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We are deeply grateful to Henry Hoff, editor of the New England Genealogical and Historical Register, for bringing to our attention the “Leuwaert” entries in the second volume of Flatbush records by David William Voorhees. Considering the great superiority of this edition over earlier ones, and the fact that it gives the name of the New Netherland founder of the family as Hendrick Willem Leuwaert in two separate places, this casts serious doubt on the older reading of Ruwaert used in earlier versions of these notes. However, the surname of Hendrick’s daughter definitely appears as Ruwaert in a number of records, and assuming that the original form was indeed Leuwaert (i.e. Leeuwaert), it was replaced by the much commoner one of Ruwaert.

Neither Leeuwaert nor Ruwaert is not found in early Long Island records, and Hendrick Willem Leuwaert, called “from Liverpool, England” in his marriage record of 1687, was probably a fairly recent immigrant from abroad. An early map of the Nine Partners Patent, in Dutchess Co., New York, an area with which later generations of various female-line descendants of the allied Vonck family are associated, seems to show the name of a “Willm Ruard.”[1] A “William Ruord” married 28 June 1799 in the Poughkeepsie Dutch Church, Dutchess Co., Ruth Crandle, but no further record of this couple has been found.

Apart from the material from the recently-published Midwood Deacon’s Accounts, with their new reading of Leuwaert (i.e. Leeuwaert) for this family’s surname, almost everything that is known about the family below was summarized long ago in two brief notes in the New York Genealogical and Biographical Record: “Filkin-Hegeman-Basley [recte Bailey]” by “R.W.,” vol. 26 (1895), p. 93, and “Filkin Note” by Alfred Leroy Becker, vol. 34 (1903), p. 216.[2]

1.   Hendrick Willemsen Leeuwaert or Ruwaert, of Flatbush, Kings Co., Long Island, born say 1655-60, perhaps at Liverpool, Lancashire, England (although he was presumably of Dutch origin), died in New Netherland in 1687, between 6 Jan. (see below) and 1 May (by which time he had been buried). He married (as her first husband) 22 March 1686 in the Flatbush Dutch Church, Catharina Vonck, born 9 March 1669/70 at Southampton, Suffolk Co., L.I.,[3] died apparently in 1757-58 (as she is said to have “died in the 88[th] year of her age” in an undated memorandum made by her son Francis Filkin,[4] daughter of Cornelis Vonck, of Flatbush, previously of Southampton, by his wife Magdalena Hendrickse,[5] who married secondly Col. Henry Filkin (1651-1713), of Flatbush, and had further issue.[6]
     Two different transcriptions of the Flatbush marriage register give somewhat divergent readings of the entry relating to this couple. One of these reads, “Hend’k Ruwaert [sic], of Eng[land], to Catharina Vonk, of S. Huntingdon, L.I.”[7] The other reads, “Hendrick Ruttgert [sic], young man from Liverpoel in England, and Catharina Vonck, young dame from Lan[g] Eijlandt in Suijt Hamton [sic].”[8] Catharina’s surname, Vonck, is attested by numerous other records, and as Becker observes, her birthplace should be read as “Southampton, Long Island.” As for the different versions of Hendrick’s surname, “Ruwaert” corresponds more closely to the spellings given in records relating to his daughter. It will be noticed that Catharina was scarcely 16 years of age at the time of this first marriage.
     Entries in the recently-published Midwood Deacon’s Accounts add considerably to what was known of Henrick, supplying much more precise limits for the date of his death. Under date of 6 January 1686/7 they record an “advance to Hendrick Willemsen Leuwaert [of] 20 guilders,” and under date of 1 May 1687, a payment of 8 guilders —received from Catryna Vonck, widow of Hendrick Willemsen Leuwaert, for [use of] the [burial] shroud.”[9]
     Hendrick Leeuwaert or Ruwaert is not known to have had any issue other that his daughter Antjen, who is named in the Filkin family bible, and almost certainly there were no others who could have reached maturity.
     Only known child:

  1. Antjen Leeuwaert or Ruwaert, born 1 January 1686/7 at Flatbush,[10] living 13 February 1743, when she and her husband served in the Poughkeepsie Dutch Church as baptismal sponsors for a child of their son Hendrick. She married 29 October 1709 in the Flatbush Dutch Church,[11] Frans Hegeman, of Flatbush and Poughkeepsie, born at Oostwoudt (i.e. New Lots, between Flatbush and Brooklyn), say 1688, living 13 February 1743, son of Hendrick Hegeman, of New Lots, by his wife Adriaentje Bloetgoet, daughter of Frans Jansen Bloetgoet, of Flushing. She is mentioned in the 1713 will of her step-father, Col. Henry Filkin, as “Anke, my wife’s daughter.”[12] Further confirmation of her identity comes from the Filkin family bible record, which records her as “Annatie Ruard, geboren Jan[d]ai, 1, 1686/7, F. Hegeman’s vrouw,” i.e. Annatie Ruard, born 1 January 1686/7, wife of F. Hegeman.[13] Her name appears as “Antie Ruard” in her marriage record, as “Antje Ruord” when she serves with her husband as a baptismal sponsor in the Poughkeepsie Dutch Church on 27 June 1738, and as “Antjen Ruwaard” at another baptism there on 9 May 1740. The form “Rugaard” which has been cited is based on a misreading of the last record.[14]> For their issue see our account of her husband.


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3The date is given by her son, Francis Filkin, in a family record entered into his account-book, published (with an anonymous title-page) as Account Book of a Country Store Keeper in the 18th Century at Poughkeepsie (Poughkeepsie, 1911), at p. 100. Previously the genealogical extracts from this ledger had been quoted in Alfred L. Becker, “Records of Dutchess County, N.Y. Families,” New York Genealogical and Biographical Record, 34 (1903): 108-12. The relevant entry reads: “moeder is Gheboren Mert, den 9 dagh A.D. 1670,” i.e. “Mother was born the 9th day of March, 1670.” Bergen, loc. cit., gave her name only as “Catryna ____,” but since (as astutely noted by Becker in New York Genealogical and Biographical Record 34:216) this is the very same day as the birth of Catharina Vonck, daughter of Cornelis Vonck, in the town records of Southampton (which must be the birthplace intended in her marriage record), her parentage is thereby established.
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