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A substantial account of the Western Canadian Lubiniecki family, from which we draw heavily and which we recommend for an account of the recent generations of the family, has been given in Harvest of Memories: Sturgis and District …, 1900-2000, by the Sturgis and District History Book Committee (Sturgis, Saskatchewan: the Committee, 2000), 518-21.
    We should like to thank the following persons for providing some of the material appearing here:

  • Del Lubiniecki
  • Kevin Lubiniecki
  • Tracy (Lubiniecki) Balagus
  • Lorraine (Gregrash) Barlow
  • The brothers Chris and Mike Bostwick (Baszczak and Panagabko descendants), who kindly provided a copy of the baptismal record of Kateryna Demchuk

A related page on this site is our Ancestor table of the children of Leo James Lubiniecki and Alma Cecilia Reagan.


The original spelling of this name was Lubieniecki, which although rather uncommon is well evidenced in Polish records. The place from which our family came, Jazłowiec (now Pomortsy, 48.9670N, 25.4330E), originally in Poland, was part of Podolia, Galicia, Austria throughout the nineteenth century and up to World War I, after which it was ceded to Ukraine.

The name Lubieniecki is attested at Jazłowiec so early as the 1720s, when a Joannes Lubieniecki is mentioned in property transactions.[1] However, the known pedigree of the present family begins much later with Anton(ius) Lubieniecki, born in the middle of the nineteenth century.

The present compiler, who is descended patrilineally from this Lubiniecki family, had an intensive genetic test performed by FamilyTreeDNA (FTDNA) which determined that this lineage belongs to the I-A16863 haplogroup. The results have been deposited in the publicly accessible database MitoYDNA, at https://www.mitoydna.org/Kits/YKit?id=1403.

This haplogroup, according to the FTDNA website, “is found distributed in the Balkans and Eastern Europe, and extends further east with Slavic-speaking populations.” Shortly after the completion of the test we received and accepted an invitation to join the organization’s Polish Project, where the results may be seen.

Lubiniecki yDNA map

In the map above, the white marker has been placed at modern-day Pomortsy, the place of origin of Antonius Lubiniecki. The colored markers represent the ancestral origins reported by the most closely-related test-subjects, four men born in the twentieth century. (Click for larger image)

Lubiniecki family in 1898 passenger list
The family of Antonius Lubiniecki in the 1898 passenger list of the Pisa (click for larger image)

Lubinieckis in the 1906 census
The families of the brothers Julian and Marian Lubiniecki in the 1906 census of the Keld District, near Dauphin, Manitoba

1. Joannes Lubieniecki, possibly of Jazłowiec, was born by 1821 (assuming he was aged at least 21 years at marriage), and was still alive about 1842 (birth of child). He does not appear in the Franciscan Survey of 1821-23, but was possibly too young at the time. He married by 1842 (birth of child), Anna Kruszelnicka, born say 1815-20, still alive about 1842 (birth of child). Their names are known from the baptismal records of their son Antonius. Their only known child was:

2. Antonius Lubieniecki (in Canadian records Lubiniecki and variants), of Jazłowiec, later of Dauphin, Manitoba, born probably in 1842,[2] at Jazłowiec, died (testate) 13 August 1917 at Dauphin, Manitoba, aged 75 years.[3] He is called Antoni in his death record, but Antonius in the 1904 marriage record of his son Julian. Antonius Lubieniecki was described as a town-dweller (oppidanus in the Latin record) of Jazłowiec when he served as a baptismal sponsor to two of the children of Ignac Witwicki and Magdalena Wecław, whose daughter Maria would later become the wife of Antonius’s son Marian (see below for details of these baptisms and this mariage). His death certificate states that he was of no occupation, had been living at Dauphin for 9 years and in the province (of Manitoba) for 20 years, and that his father was also born at Jazłowiec; the informant was his son, “J[ulian] Lubiniecki.” He married by 1875 (birth of child), Maria Nasadiuk, born 1853-54 (aged 44 in 1898) at Jazłowiec, died 21 April 1926 (per her tombstone). She did not appear as a baptismal sponsor with her husband on the two occasions noted, nor has she been found as a sponsor in other records of the same period. According to Lorraine (Gregrash) Barlow,

Anton was born in Jazłowiec, which was under Austria-Hungary at the time. He did the required military service (age 18-28) and then married Mary Nyczek who was the only child from a well-to-do family. Mary lost some children in childbirth and infancy (Julian’s twin for instance) but four survived to adulthood: Marian, Mary, Julian, and Leona. They lived in town where Anton had a business — something to do with wheels for carts, carriages and the like. Due to economic misfortunes and the promise of a good life in Canada, they decided to make the move. Marian would not have been allowed to leave, however, as he was approaching the age of conscription, so masqueraded as a nobleman and left the country. He went to Hamburg and waited there to reconnect with his family (i.e. Julian and their parents — not sure about the girls). They sailed to Halifax harbour and were in quarantine for three months before making their way out to the Dauphin area.

