
161901 Census of England, Middlesex, Registration district: Staines, Subdistrict: Staines, Enumeration District 12, p. 44; PRO RG13, piece 1175, fo. 132.
17Her birth was registered at Spalding in the July-September quarter of 1858, vol. 7a, p. 280; the original record has not been checked.
181881 Census of England, Derbyshire, Derby, RG11 Piece 3403, folio 120, p. 1 [Family History Library microfilm no. 1,341,814].
191891 census of St. Alkmund, Derbyshire, p. 4; RG 12/2737.
20PRO index to the 1901 census; we have not checked the actual entry.
21Her birth was registered at Spalding in the October-December quarter of 1860, vol. 7a, p. 2_4; the original record has not been checked.
22Birth certificate.
23Marriage certificate.
24Birth certificate.
251891 Census of England, London, Hammersmith, parish of St. Stephens, Enumeration District 48, piece RG12/42, folio 145, p. 1.
261901 census of England, county of London, borough of Hammersmith, parish of St. Stephens Shepherds Bush, RG13, piece 42, folio 125, p. 42. The entry reads:
name                 relat.  cond. age birthplace    occ.
Mitchelson, Richard N.  head   M   45  Lincs.: Spalding
     fruiterer and greengrocer and furniture remover
Mitchelson, Lydia M.    wife   M   43  Derby: Rowsley
Mitchelson, Richard H.  son    -   13  [Middlesex:] Shepherds Bush
Mitchelson, Alfred      son    -   12  "
Mitchelson, William     son    -    5  "
Mitchelson, Arthur J.   son    -    3  "
27Post Office London County Suburbs Directory, 1908, part 1, p. 153.
28 1911 Census of England, Middlesex, District: Staines, Dubdistrict: Staines, Enumeration district 10, p. __; RG14, PN6753. The entry reads:
name   relationship  status sex age occcupation               where born
Mitchelson, Richard* head M M 55 fruiterer and greengrocer    Lincoln: Spalding
    ", Lydia         wife M F 53 ----                         Derby: Rowsley
    ", William       son  S M 15 errand boy furniture dealers London: Hammersmith
    ", Arthur John   son  - M 13 ----                         London: Hammersmith
*Years married: 25
29Probably the William Mitchelson whose birth was registered in Fulham in the 4th quarter of 1895, vol. 1a, p. 221.
30Probably the Arthur John Mitchelson whose birth was registered in Fulham in the 4th quarter of 1897, vol. 1a, p. 196.
31Birth certificate; military record.
32Ships’ manifests, National Archives, London, BT 27/643/13/3, p. 3; Library and Archives Canada, Passenger Lists, 1865-1922, RG 76, available online at http://www.collectionscanada.gc.ca/archivianet/passenger/001045-119.01-e.php?sisn_id_nbr=5404.
33In an earlier version of these notes, we unfortunately stated that she was the Kate Mitchelson, “housewife,” aged 24 years, who came to Canada with her infant son Edward, sailing on the Royal Edward from Bristol on 19 October 1911 and arriving at Montréal (Ships’ manifests, National Archives, London, BT 27/693/17/2. p. 7). However, not only would this be a poor match in age for the wife of Richard Mitchelson, but a more detailed list of the passengers made on their arrival shows even more serious disagreements, showing her as a returning Canadian, apparently native-born, who lived at Lachine, Quebec (Library and Archives Canada, Passenger Lists, 1865-1922, R.G. 76, available online at http://www.collectionscanada.gc.ca/archivianet/passenger/001045-119.01-e.php?sisn_id_nbr=5824).
34Canadian Over-Seas Expeditionary Force Attestation Papers, available online at http://www.collectionscanada.gc.ca/databases/cef/index-e.html.
35Public Archives of Canada, papers of the Canadian Over-Seas Expeditionary Force, Regimental no. 422493, RG 150, Accession 1992-93/166, Box 6267 - 49.
36Manitoba Marriage registrations, no. 1920-042176.
37Civil registration of birth. The date of her birth is incorrectly given as 7 December 1883 her death record, which states the place only as “Ireland.”
38British Columbia death registrations, no. 68-09-012873.
391921 Census of Canada, Manitoba, district 31 (Winnipeg Centre), subdistrict 18 (part of Winnipeg Ward 2), p. 16.
401921 Census of Canada, Manitoba, district 33 (Portalge la Prairie), subdistrict 13 (township 13, range 7, meridian 1 West), section 21, p. 4.
41Winnipeg Free Press, 29 August 1941, p. 8, col. 5.
42Winnipeg Free Press, 23 December 1941, p. 2, col. 7.
43Death notice, Winnipeg Free Press, 17 February 1998, p. B9, col. 4.
44Death notice, Winnipeg Free Press, 6 January 2000.
45Cecelia & Roland Botting, Descendants of John Kennedy of Sussex County, New Jersey [3rd ed.] (privately printed, 1989), p. 22.
46We have not yet seen his will, which was made as Richard Mitchelson, of Thistleton, farmer, and proved in the Consistory Court of Peterborough, reference PRO 1/039215.
