Miscellanea Manitobiana

This site, which is now closed to new contributions, was dedicated to the publication of compiled genealogies and family histories of relevance to Manitoba, with an emphasis on early settlers, prominent persons, and notable kinships. Articles may be updated as additions or corrections come to light, and at the discretion of the author of each individual piece. In deference to the serial nature of this publication, the archived versions of the articles have not been altered since their original appearance.

Numbers published to date:

  1. The Ancestry of the Hon. Duff Roblin, Premier of Manitoba added 28 September 2003
  2. The Croftons of Brandon, Manitoba, and their cousinship with the British Royal Family added 4 October 2003
  3. The Crandell family, founders of Crandall, Manitoba added 3 June 2004
  4. Ralph Connor/The Rev. Dr. Charles W. Gordon: The Role of Archives in the Memorialization of a Canadian Literary and Theological Giant
    By John Richthammer   added 1 January 2005
  5. The Ancestry of the Rev. Dr. Charles W. Gordon (the novelist Ralph Connor) added 1 January 2005
  6. The family of the Rev. James Robertson of Sherbrooke, Quebec
    By Astrid Hess   added 22 May 2007

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Miscellanea Manitobiana
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