And indeed, while the record does not state the date of embarkation, “Antonie Lubinikie,” aged 54, together with his wife and four children, sailed from Hamburg on the Pisa, arriving at Halifax, Nova Scotia, on 23 May 1898.[4]
    We have not found Antonius or his wife in the 1901 or the 1911 census. We have so far located the two sons, but not Anton himself, in the 1906 census of Manitoba. However, on 10 August 1917 he made a brief and simple will, reading as follows:[5]

This is the last will and testament of me Antoni Lubinicki [sic] of the town of Dauphin in the Province of Manitoba, I hereby revoking all former wills.
    I devise and bequeath and appoint all the real and personal estate which I am seized or possessed of or entitled to … to my wife Mary Lubinicki and appoint her the sole executrix of this my will.
    In witness wherof I have set my hand this tenth (10th) day of August A.D. 1917 … in the presence of us … as witnesses:
    Wasyl Katyrynuk
    C. Haldwell [an annotation gives his name as Charles Haldwell]
He made a mark in lieu of a signature. The estate, proved on 26 November 1918 by the widow, “Mary Lubinicki,” was described as consisting of a property on Lot 11, Block 50, Plan 226, Dauphin, assessed at $300.
    Known issue, all baptisms in the Greek Catholic church, Jazłowiec:

  1. Joannes Lubieniecki, born 1874-75 (calculated), died 29 January 1880 in house no. 419, Jazłowiec, aged 5 years, and buried two days later from the Greek Catholic church as a child of Antonius Lubieniecki.[6]
  2. 3Marian Lubiniecki, born 21 September 1878 at an unstated address in Jazłowiec, baptized (as Marianus) the same day.[7]
  3. 4Julian Anthony Lubieniecki, born 5 September 1881 in house no. 428, Jazłowiec, and baptized (as Julianus) the same day.[8]
  4. Maria Lubiniecki, born 1884-85 (aged 13 in 1898), presumably at Jazłowiec (but the town’s Greek Catholic baptismal records for 1884 are lost), alive on 16 September 1962, when she named as a surviving sister, “Mrs. Marianna Gresgow, Windsor, Ont.,” in the death notice of her brother Julian. As Mary Lubiniecka she married 21 May 1905 at Winnipeg,[9] Peter Greskiw. We have not found this couple in the 1906 or 1911 census.
  5. Josephus Lubieniecki, born 25 October 1887 in house no. 428, and baptized the same day,[10] died 20 June 1889 in house no. 428, aged 1½ years, and buried two days later from the Greek Catholic church.[11]
  6. Helena Lubiniecki, born 23 August 1891 in house no. 428, and baptized the same day,[12] died 28 September 1892 in house no. 428, Jazłowiec, of enteritus, aged 1 year, and buried two days later from the Greek Catholic church.[13]
  7. Leonie Lubieniecki, born 10 September 1893 in house no. 428, Jazłowiec, and baptized (as Eleanora) the same day;[14] still alive in 1898 (when she is recorded as the four-year-old daughter “Lewana” in the passenger list), but probably died young as she is not named as a survivor in the death notice of her brother Julian.

