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Winston Churchill

his double cousinship with
Jean Margaret Kennedy
through the Smith and Wilcox families

Winston Churchill Winston Churchill, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, and my natural grandmother, Mrs. Jean Margaret (Kennedy) Mitchelson, of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, were 5th cousins through the Wilcox family, and half-7th cousins once removed through the Smith family, as follows:
 Deborah Howland = (1) Lieut. John Smith "Jr." (2) = Ruhammah Kirby
     dau. of     |_____     of Plymouth &          | dau. of John Kirby
 Arthur Howland       |    Dartmouth, Mass.        |
                      |      d. 1692               |
                      |                            |
   Jonathan Russell = Hasadiah Smith    Gershom Smith = Rebecca Ripley
                    |_______                     _____|
                           |                     |
     Benjamin Allen = Deborah Russell    Eliezer Smith = Meribah ----
                    |______                            |
                           |                           |
     William Wilcox = Dorothy Allen                    |
of Dartmouth, Mass. |                                  |
            ________|________________                  |___
            |                        |                     |
      Benjamin Wilcox             William Wilcox, Jr. = Sarah Smith
     = Elsie Lanning                              ____|
            |                                     |
       Daniel Wilcox                        David Wilcox
     = Mary McIntyre                        = Anna Baker
            |                                    |
       Jemima Wilcox                       Clarissa Wilcox
    = Francis Comfort                     = Ambrose Hall
            |                                    |
      Margaret Comfort                      Clarissa Hall
     = John Kennedy (IV)              = (Senator) Leonard Jerome
            |                                    |
     John Kennedy (V)                       Jennie Jerome
  = Samantha Helena Young   = the Rt. Hon. Lord Randolph Spencer-Churchill
            |                    [British] Chancellor of the Exchequer
            |                 younger son of the 7th Duke of Marlborough 
            |                                    |   
    Jean Margaret Kennedy                        |
 = Richard H. Mitchelson, Jr.       Winston (Spencer-) Churchill
   (my natural grandparents)                (1874-1965)
                                Prime Minister of the United Kingdom

Sources: Churchill’s entire Smith and Wilcox lineages were worked out in the well-known article by Conklin Mann, “Two Famous Descendants of John Cooke and Sarah Warren,” New York Genealogical and Biographical Record 73 (1942): 159-62 and accompanying ancestor tables; the title of this article is unfortunate in that Churchill in fact had no Cooke descent, as had already been pointed out by Moriarty in his 1933 article cited below. Carl Boyer, 3rd, in Ancestral Lines, 3rd ed. (Santa Clarita, California, 1998), presents good summaries of the Smith, Kirby, Howland, Russell, and Allen families. Chris Baer has a partial ancestor table for Churchill, including the Wilcox ancestry, formerly available online at http://www.vineyard.net/vineyard/history/allen/wch_dcnt.htm, but now apparently available only in a copy in the Internet archive, at http://web.archive.org/web/20020621191844/ http://www.vineyard.net/vineyard/history/allen/wch_dcnt.htm, in which some of the formatting has been lost. Thanks are due to Leo van de Pas, of Canberra, Australia, for pointing out an error in an earlier version of this page. Working downward, other sources for the present page include, besides peerages and entries in standard biographical dictionaries, the following studies of individual lines or persons:

  • Franklyn Howland, A Brief Genealogical and Biographical History of Arthur, Henry, and John Howland and their descendants… (New Bedford, Mass., 1885), pp. 33-8.
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  • G. Andrews Moriarty, “The Mayflower Ancestry of the Descendants of Daniel Wilcox of Portsmouth, R.I.,” New England Historical and Genealogical Register, vol. 87 (1933): 73-74, which shows that the Mayflower ancestry (through the Cookes) of some of the descendants of Daniel Wilcox did not apply to his son Daniel, father of our ancestor William Wilcox. The false Cooke ancestry is still being propagated through the Internet.
  • G. Andrews Moriarty, “One Branch of the Rhode Island Wilcox Family,” The American Genealogist, vol. 19 (1942), pp. 23-31, 177, with correction in vol. 24 (1947), p. 260, which shows William Wilcox as his parents’ child at p. 30.
  • Eugene Aubrey Stratton, Applied Genealogy (1988), 147-49, which discusses the false Cooke ancestry attributed to Churchill.
  • H.F. Johnston, Daniel Wilcox of Portsmouth, R.I., and descendants (ca. 1958), 36 pp., reprinted from his magazine Your Ancestors, vols. 10-12; this covers William and Dorothy (Allen) Wilcox and their children.
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  • Gary Boyd Roberts, Notable Kin: an anthology of columns first published in the NEHGS NEXUS, 2 vols. (Santa Clarita, California: Carl Boyer, 1998, 1999), 1:89-91, which provides important new information on Anna Baker.
  • “Jerome, Leonard,” in National Cyclopaedia of American Biography, 32:448-9.
  • Ralph G. Martin, Jennie: The life of Lady Randolph Churchill, 2 vols. (Englewood Cliffs, N.J., 1969-71), a biography of Churchill’s mother.

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