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Senator John Kerry

his cousinship with Jean Margaret (Kennedy) Mitchelson through the Stoughton family, part I

John Kerry     
Senator John Kerry
Democratic Candidate for the
Presidency of the U.S. in 2004


Senator John Kerry, Democratic candidate in the 2004 U.S. Presidential election, descends in a remarkably short line from the prolific Stoughton family of Massachusetts, he being only tenth in descent from Capt. Israel Stoughton, one of a group of siblings who came to the colonies in the early seventeenth century. This strain of ancestry is shared by many other notable persons: without going too far afield, we may mention that Capt. Israel Stoughton was the father of Lieutenant-Governor William Stoughton (1631-1701), who presided at the Salem witchcraft trials in 1692 and served as Chief Justice of Massachusetts in 1695-1701 (see DAB). Rebecca Stoughton and her husband William Tailer were the parents of William Tailer, Jr. (d. 1731), Lieutenant-Governor of Massachusetts. Elizabeth Tailer and her husband John Nelson were ancestors, through their daughter Rebecca, of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt (1882-1945). Finally, Mehitabel Nelson and Capt. Robert Temple were ancestors of the Marquesses of Dufferin, to whom Senator Kerry is rather closely related.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt also had, with Kerry (see the forthcoming part II), a second descent from the Stoughtons, more closely allied with our own line, through Elizabeth (Stoughton) (Scudder) Chamberlayne.

            The Rev. Thomas Stoughton = Katherine ….
                 of Sandwich, Kent    |
                  ca. 1551 - 1622?    |
          |                                    |
  Elizabeth Stoughton               (Capt.) Israel Stoughton
    (d. 1645-47)                          (1603-1645)
   of Ipswich, Mass.                   of Dorchester, Mass.
  = (2) The Rev.                         (see D.N.B.)
 Robert Chamberlayne                  = Elizabeth Knight
   of Strood, Kent                         (d. 1681)
 d. 1639 (in England)                  aunt of Elihu Yale
          |                                    |
          |                                    |
 Joanna Chamberlayne                   Rebecca Stoughton
    (1630-1711+)                          (1641-1708)
= Capt. Richard Betts                  = William Tailer
      (d. 1713)                           (1611-1682)
   of Newtown, L.I.,                  of Boston, merchant
    sheriff, judge                             |
          |                                    |
          |                                    |
     Sarah Betts                       Elizabeth Tailer
   d. by Nov. 1713                        (1667-1734)
 = Edward Hunt (Sr.)                    = John Nelson
     (d. 1716)                           (1654?-1734)
     of Newtown                           of Boston, 
          |                      merchant and political agitator
          |                            (see DNB & DAB)
          |                                    |
          |                                    |
    Edward Hunt, Jr.                    Mehitabel Nelson
    (1684-1757/59)                        (1691-1775)
  of Maidenhead Tp.,                 = Capt. Robert Temple
 Hunterdon Co., N.J.                       (1694-1754)
     = ……..                 of Ten Hills, Charlestown, Mass.
          |                                    |
          |                                    |
     Sarah Hunt                         Sir John Temple
     (living 1774)                       (1732?-1798)
  = Isaac Lanning                     styled 8th Baronet
    of Hardwick Tp.       Lieutenant-Governor of New Hampshire, 1768-74
   Sussex Co., N.J.         British Consul-General to America, 1786-98
       d. 1781                      = Elizabeth Bowdoin
          |                               (1750-1809)
          |                               daughter of
          |                            James Bowdoin, Jr.
          |                         Governor of Massachusetts
          |                                    |        
          |                                    |
    Elsie Lanning                    Elizabeth Bowdoin Temple
     (1739-1805)                          (1769-1825)
  = Benjamin Wilcox                       = The Hon.
     Grimsby Tp.,                    Thomas Lindall Winthrop
   Lincoln Co., U.C.                      of Boston,
     (1737-1816)              Lieutenant-Governor of Massachussetts,
          |                               1826-1832;
          |                             President of the
          |                     Massachusetts Historical Society
          |                                    |
    Daniel Wilcox                    Robert Charles Winthrop
   (ca. 1771-1857)                        (1809-1894)
         of St. Anns,                     of Boston
   Gainsborough Tp.,     Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives
    Lincoln Co., U.C.,                and U.S. senator;        
    = Mary McIntyre                    President of the 
        (1775-1816)             Massachusetts Historical Society
          |                     = (1) Elizabeth Cabot Blanchard
          |                                    |
          |                                    |
    Jemima Wilcox                   Robert Charles Winthrop, Jr.
     (1801-1876)                       of Boston, lawyer
  = Francis Comfort                       (1834-1905)
    (1800-1880)                     = (2) Elizabeth Mason
   of Beamsville,                         (1844-1910+)
      Clinton Tp.,                             |
  Lincoln Co., U.C.,                           |
          |                                    |
          |                                    |
   Margaret Comfort                  Margaret Tyndal Winthrop
     (1833-1916)                          (1880-1970)
  John Kennedy (IV)                   = James Grant Forbes
     (1832-1897)                          (1879-1955)
     of St. Anns                               |
          |                                    |
          |                                    |
   John Kennedy (V)                  Rosemary Isabel Forbes
     (1862-1939)                          (1913-2002)
     of Manitoba                     = Richard John Kerry
= Susanna Samantha                        (1915-2000)
    Helena Young                          of Boston
     (1882-1937)                               |
          |                                    |
          |                                    |
Jean Margaret Kennedy                  John Forbes Kerry
     (1917-2000)                            (1943-)
= Richard Harry Mitchelson        U.S. senator from Massachusetts
     (1914-1998)                           since 1985;
of Winnipeg, Manitoba             Democratic Candidate for the
(my natural grandparents)        Presidency of the U.S. in 2004
          |                       m. (1) Julia Stimson Thorne
                                 m. (2) Maria Teresa Thierstein
                                     (Simões-Ferreira) Heinz
                                    (issue by first marriage)