3. Marian Lubiniecki, son of Anton(ius) Lubiniecki and Maria (or Mariana) Nasadnik or Nyczek, was born 21 September 1878 at an unstated address in Jazłowiec (aforesaid), was baptized (as Marianus) there the same day in the Greek Catholic church, and was living 1919 (the earliest possible date of birth of his son Frank) but died before 26 November 1931 (when his wife is called a widow in her death certificate).[15] The statement of his granddaughter Lorraine (Gregrash) Barlow that “Marian … was approaching the age of conscription” when the family left Austria accords well with the arrival date in Canada of about 1895-97 attested for his brother Julian (see below). He married 25 January 1902 at Mountain, Manitoba,[16] Maria Ludwina Witwicki,[17] born 4 February 1880 in house no. 359, Jazłowiec, baptized the next day as a Maria (no middle name stated), daughter of Ignatius Witwicki (son of Joannes Witwicki and Anna Czajkowska), agricola, and Magdalena Węcław (daughter of Marcellus Węcław and Anna Malewicz),[18] died 26 November 1931 at Gilbert Plains, Manitoba, aged 53 years, of carcinoma of the liver, and buried the following day in the Greek Catholic Cemetery on the northwest quarter of Section 32, Township 22, Range 20 West of the Principal Meridian,[19] daughter of Ignac (later “Angus”) Witwicki, from Jazłowiec, by his wife Magdalena Węcław (per the church register; descendants have given her surname as Wenzel).[20] According to Lorraine (Gregrash) Barlow, “The Lubinieckis and Witwickis knew each other ‘in the old country.’ Marian and Mary met again in Canada and married here.” Their marriage record (which repeatedly gives his surname as “Lobniecki”) states their place of residence as Mountain, Manitoba, and his occupation as farmer; the witnesses were Wincenti Jankiewcz and Jan Witwicki, both of Mountain. Marian is listed in the 1906 census of the Keld District, near Dauphin, Manitoba, as “M. Lubinicki” of Section 24, in Township 23, range 21 West of the Principal Meridian, with no livestock holdings, and the dates of his and his wife’s immigration to Canada being given as 1898 and 1899 (?), respectively.[21] As “Maryan Lubinicky” he was later patented the southwest corner of this section,[22] which is the address given for his wife in her death certificate. It will be noted that this land was on the same section as that of his brother Julian; the listings of their two families are separated by only one household in the 1906 census. We have not found him in Ancestry.com’s transcription of the 1911 census. Issue:[23]

  1. Josephine (Sister Adeline) Lubiniecki, R.N., O.S.B., born 18 October 1902 in Gilbert Plains Municipality, near Dauphin, died 12 October 1998 at St. Benedict’s Monastery, Middlechurch, Manitoba, and buried in the cemetery there. According to her niece Lorraine (Gregrash) Barlow, she was known as “Jessie” as a child. Her name is quite illegible in the 1906 census, but the daughter aged 4 years could only be her. Her death notice reads, in part:
    Early in her life Sister Adeline was moved by love for God and the Eucharist and wanted to become a Sister. After graduation from Dauphin Collegiate, she entered the Benedictine Monastery in Arborg, Manitoba, on December 8, 1926, and made her monastic profession in 1928. Sister Adeline received her R.N. from St. Joseph’s General Hospital, Winnipeg, and nursed with great gentleness and care in hospitals in Oakes, North Dakota, Russell, Birtle, Winnipegosis, Gimli, at the Arborg Manor, and the Monastery Health Care Centre. She retired from active ministry in 1975.
         Sister Adeline was a woman of few words…. Sister loved to write poetry and would occasionally gift another sister with a poem written just for her. Prior to her Golden Jubilee she expressed deep gratitude for the encouragement she received from the other sisters….
         Sister Adeline was predeceased by her parents and all her siblings, Emil, Louis, Anne Rowell, Lill Gregorash, and Frank. She is survived by her niece Vicky … in Winnipeg; nephews, Tony [Lubiniecki] in Dauphin and Lorne in California [this must be a mistake for her nephew-by-marriage, Lorne Blair]; and sister-in-law Ann [widow of Louis Lubiniecki] in Winnipeg.[24]
  2. 5Emil (“Mel”) Lubiniecki, born 1904 in Manitoba.
  3. Ludwig W. Lubiniecki (known as Louis in adulthood), born 10 August 1905 in the Rural Municipality of Gilbert Plains, Manitoba,[25] died (without issue) 18 March 1982 at Oakview Nursing Home, Winnipeg.[26] His middle initial is known only from his mother’s death certificate. He married (as her second husband) Ann Negrych, born 28 September 1918 in the Venlaw District in the Rural Municipality of Gilbert Plains, Manitoba, died 20 July 2000 at the Dauphin Regional Health Centre, Dauphin, Manitoba, and buried in Chapel Lawn Memorial Gardens, daughter of Sam Negrych, by his wife Pauline Hrechka.[27] She was the widow of Michael Bomak, by whom she had two sons, William and Robert Bomak, and two daughters, Rosemarie Bomak (Mrs. Frank Tabak), of Gilbert Plains, and Pat Bomak (Mrs. Grant Reynolds), of Wawanesa, Manitoba, later of Winnipeg. Louis Lubiniecki moved to Winnipeg, where, according to his death notice, he “was employed with the City of Winnipeg Engineering Department until his retirement in 1971.” The 1972 death notice of his brother Frank speaks of him as of St. James (now a suburb of Winnipeg). He and his wife were members of St. Basil’s Church, 202 Harcourt Street. They had no children together.
  4. Anna Frances Lubiniecki, born 4 December 1907 at Dauphin,[28] died before 27 October 1990 (she predeceased her sister Lillian). She married 21 November 1927 at Dauphin,[29] John Rowell, a widower with a daughter Lillian from a previous marriage. She was of Winnipeg in 1972 (according to the death notice of her borther Frank) but of Lancaster, California in 1982 (according to the death notice of her brother Louis). Issue:
    1. Josephine (“Josie” or “Jo”) Rowell, of California, alive in 2009. She married Lorne Blair.
    2. Leonard Rowell, of Winnipeg, born 7 January 1935, died (without issue) 31 October 2009. He married June Tokar, who survived her husband. Leonard Rowell (1935-2009) His death notice reads, in part: “We announce the peaceful passing of a beloved hus­band, brother and friend. Mourning his loss is his wife June, sisters Josephine (Lorne) Blair and family, Victoria (Bert) Blair and family, sister-in-law Florence Jordan and family, Aunt Olga Lapuk and family…. Len was employed by the City of Winnipeg for 37 years and during this time achieved a C.M.A. degree. He retired in 1989. He enjoyed many sports throughout his life, golfing at Elmhurst (Tom) and 10-pin bowling at Chateau. A quiet, gentle man with a keen sense of humour and a fine singing voice. Easy going, strong, tall, dark and handsome…. Cremation has taken place and there will be no formal service, a private interment will be held at a later date.”[30]
    3. Victoria (“Vicky”) Rowell, of Winnipeg in 1998; alive in 2009. She married (1) (but subsequently divorced) Brian Fijal. She married (2) Bert Blair.
  5. Lillian Leona Lubiniecki, born 22 March 1910 in the R.M. of Gilbert Plains, Manitoba,[31] died 25 October 1990, aged 80 years, and buried in Chapel Lawn Memorial Gardens, Winnipeg.[32] She married John Edward Gregrash, of Winnipeg, died 28 January 1977. Her husband’s family name was originally Gregorash. Her daughter, Lorraine (Gregrash) Barlow, writes: “My mother was fond of her Uncle Julian. They both had red hair, shared a love of books, and she considered him her mentor — he encouraged her to pursue a career in teaching.” Her death notice mentions, but does not name, nine grandchildren and six great-grandchildren. Known issue (order per death notice):
    1. Kenneth Gregrash; married Helen Phyllis Horodycki. They are living at Winnipeg (2004).
    2. Shirley Gregrash; married Henry Wiebe. They are of Winnipeg (2004).
    3. Lorraine Gregrash; married James Barlow. They are of Victoria, B.C. (2004).
  6. Frank Lubiniecki, born 1919-20, died “suddenly” and without issue 17 September 1972, aged 52 years, and buried in Transcona Cemetery, Transcona (now a suburb of Winnipeg).[33] He married (1) ________. He married (2) (as her second husband) after 1964, Helen Mary (Juras) Miller, born at Winnipeg, died 25 April 1979 at the Health Sciences Centre, Winnipeg, and buried in Corpus Christi Polish Roman Catholic Cemetery, Narol, St Clements RM, Manitoba,[34] widow of Stanley Miller (who died 1965).[35] His niece, Lorraine (Gregrash) Barlow, writes: “Frank had two brief marriages many years apart, with no children.” At the time of his death he was living at 342 Whittier Ave., Transcona. Named in his death notice is a “daughter” (actually step-daughter) Margaret, wife of Morris Lucko, of Winnipeg.

