1901 Census Maps for Manitoba

Below is a composite map of the six largest census districts for the province of Manitoba as they existed in 1901, namely Marquette, MacDonald, Selkirk, Brandon, Lisgar, and Provencher.

The maps have been reprocessed from digital images found on the website of Library and Archives Canada. Because the original maps were not all drawn in the same projective system, they do not articulate precisely, especially around the large district of Selkirk. Winnipeg, which is too small for its boundaries to be clearly seen at this scale, is treated separately on its own page.

The nominal census returns are in the process of being indexed by Automated Genealogy. For names not yet indexed, it may be possible to narrow down the search using our guide to census subdistricts.

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Marquette MacDonald Selkirk Brandon Lisgar Provencher

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