Sources: On the vast Stoughton descendancy in general see Gary Boyd Roberts, Genealogical Thoughts, nos. 22 & 58 (available in the members’ area at New England Ancestors.org). The entire line of descent is given in William Addams Reitwiesner, The Ancestors of Senator John Forbes Kerry (b. 1943), available online at http://members.aol.com/wreitwiesn/candidates2004/kerry.html. Most of Senator Kerry’s Stoughton-Tailer-Nelson-Temple descent had been outlined a little earlier by Roberts in The Royal Descents of 600 Immigrants to the American Colonies or the United States… (Baltimore, 1993), pp. 148, 573-74, which draws upon a number of sources we have not seen. For the recent generations, we have checked dates against Kimberly Powell, Ancestry of John Forbes Kerry, available online at http://genealogy.about.com/od/presidents/p/john_kerry.htm.
    In the list of works given below, we have cited only the most important and scholarly materials from among the gigantic Stoughton bibliography; of these, the 1997 paper by Fiske is indispensable:

  • (The Rev.) Thomas Stoughton, The Christians’ Sacrifice … or, a logicall and theologicall exposition of the two first verses of the twelfth [letter] to the Romanes … with the author’s postscript to his children, as it were his last will and testament unto them (London, 1622). The autobiographical “Postscript” in pp. 252-58, assists in the estimation of his birthdate; unfortunately, he never identifies his wife.
  • Ralph M. Stoughton, “The Stoughton Families of Dorchester, Mass., and Windsor, Conn.,” TAG 29 (1953): 193-204 (which however contains a number of serious errors).
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  • Alvin Page Johnson, Franklin D. Roosevelt’s colonial ancestors: their part in the making of American history (Boston, 1933), 74-78 (Stoughton, Tailer), 69-74 (Nelson). This work gives (p. 74) the wildly incorrect birthdate of 1580 for Israel Stoughton which is frequently found in print.
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