4. Julian Anthony Lubiniecki, son of Anton(ius) Lubiniecki and Maria (or Mariana) Nasadnik or Nyczek, was born 5 September 1881 in house no. 428, Jazłowiec (aforesaid), and baptized there (as Julianus) the same day in the Greek Catholic church,[36] and died 16 September 1962 at Regina, Saskatchewan, aged over 82 years (see death notice, quoted below). He came to Manitoba (apparently with his family) possibly so early as 1897 (as claimed in the entry for him in the 1906 census), and certainly by 1901, when as “Julian Lubinickie” he is enumerated in the census of the town of Morton, near Brandon, as a domestic servant in the household of a George Armstrong; this source states his birthdate as 7 July 1881 but his “age at last birthday” as 20, which is contradictory, and gives his year of immigration (wrongly) as 1895 and his annual income as $300.[37] He was naturalized in 1905. He married 15 May 1904 at Winnipeg,[38] a few weeks before her fifteenth birthday, Kateryna Demchuk, born and baptized 3 June 1889 at Cyhany, in the Borshchiv district, Galicia province, Austria (formerly part of the Ukraine),[39] died 24 May 1945 at Sturgis, aged over 55 years (see death notice, quoted below), daughter of Wasyl (“William”) Demchuk and his wife Antonia Worowy, who afterward settled near Dauphin. The Lubiniecki family has correctly preserved her birthdate of 1889,[40] which agrees with the statement in her marriage certificate that she was 15 years of age at the time. It is however reported incorrectly in a number of sources.[41]
     Julian Lubiniecki is called a teacher in his marriage record; the witnesses were Jan Witwicky and Michal Hupak (?). After their marriage he and his wife settled in the Keld District, near Dauphin, Manitoba, and they are enumerated there in the 1906 census at section 24, in township 23, range 21 west of the Principal Meridian, with livestock consisting of 2 milk-cows, 6 other head of cattle, and no horses, sheep, or hogs, and his year of immigration to Canada given (again wrongly) as 1897.[42] On 19 March 1909 he was patented the 160 acres forming the northwest quarter of this same piece of land.[43] His family is listed at section 24, but inexplicably without him, in the 1911 census; and we have not found him listed anythere therein.[44] But by August 1920 Julian Lubiniecki and his wife were living on 9th Avenue S.W., Dauphin.[45] According to Harvest of Memories, “Julian farmed for a while and worked as a carpenter, at times for as little as one dollar a day. He spoke five languages and often acted as an interpreter and teacher for other immigrants in the area. After Julian’s marriage to Kateryna Demchuk, they moved to Sturgis around 1930, where Julian built and set up the first Red and White Store in town (where the former Sturgis Bookstore is located). Apparently he loved carpentry more than running the store.” In February of 1937 he placed a newspaper advertisement which ran in places as far away as Winnipeg, announcing the sale of a “Red and White Store building, fixtures, and stock [worth] around $6000.”[46] The account in Harvest of Memories continues, “After Kateryna died in 1945, Julian moved to Regina. He continued working as a carpenter.”
     At some point Julian Lubiniecki began to call himself James. He appears as “James Lubeninski,” of 106 9th Avenue SW, Dauphin, in the 1921 census, where the presence of the rest of the family makes the identification unmistakable. He is called a carpenter; he could read and write but his wife could not; his wife’s cousin, Demetrius Demchuk, was then living with them; and the entire family’s religion is given as Greek Catholic.[47] He appears in the 1945 electoral roll as “James Lubiniecki, merchant, Sturgis,” along with “Mrs. James Lubiniecki, Sturgis,” and in the 1945 roll as “James A. Lubiniecki, merchant, Sturgis,” along with “Mrs. James A. Lubiniecki, Sturgis.” He is also called James in his wife’s 1945 death notice. He appears in the 1957 electoral roll of Regina as “James Lubiniecki, retired, 1726 Ottawa Street.”
     As mentioned above, his grandniece, Lorraine (Gregrash) Barlow, informs us: “My mother was fond of her Uncle Julian. They both had red hair, shared a love of books, and she considered him her mentor — he encouraged her to pursue a career in teaching.”
     the death notice of Catharina (Demchuk) Lubiniecki reads:

