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Dmitrius Augustine, Prince Galitzine

his cousinship with
Jean Margaret (Kennedy) Mitchelson

Prince Dmitrius Augustine Galitzine Dmitrius Augustine, Prince Galitzine or Golitzin or Golytsyn (usually spelled Gallitzin in German sources), known as the “known as the Apostle of the Alleghanies,” was the founder of a settlement in Pennsylvania. The first Roman Catholic priest ordained in America, he died unmarried. He is currently being considered for canonization by the Catholic church. His only sibling, a sister Marianna Dorothea (known as “Mimi”), was married late in life, as his second wife, to Franz, Fürst zu Salm-Reifferscheidt-Krautheim, but had no children. Thus this line of the princes Galitzine, descended maternally from the families of Flamand and de la Fontaine dit Wicart, came to a quick end.

Marie de la Fontaine dit Wicart and Freiherr Samuel von Schmettau, below, had a second son, not shown, Lieutenant-General Graf Karl Christoph (1796-1775), the Austrian Governor of Serbia from 1733 to 1738, who was the subject of an 1806 biography by his son and has an entry in the Allgemeine deutsche Biographie, but is not particularly famous. Of this family was Friedrich Wilhelm Carl von Schmettau (1743-1806), a cartographer, who was a son of Graf Samuel von Schmettau and Marie Johanna von Rüffer, below.

Nearer the top of the tree, Marie Flamand and her husband Philippe de la Fontaine dit Wicart were also ancestors of the modern-day Georg Friedrich von Brandenburg, prince of Prussia, whom we have already treated in another page. As well, their daughter Sara, wife of Jean d’Orville of Hamburg, was the paternal grandmother of the distinguished classical scholar Jacques Philippe d’Orville (1696–1751), who was thus a second cousin twice-removed of Prince Galitzine [De Navorscher 13 (1863): 284; the account of his ancestry given in van der Aa’s Biographisch Woordenboek is erroneous].

Samuel von Schmettau
Samuel von Schmettau (1684-1751)
Grandfather of Prince Galitzine
From the German Wikipedia
Amalia von Schmettau
Amalia von Schmettau
Mother of Prince Galitzine
Prince Dmitrius Galitzine
in his youth

     Jérôme Tricot = (2) Michelle Sauvagie (1) = ____ Flamand
                   |          fl. 1632         |
            _______|                           |______
            |                                        |
 Catalyntje (Catherine) Tricot                 Marie Flamand
      (ca. 1605–1689)                         (ca. 1594–1670)
   = Joris Jansen Rapalje           = Philippe de la Fontaine dit Wicart
        (1604–1663),                          (ca. 1593–1660+)
     of the Wallabout,                         of Amsterdam,
      Long Island,                                merchant
     New Netherland                                  |
            |                                        |
            |                                        |
 Daniel Rapalje (1650–1725),        Dr. Andreas de la Fontaine dit Wicart
    of Brooklyn, N.Y.                           (1621-1705)
 = Sara Clock (1651–1731)            Reformed minister at Emmerik (1649),
            |                      at Pinneberg in Holstein (before 1653),
            |                           and finally at Hamburg (1663)
            |                       = (1654) Marie Ruiting or Ruyting,
            |                       widow of Lucas Broen of Amsterdam.
            |                                        |
            |                                        |
  Sara Rapalje (1687–1773)             Marie de la Fontaine dit Wicart
 = Pieter Cornelisz Luyster                     (1660-1732)
       (1687–1759),                   = Freiherr Samuel von Schmettau
  of Newtown, L.I., N.Y.                        (1657-1709)
            |                         of Berlin, Prussian councillor,
            |                                 enobled in 1701
            |                                        |
            |                                        |
 Sara Luyster (1714–1767)            Reichsgraf Samuel von Schmettau
 = Isaac Lent (1707–1771),                      (1684-1751)
      of Fishkill,                        Imperial Field-Marshall,
   Dutchess Co., N.Y.                         Curator of the
            |                           Prussian Academy of Sciences
            |                   = (2) (1739) Marie Johanna von Rüffer(t)
            |                                   (1718-1771)
            |                                        |
            |                                        |
Catharina Lent (say 1743–1767+)    Gräfin Adelaide Amalia von Schmettau
 = Francis Harris (1740–1816),                  (1748-1806)
later of Sandy Cove, Digby Tp.,           patroness of the arts,
Annapolis (now Digby) Co., N.S.            Lady-in-waiting to
            |                          Princess Luise of Prussia
            |                 = (1768) Prince Dmitri Alexeievich Galitzine
            |                                   (1734-1803)
            |                      Russian minister to Paris and The Hague
            |                                        |
            |                                        |
 Catherine Harris (1767–1846)            Prince Dmitrius Augustine
= John Comfort (ca. 1755-1830),            Dmitrievich Galitzine
 of Clinton Tp., Lincoln Co.,                   (1770-1840)
       Upper Canada                   of Maryland and Pennsylvania,
            |                              Roman Catholic priest,
            |                          colony-founder, and author;
            |                                 died unmarried
 Francis Comfort (1800–1880),
 of Beamsville, Clinton Tp.,
       Lincoln Co.
= Jemima Wilcox (1801–1876)
 Margaret Comfort (1833–1916)
= John Kennedy (IV) (1832–1897),
 of St. Anns, Gainsborough Tp.,
       Lincoln Co.
John Kennedy (V) (1862–1939),
 of Melita, Manitoba, Canada
= Susanna Samantha Helena Young
  Jean Margaret Kennedy
= Richard Harry Mitchelson, Jr.
  of Winnipeg, Manitoba
 (my natural grandparents)

