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The following notes treat the family of Ann (a.k.a. Nancy) Buxton, wife of George Blythe, of Doncaster and Sheffield, Yorkshire. Little research in primary sources has as yet been attempted, except that we have checked the original registers of Independent Chapel, Masbrough, for known entries. We are grateful to Stuart Hill, author of a Hill–Froggatt–Whittington database,[1] for drawing our attention to the ancestry of Ann’s mother, Martha (Whittington) Buxton, and to Peter and Rachel Reynolds for pointing out a mistake in an earlier version of this page.

1. Henry Buxton, of Greasbrough and Masbrough, both near Rotherham, in the West (now South) Riding of Yorkshire, born 1751-52, died aged 78 years, shortly before 28 September 1830, when he was buried in St. Mary’s (Anglican) churchyard, Greasbrough.[2] We have not found a corresponding baptism in the IGI, in the LDS Vital Records Index, or in the PRO’s index to nonconformist registers. Henry Buxton has been said to derive from Chesterfield, Derbyshire, although we do not know what evidence exists for this statement.[3] He married 3 June 1776 in the parish church of Rotherham, Yorkshire,[4] Martha Whittington, baptized 28 November 1756 in the parish church of Rotherham, died aged 70 years, shortly before 13 June 1827, when she was buried in St. Mary’s (Anglican) churchyard, Greasbrough, daughter of Isaac Whittington, of Rotherham, by the latter’s wife Mary Smith.[5] In the marriage register, her name is written “Whitington” in the body of the entry, but her signature reads “Wittinton.”
    After baptizing three children between 1778 and 1784 in Greasbrough parish church, Henry and Martha Buxton baptized their remaining five children between 1787 and 1797 in the Independent (i.e. Congregational) Chapel, College Road, Masbrough, all five records giving the parents’ residence as Greasbrough. Unfortunately, these records do not state the father’s occupation. Known issue:[6]

  1. Sarah Buxton, baptized 20 September 1778 in the parish church of Greasbrough. A Sarah Buxton married 18 July 1803 in the parish church of Rotherham, Joseph Hodgkinson.
  2. John Buxton, baptized 28 July 1782 in the parish church of Greasbrough. A John Buxton married 5 April 1812 in the parish church of Rotherham, Ann Dodworth; however, an entry in OneWorldTree makes the husband of Ann Dodworth a son of John Buxton and Elizabeth Carnall, of Sheffield.
  3. Hannah Buxton, baptized 12 September 1784 in the parish church of Greasbrough.
  4. Henry Buxton, Jr., baptized 13 February 1787 in the Independent Chapel, Masbrough. A Henry Buxton married 14 November 1808 in the parish church of Rotherham, Frances Marsh. We have not found a possible match in the 1841 census.
  5. Martha Buxton, baptized 2 November 1790 in the Independent Chapel, Masbrough, possibly the Martha Buxton, of no stated age, who was buried 20 April 1792 in St. Mary’s (Anglican) churchyard, Greasbrough.
  6. Nancy Buxton, baptized 15 January 1793 in the Independent Chapel, Masbrough, still alive in 1851. She married 27 September 1813, following publication of banns, in the parish church of St. George, Doncaster, in the West Riding of Yorkshire,[7] George Blyth(e), of Doncaster and Sheffield, in the West Riding of Yorkshire, born in 1786-87 (aged 64 in 1851) at Grimesthorpe, a village in the township of Brightside Bierlow, in the parish of Sheffield (per 1851 census), and still alive in 1851.[8] Apart from the agreement of her baptism date with her age as given in the 1851 census, the identity of the daughter of Henry and Martha Buxton with the wife of George Blythe is indicated by the fact that she named children Henry and Martha. For further details see our BLYTHE page.
  7. Rhoda Buxton, born 21 December 1794 (date from baptismal record), baptized 20 January 1795 in the Independent Chapel, Masbrough (as a daughter of H. and M. Buxton).
  8. William Buxton, born 13 February 1797 (date from baptismal record), baptized 21 March following in the Independent Chapel, Masbrough.


1Hill–Froggatt–Whittington … Family Tree, available online at http://wc.rootsweb.com/cgi-bin/igm.cgi?db=sah1717.
2These and the following records of burials there are from the transcription published by the Rotherham Family History Society; we have not seen the original stones (or burial register).
3Stuart Hill, personal communication, 11 August 2006.
4Rotherham marriage register, 1540-1798, in Yorkshire Marriage Registers, West Riding, vol. 1 (London: Phillimore, 1914), p. 227.
5We are grateful to Stuart Hill, author of Hill-Froggatt-Whittington … Family Tree, available online at http://wc.rootsweb.com/cgi-bin/igm.cgi?db=sah1717, for bringing his work to our attention.
6Parish registers of Greasborough as indexed in the IGI; original registers of the Independent Chapel, Masbrough, PRO R.G. 4/3237.
7Parish Church of St. George, Doncaster, marriage registers, originals in the Doncaster Archives Department, searched for the compiler by Mrs. Linda Peabody. We were not then aware that the record had been published in Doncaster marriage register, 1785-1837, Yorkshire West Riding Parish Registers, vol. 4 (London: Phillimore, 1915), p. 271.
81851 Census of England, Yorkshire, registration district: Hunslet, subdistrict: Kirkstall, enumeration district 2i, p. 35; HO107/2315, folio 470 [Family History Library microfilms nos. 87534-87535]. The entries read as follows (the right-hand side of the page being torn away):
Blythe, George   head mar. 64  bricklayer  Yorkshire — Grimesth[orp]
  "   , Nancy    wife mar. 58              Yorkshire — Greasb[rough]
  "   , Martha   dau. unm. 22  dressmaker  Yorkshire — Sheffi[eld]

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