The death of Mrs. James Lubiniecki occurred at her home in Sturgis, Sask., on Thursday, May 24 [1945]. A private funeral service was held in Sturgis, with Father Thos. S. Novak, O.M.I., officiating, after which the body was forwarded to Dauphin, where services were held in Bullmore’s funeral chapel, with Rev. Teply officiating. Interment was in Riverside cemetery. High mass was held in the Greek Catholic church in Dauphin after the funeral. Pallbearers were: Steve Demchuk, Tom Demchuk, Tony Demchuk, Alex Demchuk, Bill Danilyshan and Nick Balan.
     Fifty-seven years of age, Catherine Demchuk was born in Ukraine. Coming to Canada in 1897, she took up residence in the Sifton district. She was married in 1904 in Valley River to James A. Lubiniecki and moved to Gilbert Plains. Mr. and Mrs. Lubiniecki came to Dauphin in 1910 and moved to Sturgis in 1930.
     Surviving are her husband, her mother, Mrs. Wasyl Demchuk, of Sifton, two sons, Leo J. Lubiniecki, Sturgis, and Tony F., of Toronto, and two daughters, Mrs. Wm. Henderson, of Whitemouth, Man.; and Mrs. J. A. Hilts, of Whitewood, Sask.; and six grandchildren. There are four brothers and four sisters: Steve Demchuk, Dauphin; Alex, Tony, and Tom, all of Sifton, an; Mrs. Mike Trush, Sifton; Mrs. M. Buyar, Ethelbert; Mrs. B. Blahitka, Windsor, and Mrs. B. Danilyshan, Grandview.[48]

     the death notice of Julian Lubiniecki reads:

