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New material is added regularly to this site, and I welcome queries, comments and corrections. Information which is not intended for public use, such as e-mail addresses, will be kept strictly confidential, and will never be put to any commercial use. In general this site does not list living persons without their permission. If I have listed you in error, or if you are a living person who would like to be listed here but is not, please contact me.

This site is devoted to the families of my adoptive parents, the late Carl George Dawshka, of Portage la Prairie, Manitoba, and Kathleen Ellen Blythe, of Winnipeg (afterward married to Ross Victor Goodwin Dobson). I, John Blythe Dobson, was originally named John Blythe Dawshka, but assumed my present surname on my mother’s remarriage in 1975. I am not researching the Dobson family.

This site is also devoted to the families of my natural parents, both of whom have very generously acknowledged me, and shared their information as well as their hospitality. But in deference to their families’ privacy they are not indicated as such anywhere on this website, and in order to discourage guesses as to their identity, the hierarchical relationships of some of the ancestral lines treated herein has had left vague. While nothing has been falsified, a few details have been suppressed.

A list of my publications is available. Much of this material has appeared in periodicals, and cannot be reproduced here as I am not the copyright holder.

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John B. Dobson
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