Sources: We have not seen the article on the Schmettau family in the recently-published Neue deutsche Biographie 23:135. Some of the materials cited in our sources are quite inaccessible, such as Fontaine’s eulogy by L. Steversloot, Lykpredicatie over Dr. A. de la Fontaine (Hamburg, 1705). However, without having exhusted the pertinent literature, we believe we have seen enough to establish the connections shown here. Our main sources on the Schmettau-Galitzine lineage shown on the right-hand side of the chart are, working from the top downward:

  • Dorothy A. Koenig and Pim Nieuwenhuis, “Catalina Trico from Namur (1605–1689) and her nephew, Arnoldus de la Grange,” New Netherland Connections, vol. 1, no. 3 (July-Sept. 1996): 56-63; no. 4 (Oct.-Dec. 1996): 89-93.
  • Jean le Carpentier, Histoire généalogique des Païs-Bas, ou Histoire de Cambray et du Cambrésis…, 4 pts. in 2 vols. (Leiden, 1664), pt. 3, pp. 571-6, at p. 575, for the marriage of “Marie Flamen” and “Phillipes de la Fontaine-Wicart,” and a record of nine of their children (incidentally missing their son Zacharie, who is discussed by Koenig & Nieuwenhuis). Unfortunately, while this account gives extensive detail on her husband’s ancestry, it states nothing concerning Marie’s parentage. We first learned of this source through the citation in Robert C. Ermerins, “Aanteekeningen over het geslacht de Bije,” De Navorscher 56 (1906): 634-42, at p. 641.
  • H. Reydon, “De la Fontaine, dit Wicart,” Sibbe 3 (1943): 83-89, at p. 85.
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  • Charles Joret, Jean-Baptiste Tavernier (Paris, 1886), p. 323, which provides contemporary evidence for the connection to the Rev. Andreas’s daughter Marie with its reference to “M. de la Fontaine, beau-père de Schmetter et ministre de l’Église française de Hambourg,” and shows that Andreas was of Hamburg in 1684. This source cites information received from H. Rœhrich, of Vandœuvres, who was then engaged in the preparation of a history of the Reformed Church of Hamburg.
  • Matthias G. Graf v. Schmettow, Schmettau und Schmettow: Geschichte eines Geschlechts aus Schlesien (Büderich bei Düsseldorf, 1961).
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  • Mathilde Köhler, Amalie von Gallitzin, ein Leben zwischen Skandal und Legende. Paderborn &c., Ferdinand Schöningh, 1995. Contains many family portraits.
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  • On Marianna (“Mimi”) Dorothea Galtizine, wife of Franz, Fürst zu Salm-Reifferscheidt-Krautheim, see Europäische Stammtafeln, 1965 edition, bd. 3, taf. 150. Her parentage is pointed out in Armin Freiherr von Foelkersam, “Ahnentafeln russischer Frauen als Beitrag zur Genealogie deutscher Adelsgeschlechter,” pt. 2, Jahrbuch für Genealogie, Heraldik und Sphragistik, 1897, pp. 51-58, at p. 51.

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