Julian Anthony Lubiniecki, former resident of the Keld district, passed away in Regina, Sask., Sunday, September 16 [1962], in his 83rd year. Funeral services were held from the Ukrainian Catholic church and at the Sneath-Strilchuk funeral chapel, Dauphin, with Rev. Dean G. Oucharyk officiating. Internment [sic] took place in Riverside cemetery.
     Born in the Ukraine, Julian Lubiniecki came to Winnipeg in 1903 and two years later moved to Keld, and in 1910 he came to Dauphin and was employed as a carpenter until 1930. At that time he moved to Sturgis and in 1945 went to Regina to follow his trade until he retired in 1955.
     He married Katherine Demchuk in Sifton, who predeceased him in 1944. Surviving are two sons and a daughter: Leo J., Sturgis, Sask.; Tony F., Montreal, Quebec; Mrs. Verne Hilts, Roundup, Montana, USA; a sister, Mrs. Marianna Gresgow, Windsor, Ont.; 12 grandchildren.[49]

     Issue (probably all born in Manitoba):

  1. Josef Lubiniecki, born 22 January 1905 at Gilbert Plains, Manitoba,[50] died before the taking of the 1911 census.
  2. 6Leo James Lubiniecki, born 4 July 1907 at Dauphin.[51]
  3. Helen Lubiniecki, born 18 April 1909 at Gilbert Plains,[52] died v.p. 1954. She was a school-teacher, and in the academic year 1929-30 she and her brother Leo taught at the same school in Leeland, near Poplarfield, Manitoba.[53] She married probably after 1929, William Henderson, a farmer. They were of Whitemouth, Manitoba, at her mother’s death in 1945. They had issue:
    1. Gail Henderson, a bank clerk; married Clarence Pischke, a bank manager.
    2. June Catherine Henderson, a teacher; married Brian McDougald, a mechanic. They have at least one child.
  4. Natalia Lubiniecki, born 18 July 1910 in the R.M. of Gilbert Plains, Manitoba,[54] died by 1919, when another daughter was given the same name.
  5. Tina Lubiniecki, born 1912, died 2 July 1915 at Dauphin.[55]
  6. Veronica (“Verne”) Lubiniecki, a nurse, born 25 February 1914 at Dauphin, died 25 May 2008 at Avamere-Three Fountains, Medford, Oregon, aged 94 years.[56] She took nurse’s training from 1932-35 at Saskatoon. She married in 1935, Joseph Alfred Hilts, a physician, born 23 December 1908 at Kennedy, in the R.M. of Wawken, Saskatchewan, died 1964, son of Dr. Frederick Hilts.[57] They were at Whitewood, Saskatchewan, at her mother’s death in 1945, at Deer Lodge, [Michigan?], U.S., where Verne was the hospital administrator, in 1954, and at Roundup, Montana, at her father’s death in 1962. Almost all of our information on them and their family comes from Harvest of Memories and the Hilts genealogy. Issue:
    1. Joseph Alfred Hilts, Jr., born 7 May 1941 at Walpole, Saskatchewan, living 2000. He married 21 June 1969, Margaret Hylck, a school-teacher, daughter of Ed and Rose Hylck of Freen Bay, Wisconsin. He is a U.S. Foreign Service officer who had many African postings, including Burkina Faso (1994-95) and Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania (1996-97). He now (2000) works at Washington, D.C. Issue: Aaron, Adrienne.
    2. Elizabeth Anne Hilts, born 1942, died 1988, who was an accountant librarian for Saskatchewan Wheat Pool in Regina.
    3. John Leigh Hilts, born 25 February 1945 at Whitewood, Saskatchewan, died v.m. 3 April 2006, of cancer. He married 9 September 1967, Cheryl Marie Lang, alive in 2006. In his youth a pitcher for the local Baltimore Orioles farm team, John became a lawyer, working first at Medford, Oregon, and later at Las Vegas, Nevada. His death notice reads, in part:
      He graduated from the University of Wyoming where he met his wife, Cheryl “Cherie” Lang. They were married on September 9, 1967. They then moved to Missoula, Montana, where he graduated first in his class from the University of Montana School of Law. John excelled in baseball and set several pitching records at the University of Wyoming. He then pitched professionally in the Baltimore Orioles organization in California and Florida. One of his joys was coaching and he was the pitching coach for the Medford Mustang American Legion Baseball team when they won their first state championship in 1975.
           He was a skilled and respected attorney and practiced in Oregon, Nevada, California and Montana. In addition to training with Gerry Spence in Jackson, Wyoming, he and his family spent four months in Europe and Scandinavia in 1982 while he studied International Law. Although the majority of his active law career was spent in Medford, he was practicing in Las Vegas, Nevada, for the last nine years.
           John … played Medford City League Basketball for many years…. He ran in four marathons (Sacramento, San Diego, Santa Barbara and New York) in addition to several Pear Blossom runs…. He became a pilot in the 1980s and flew small planes. He was also a gifted musician and was invited to appear on the Lawrence Welk Show when he was in eighth grade. Everyone knew him to be an entertaining storyteller and he wrote two unpublished books. In the past several years his hobby was collecting and running model trains.
           In addition to his wife, he is survived by his son, Dr. Michael John Hilts and wife, Julia, of Greensboro, North Carolina; daughter, Julie Lenore Cromwell and husband, Mark; and son, Ryan Leigh Hilts and fiancee Kelsey Chance, all of Medford; mother, Verne Hilts of Wisconsin; brother, Joseph Hilts and wife, Margaret of Green Bay, Wisconsin; brother, E.J. Hilts and wife, Pamela of Las Vegas, Nevada; and granddaughters, McKenna, Marlena and Madara Cromwell and Rachel Hilts. He was preceded in death by his father and sister Elizabeth…. Arrangements Hillcrest Memorial Park & mortuary. Medford, Oregon, 97504.[58]
      1. Dr. Michael John Hilts, of Greensboro, North Carolina, a family practitioner, who graduated in Medicine from the Unversity of Utah in 1995. He married Julia ____.
      2. Julia Lenore Hilts; married Mark Cromwell, of Medford.
      3. Ryan Leigh Hilts, of Medford; engaged at the time of his father’s death to Kelsey Chance.
  7. Natalia (“Tella”) Lubiniecki, born 29 January 1919, died v.p., v.m. 26 February 1943. She appears in the 1940 electoral roll as “Miss Tella Lubiniecki, teacher, Sturdis.” she married (as his first wife) after 1939, Anton Hagel, of Estevan, Saskatchewan, born 20 September 1912 in Saskatchewan, died 15 December 1963, and buried in Souris Valley Memorial Gardens, Estevan, son of Joseph Hagel, Sr., and his wife Margaret Scholl, immigrants from Landau, Russia.[59] Natalie (Lubiniecki) Hagel was a school-teacher. She is buried, as “Natalie Hagel,” in Estevan City Cemetery.[60] She and her husband are each buried with other members of the Hagel family, but none of these is identified as their child. After her death her husband married secondly, Helen Stromgren. Only known issue:
    1. Phyllis Hagel, attended Estevan Collegiate Institute, graduating in 1961, and became a school-teacher. She married Gary Katrusik. In 2010 they were living at Taber, Alberta.
  8. Anthony (“Tony”) Frank Lubiniecki, born 1919,[61] died 7 March 1990 at Sturgis, aged 70 years, and buried in Sturgis Community Cemetery.[62] He became a mechanical engineer, and worked for twenty-five years for Air Canada at Dorval Airport in Montréal. He retired to Sturgis, where he lived at Morken Street from 1978 until his death. We do not know the name of his wife, but he had a son:
    1. Eric Lubiniecki, of Cornwall, Ontario, a draftsman by trade, who to the best of our knowledge is unmarried.

