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Some descendants of Johann Wilhelm Andreas, of Selters in Nordhofen

The Andreas family of Selters, a village in the parish of Nordhofen (now in Westerwaldkreis, Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany), was ancestral to an immigrant kinship network that can be discerned in the prolific writings of Henry Z. Jones, Jr., on Palatine families, including his account of the Maul family in Palatine Families of New York (1985).[1] While Andreas is a fairly common name, the reconstruction of this line is facilitated by its prolonged association with the Scheyer family. The excerpts from Jones’s writings have been supplemented by other published material but the work below is not based on a direct and systematic examination of primary sources, a defect which it is hoped will eventually be remedied.

We are grateful to Terrance Strater for pointing out a translation error in an earlier version of these notes.

1. Johann Wilhelm Andreas, Oberschultheiß (head census-taker and tax-collector) of Selters in Nordhofen, died 27 July 1692. He married (by 1650 if she was the mother of all of his children), Juliana ____, who died 15 June 1701; if she was his wife of 1664, she was the widow of ____ Schier [Scheyer]. The assumption that Juliana was the mother of his children receives some support from the fact that his daughter Maria named a daughter Anna Juliana, but stronger proof would be desireable. In a list of citizens of Selters taken in 1664, the first names in the list are those of “Johann Wilhelm Andreas, head census-taker and tax-collector, and his wife the widow Schiers and her son Peter Schier” (Johann Wilhelm Andreas Ober Schulthes u. sein Eidumb Schiers wittib und deren Sohn Peter Schier).[2] The editor of this list notes that Johann Wilhelm Andreas also appears in other lists of the period 1651–1681, with his surname sometimes given as Endreß, and sometimes designated as “aus Urbach.” In 1674 is mentioned an “examination by the Burgher Jost Klockener of Hachenburg, against the collector Johann Wilhelm Andreas of Selters in Wied.”[3]
    Juliana’s son Peter Schier was perhaps the “Joh. Peter Scheyer from Selters” who served in the Reformed Church of Nordhofen as a baptismal sponsor to a child of Johannata Maria Andreas and Johann Wilhelm Berg (below) on 27 November 1712,[4] However, on chronological grounds he was probably not the Johann Peter Scheyer who married in 1721 and had a son Jacob, who apparently left for America in 1744.[5]
    Known issue (order inferential):