47We have not yet seen his will, which was made as Richard Mitchellson of Thistleton, and proved in the Consistory Court of Peterborough, reference PRO 3/003429.
481841 Census of England, Rutland, superintendent registrar’s district: Oakham Union, registrar’s district: Oakham, place: Thistleton, enumeration district 21, pp. 12-13; National Archives HO107-0894, folio 11\4 (both sides). The entry reads:
                        born in county?
William Parker    85[-90]  farmer     y
Mary Mitchelson   75[-80]  f.s.       y
Elizabeth Dennis  20[-25]  f.s.       y
=== (page break) ===
John Elstone      14       m.s.       n
Louisa Dennis     12       f.s.       y
James Peasgood    13       m.s.       n
49Death registered in the January-March quarter of 1846 in the Oakham registration district, vol. 15, p. 459 (reference from index).
501841 Census of England, Lincolnshire, Registration district: Grantham, Subdistrict: Colsterworth, Civil parish: South Witham, enumeration district 4, fo. 11; PRO HO107, piece 624, book 13.
511851 Census of England, Lincolnshire, Registration district: Grantham, Subdistrict: Colsterworth, Civil parish: South Witham, enumeration district 18, fo. 219 (both sides); PRO HO107, piece 2102. The entry reads:
name      relationship   cond. age  occupation birthplace
John Collier*     head   M     33   ag. lab.  Rutland: Thisleton
=== (page break) ===
Elizabeth Collier wife   M     28             Rutland: Thisleton
Ann Collier       dau.   -     14             Rutland: Thisleton
Robert Collier    son    -      8             Lincoln: Louth
* The name, which is very poorly written, was read by the Ancestry.com
transcribers as Collin.
52Information from Angela O’Dell.
53Information from Angela O’Dell.
54 1861 Census of England, Lincolnshire, registration district: Grantham, subdistrict: Colsterworth, enumeration district 13, p. 8; RG9/2347, folio 157 [Family History Library microfilm no. 542,957]. The entry reads:
John Mitchelson head mar. 57 ag. lab.  Rutland: Thistleton
Sarah    "      wife mar. 58           Lincoln: South Witham
Fanny    "      dau. unm. 25           "        "
Thomas   "      son  unm. 15           "        "
551841 Census of England, Rutland, superintendent registrar's district: Oakham Union, registrar's district: Oakham, place: Thistleton, enumeration district 21, p. 14; National Archives HO107-0894, folio 11\5. the entry reads:
                        born in county?
Robert Mitchelson  50[-55]  farmer    y
Elizabeth  "       45[-50]            n
Elizabeth  "       20[-25]  f.s.      y
Robert     "       15[-20]  ag. lab.  y
Eliza      "       14                 y
Bryan      "       12                 y
Charlotte  "       10                 y
Catherine  "        8                 y
561851 census of England, Rutland, registration district: Oakham, subdistrict: Oakham, enumeration district 3, p. 5; HO107/2092, folio 23 [Family History Library microfilm no. 87,720]. The entry reads:
Robert Mitchelson  head    62 farmer        Rutland: Thistleton
Elizabeth   "      wife    57 farmer's wife Cambridge: Thorney
Bryan       "      son     24 ----          Rutland: Thistleton
Eliza E.    "      gd.dau.  5 ----          Rutland: Thistleton
571861 Census of England, Rutland, registration district: Oakham, subdistrict: Oakham, enumeration district 13, p. 27; RG9/2307, folio: 68 Family History Library microfilm no. 542,951]. The entry reads:
Robert Mitchelson head mar. 73 farmer (given up) Rutland: Thistleton
Elizabeth   "     wife mar. 69 farmer's wife     Cambridge: Thorney
58Death registered in the The death of an Elizabeth Mitchelson was registered in the Oakham registration district in the October-December quarter of 1863 in the Oakham registration district, vol. 7a, p. 187 (reference from index).
591851 Census of England, Cambridshire, registration district: Wisbech, subdistrict: Leverington, enumeration district 1g, p. 39; HO107/1766, folio 331 [Family History Library microfilm no. 193,660].
601861 Census of England, Cambridgeshire, Wisbech St. Peter, registration district: Wisbech, subdistrict: Wisbech, enumeration district 10, p. 21; RG9/1049, folio 76 [Family History Library microfilm no. 542,743]. The entry reads:
Robert Mitchelson head mar. 40 formerly grocer Rutland: Thistleton
Anna E.    "      wife mar. 39 ----            Norfolk: Wallington
Brian      "      son  ---   8 scholar         Cambridge: Wisbech
Eliza      "      dau. ---   6    "            Cambridge: Wisbech
Robert     "      son  ---   3    "            Lincs.: Long Sutton
61Information on name of father from Olive (Stanhope) Alderman.
62Civil registration of birth in the April-June quarter of 1845, Oakham registration district, vol. 15, p. 696, per information from Olga Borrell.
63Information on four youngest children from Angie Corby.
64Information from Olive (Stanhope) Alderman, and her website at http://stanhope.me.uk.
65Information from Angie Corby.

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