5. Emil (“Mel”) Lubiniecki, son of Marian Lubiniecki and Maria Ludwina Witwicki, was born 1904 in Manitoba, and died in 1977. He married 13 June 1927 at Strathclair, Manitoba,[63] Anne Kultusky, born 1907, died 28 February 1979,[64] and they are buried together in Dauphin Riverside Cemetery. Most of the following information was contributed by their granddaughter, Tracy (Lubiniecki) Balagus:

  1. Michael (“Mike”) Lubiniecki, born 17 August 1929. He married 1 December 1956 at Woodville, Ontario, Myrtle Bernice Butler, born 16 February 1925 on the second concession of Eldon Tp., Victoria County, Ontario.[65] They are living (2004) at Scarborough, Ontario. Issue:
    1. Dwight Michael Lubiniecki.
    2. Michelle Lynn Lubiniecki.
  2. Stella Lubiniecki; married 30 May 1958 at Gilbert Plains Catholic Church,[66] Harvey Kotyk, son of Mark Kotyk. They are living (2004) at Dauphin. Issue:
    1. Larry Kotyk.
    2. Lorraine Kotyk.
    3. Wayne Kotyk.
    4. Michael Kotyk.
  3. Tony Lubiniecki, born 1 July 1934. He married 23 September 1957, Katherine (“Kay”) Lipitsky, apparently a daughter of Mary (Lapitsky) Cassick, widow of Sam Cassick, by her second husband, Nick Lapitsky.[67] They are living (2004) at Dauphin. He is a retired CN/VIA Railway worker, and still farms the family homestead at Keld. Issue:
    1. Brent Lubiniecki, born 14 January 1960; married Arlene Groshak. They are living (2004) at Dauphin, where Brent is the Regional Director for the Paramedic services. Only child:
      1. Toni Lubiniecki (female), born about 1995.
    2. Deborah Lubiniecki, born 29 December 1964; married ____ Robertson. She is living (2004) at Dauphin. Only child:
      1. Billie-Kay Robertson, born around 2002.
    3. Tracy Lubiniecki, born 17 June 1966; married 1 October 1988, David Balagus. They are living (2004) at Winnipeg. Issue:
      1. Laura Balagus, born 1 December 1989.
      2. Hilary Balagus, born 6 July 1991.
    4. Grant Lubiniecki, born 7 August 1967. He is living (2004) at Dauphin.

