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Georg Friedrich von Brandenburg, prince of Prussia

his cousinship with
Jean Margaret (Kennedy) Mitchelson

Georg Friedrich von Brandenburg, Prince of Prussia
His Imperial and Royal Highness, Georg Friedrich Ferdinand (von Brandenburg) (1976– ), head of the Royal House of Prussia since 1994
Catherine de la Fontaine
Catherine de la Fontaine (1628-1708), wife of Jean de Mouson, is the third woman from the left in this 1671 group portrait of three governesses of the Walloon Orphanage of Amsterdam (Hospice Wallon), with a child and nanny
Jaarboek van het Centraal Bureau voor Genealogie, 19 (1965), plate 8 between pages 160 and 161

His Imperial Highness Prince George Friedrich of Prussia, present head of the House of Brandenburg and Pretender to the Prussian Crown, was born 10 June 1976 at Bremen. He became the representative of the Royal House of Prussia in 1994 on the death of his paternal grandfather, Prince Ludwig Ferdinand of Prussia (his father, Prince Ludwig Ferdinand the younger, having already died young and v.p. in 1977). He spent some years at a boarding school in Scotland, and in 1999 was a law student at Berlin. He has a younger sister, Cornelie-Cécile Viktoria Irene, born 1978. He was married civilly 25 August 2011 and religiously two days later, both at Potsdam, Princess Sophie von Isenburg, born 7 March 1978 at Frankfurt, daughter of Fürst Franz Alexander von Isenburg and Gräfin Christine von Saurma.

A more distant kinsman of the prince is Dmitrius Augustine, Prince Galitzine, who shares the descent from Marie Flamand and Philippe de la Fontaine dit Wicart.

      Jérôme Tricot = (2) Michelle Sauvagie (1) = ____ Flamand

| fl. 1632 |
| |
Catalyntje (Catherine) Tricot
(ca. 1605–1689)
= Joris Jansen Rapalje
of the Wallabout, Long Island, New Netherland
Marie Flamand
(ca. 1594–1670)
= Philippe de la Fontaine dit Wicart
(ca. 1593–1660+)
of Amsterdam
Daniel Rapalje (1650–1725),
of Brooklyn, N.Y.
= Sara Clock (1651–1731)
Cathérine de la Fontaine
= Jean de Mouson
(ca. 1614–1676),
of Amsterdam
Sara Rapalje (1687–1773)
= Pieter Cornelisz Luyster
of Newtown, L.I., N.Y.
Catharina de Mouson
= Matthew Chitty
of Amsterdam, merchant
Sara Luyster (1714–1767)
= Isaac Lent (1707–1771),
of Fishkill, Dutchess Co., N.Y.
Agneta Chitty (1681–1759)
= Theodorus Huyghens
of Utrecht and Franeker,
Heer van Honkoop en Opvoorst
Catharina Lent (say 1743–1767+)
= Francis Harris (1740–1816),
later of Sandy Cove, Digby Tp., Annapolis (now Digby) Co., N.S.
Anthonia Huyghens (1710–1784)
= Rudolf Willem van Pabst tot Bingerden
Vrijheer van Wolfswaard, Heer van Bingerden
Catherine Harris (1767–1846)
= John Comfort (ca. 1755-1830),
of Clinton Tp., Lincoln Co., Upper Canada
Jhr. Johan Maurits van Pabst tot Bingerden
Vrijheer van Wolfsward,
Heer van Bingerden en Hoencoop
= rijksbarones Sara Agatha Hop
Vrouwe van de Lek, Lekkerkerk, en Zuidbroek
Francis Comfort (1800–1880),
of Beamsville, Clinton Tp., Lincoln Co.
= Jemima Wilcox (1801–1876)
Geertruida Sara Agatha van Pabst tot Bingerden,
= Willem Hendrik Alexander Carel,
Baron van Heeckeren van Kell
Heer van Roderloo (Ruurlo) en Kell,
Governor of Gelderland
Margaret Comfort (1833–1916)
= John Kennedy (IV) (1832–1897),
of St. Anns, Gainsborough Tp., Lincoln Co.
baron Jacob Derk Carel van Heeckeren van Kell
Heer van Nettelhorst en Borculo
= barones Isabella Antoinette Sloet van Toutenburg
John Kennedy (V) (1862–1939),
of Melita, Manitoba, Canada
= Susanna Samantha Helena Young
barones Maria Cornelia
van Heeckeren van Kell
Vrouwe van Weldam, Olidam, Wegdam, en Obdam
= graaf Willem Carl van Bentinck en Waldeck-Limpurg
7th Graaf van Bentinck,
Graaf van Aldenburg, Herr zu Gaildorf
Jean Margaret Kennedy
= Richard Harry Mitchelson, Jr.
of Winnipeg, Manitoba
(my natural grandparents)
gravin Mechtild van Bentinck
= Casimir zu Castell-Rüdenhausen
Erzburggraf and later Fürst zu Castell-Rüdenhausen
4th Fürst zu Castell-Rüdenhausen
(1916– )
= gräfin Irene zu Solms-Laubach
(1925– )
  fürstin Donata Emma
zu Castell-Rüdenhausen
(1950– )
= prinz Ludwig Ferdinand Oskar Christian
(von Brandenburg)
of Prussia
great-grandson and in his issue eventual heir of the last kaiser,
Wilhelm II
  prinz Georg Friedrich (von Brandenburg)
of Prussia
= prinzessin Sophie von Isenburg

Sources: We are greatly indebted to the unfortunately now-defunct WorldRoots Genealogy Archive by Brigitte Ingeborg Gastel Lloyd, for making available two reports by Leo van de Pas, Ancestors of Prince Georg Friedrich of Prussia (6 generations) (http://worldroots.com/~brigitte/famous/g/georgprussiaanc.htm) and Ancestors of Countess Donata zu Castell-Ruedenhausen (http://www.worldroots.com/~brigitte/royal/prussiaspouses/ donatacastellanc1950.htm). Also, José Verheecke’s excellent ancestor table of the prince’s mother, Donata gräfin zu Castell (apparently no longer available at its original location of http://users.pandora.be/jose.verheecke1/link/kwartieren /CASTELL.TXT), which unfortunately came to our attention only after the main outline of our work was complete, covers the lines shown here back to the prince’s ancestors Anthonia Huyghens (1710–1784) and Rudolf Willem van Pabst tot Bingerden (1706–1782), and has supplied some previously elusive dates. According to Leo van de Pas’s Genealogics database, the line from Agneta Chitty to Johan Maurits van Pabst is also covered in Kwartierstatenboek, 1983, which we have not seen.
    The prince appears, with the photograph used here, in Daniel de Rauglaudre’s gigantic royalty database, Roglo (http://geneweb.inria.fr/roglo). We have also drawn upon material on the prince’s ancestry submitted by the Genealogical Department Medieval Families Unit to the LDS Ancestral File. Our other main sources on his lineage are, working from the top downward:

  • Dorothy A. Koenig and Pim Nieuwenhuis, “Catalina Trico from Namur (1605–1689) and her nephew, Arnoldus de la Grange,” New Netherland Connections, vol. 1, no. 3 (July-Sept. 1996): 56-63; no. 4 (Oct.-Dec. 1996): 89-93.
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  • From Paul Theroff’s Online Gotha: Prussia, available online at http://pages.prodigy.net/ptheroff/gotha/prussia.html.

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