  1. Anna Lucia Andreas, born 1650, died 20 February 1729 at Mogendorf, near Nordhofen. She married 6 June 1670 (at Nordhofen?), Hans Peter Ströder, of Mogendorf, and had issue.[6] “Hans Peter Ströder from Moggendorf” served as a baptismal sponsor to a child of his wife’s niece Maria Catharina Andreas, wife of Georg Corcilius, in the Reformed Church of Nordhofen on 21 September 1695.[7]
  2. Friedrich Andreas, of Nordhofen. Jones notes that he “appears on church-bills for Nordhofen dated 1718 found in the Fürstlich Neuwied Archiv [Fürstlich Wiedisches Archiv Neuwied].”[8] He was perhaps the Friderich Hubertus Andreas of Selters who served in the Reformed Church of Nordhofen as a baptismal sponsor to (his granddaughter?) Anna Veronica, daughter of Christian Berg and Elisabetha Maria Andreas, on 29 December 1714.[9] He married 11 January 1680 at Nordhofen, Eva Aller, and had, possibly with other issue (order uncertain):
    1. Maria Catharina Andreas, alive in 1717. She married (as his second wife) 22 November 1702 (at Nordhofen?), Georg Corcilius, of Nordhofen, died shortly before 17 January 1727, when he was buried in New York City. Their descendants were of New York. At the baptism of their son Johann Wilhelm in the Reformed Church of Nordhofen on 19 December 1706, one of the sponsors was Johann Andreas, Oberschultes, presumably the mother’s uncle. “Maria Catharina, wife of Georg Corcilius from Mogendorf,” served as a baptismal sponsor to a child of her sister Johannata Maria Andreas in the Reformed Church of Nordhofen on 27 November 1712. George Corcilius (with his wife?) was in New York City by 1725.[10]
    2. Johannata Maria Catharina Andreas, baptized 11 July 1683 at Nordhofen with sponsors Johannes Andreas and Maria Catharina daughter of the late Peter Aller. She married 11 January 1708 (at Nordhofen?), Johann Wilhelm Berg, baptized 8 July 1683 at Nordhofen, will dated 1750 in Frederick County, Maryland, “son of the Honorable Hanß Peter Berg from Selters” (as he is called in his marriage record) and an unnamed mother. Three of their children had members of the Scheyer family of Selters as baptismal sponsors, and at the baptism of an unnamed daughter (believed to be Elisabetha) on 9 September 1708, one of the sponsors was “Joh. Andreas’s widow Anna Catharina.” Johann Wilhelm Berg, with three sons, was naturalized in New Jersey in 1730. The family later went to Maryland.[11]
    3. Anna Veronica Andreas, who as “Anna Veronica, daughter of Friedrich Andreas from Selters” served as a baptismal sponsor to a child of her sister Maria Catharina Andreas in the Reformed Church of Nordhofen on 19 December 1706.[12]
    4. (perhaps) Elisabetha Maria Andreas, from Selters, married (1) 2 February 1713 in the Reformed Church, Nordhofen, Christian Berg, of Selters, born say 1685, died 20 April 1720, son of Bertram Berg. She married (2) married 7 November 1726 in the same church, Wilhelm Buss, a widower. The baptismal sponsors of their children included “Friderich Hubertus Andreas of Selters,” and “Joh. Georg Andreas of Selters.”[13]
  3. 2 Maria Elisabeth Andreas.
  4. Johann Wilhelm Andreas, the younger, mentioned as “Oberschultheiß Johann Wilhelm Andraß [sic]” in 1693 and as “Oberschultheiß Andraß [sic] in Selters” in 1721.[14] A number of online pedigrees seem to confuse him with his presumed father. As “H[err] Johann Andreas, Oberschultes [sic]” he served on 19 December 1706 in the Reformed Church of Nordhofen as a baptismal sponsor to Johann Wilhelm, son of Maria Catharina Andreas and Georg Corcilius, above.[15] He apparently married ____, Anna Catharina ____, who as “Joh. Andreas’s widow Anna Catharina.” served in the same church for an unnamed daughter (believed to be Elisabetha) of Johannata Maria Catharina Andreas and Johann Wilhelm Berg (above) on 9 September 1708,[16] and as “Anna Catharina wife [or widow?] of Obertheissen Johs. Andreas” served as a baptismal sponsor in the Reformed Church of Nordhofen to Anna Christina, daughter of Johann Peter Berg and Anna Catharina Schweitzerin, on 14 November 1717.[17]

2.   Maria Elisabeth Andreas, alive in 1710, daughter of Johann Wilhelm Andreas, Oberschultheiß (head census-taker and tax-collector) of Selters in Nordhofen, probably by his wife Juliana ____. Her father is named in her marriage record.[18] She married 14 November 1682 at Nordhofen, Philipp Sergius, of Nordhofen (now in Westerwaldkreis, Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany), probably born around 1658, and still alive in 1710, almost certainly a son of Pastor Wernerus Sergius and the latter’s first wife, Anna Catharina Vieger. Philipp Sergius was at Nordhofen at the time of his marriage in 1682 and at the baptism of his daughter Anna Juliana in 1689. “Philip Sargusch” with his wife and five children were among the sixth party of Palatines preparing to depart from Holland in 1709, the entry for their family on the Rotterdam Lists being next to that of Johannes Maul (father of Philipp Sergius’s son-in-law Christoffel Maul). The Sergius family left for England but for some unknown reason returned to Holland on board the ship John in 1710, at which time it numbered only six persons, the missing member evidently being the daughter Anna Juliana (our ancestress), who Jones surmises had married Christoffel Maul some time during the voyage.[19]
    Among their issue was:

  1. Anna Juliana Sergius, baptized 24 March 1689 in Nordhofen Reformed Church with sponsors Anna Lovisa wife of Hans Peter Hördts at Mogendorf, Maria Juliana wife of Bertram Bergs, and Johann Thi[e]l Scheyer from Selters; she was still alive in 1751. She married probably in 1709-10, Christoffel Maul, of Hanover Precinct (now Montgomery Tp.), Ulster (now Orange) Co., New York, baptized 15 January 1688 at Driedorf, Hessen-Nassau, Prussia, and still alive in 1751, son of Johannes Maul, of Hohenroth near Driedorf, and of New York City, by the latter’s first wife, Anna Juliana Theiss.[20] For further details see Maul.


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