Leo James Lubiniecki and Alma Cecelia Reagan and family

6. Leo James Lubiniecki, son of Julian Lubiniecki and Kateryna Demchuk, was born 4 July 1907 at Dauphin, Manitoba,[68] and died 20 April 1976 in the Preeceville Hospital, Preeceville, Saskatchewan. He appears with his mother as a child in the 1911 census, his father apparently beng absent from the household at the time. In the academic year 1929-30 he and his sister Helen taught school at Leeland, near Poplarfield, Manitoba.[69] He married 17 October 1936 in St. Patrick’s Roman Catholic Church, Sturgis, Alma Cecilia Reagan, born 14 July 1915, died 21 September 1980 at Yorkton Union Hospital, daughter of Christopher Lawrence Reagan, of Sturgis, by his wife Helen Healey. They lived at Front Street, Sturgis, and appear in the 1940 electoral roll as “Leo Lubiniecki, agent, Sturgis,” and “Mrs. Leo Lubiniecki, Sturgis.” In the 1949 roll they are “L. J. Lubiniecki, principal, Sturgis,” and “Mrs. L. J. Lubiniecki, Sturgis.” Similar listings for them appear in 1962 and 1968. Leo Lubiniecki began teaching at Sturgis High School in 1945, then from 1948 to 1972 was its Principal, making him the longest-serving Principal in the school’s history (as of the year 2000); he appears in a staff group photograph taken in 1971-72.[70] He supervised the construction of the huge letters in cement which spell out the name “Sturgis” on a hill on the north side of the town, a drawing of which appears on the title-page of Harvest of Memories. He was also an accomplished amateur photographer, and some of his work may be seen in the Sturgis Station House Museum. Leo and Alma are buried in St. Patrick’s Roman Catholic Cemetery, in the north part of the town. His wife Alma was a charter member of the Sturgis Council of the Catholic Women’s League in 1949, and appears in a group photograph of them taken at the time; she served as its President from 1959 to 1961 and from 1971 to 1973.[71] His death notice reads:

Leo James Lubiniecki, 68 of Sturgis, passed away on April 20, 1976 in the Preeceville Hospital. Funeral held at ST. Patrick’s Roman Catholic Church in Sturgis. He was born at Gilbert Plains, MN and attended school at Dauphin. He worked for a year in a law office in Dauphin before attending normal school at Brandon. He taught in schools in Manitoba and later near Canora and Sturgis. In 1936 he married Alma Reagan at Sturgis. In 1941 he became a teacher at Sturgis Public School and became Principal of Sturgis Elementary School shortly afterwards. He retired in 1972. Predeceased by three sisters, Tena in 1915, Natala in 1942 and Helen in 1954, he is survived by his wife; four sons, Del of Lethbridge, Darryl of Saskatoon, Kevin of Swift Current and Bernie of Sturgis; a daughter, Susan of Saskatoon; a brother Tony of Montreal; a sister Verne Hilts of Whitewood, SK and four grandchildren.[72]

That of his wife reads:

Alma Lubiniecki, 65 of Sturgis, passed away on September 24,1980 at the Yorkton Union Hospital. Funeral services were held at St. Patrick[’s] Roman Catholic Church in Sturgis. She was born to Christopher and Helen Reagan on July 14, 1914, at Sturgis. She received her education at Mannanah School. She married Leo Lubiniecki on October 17, 1936 and they lived at Sturgis. She was a member of the CWL. Predeceased by her husband in 1976; her mother in 1951; her father in 1961; a sister Van Reed in 1968; two brothers, Gerald in 1970 and Bernard in 1977; she is survived by four sons, Del of Lethbridge, Daryl of Saskatoon, Kevin of Kenaston and Bernie of Yorkton; a daughter, Susan Goertz of Saskatoon; two brothers, James Reagan of Flin Flon and John Reagan of Calgary; four sisters, Eileen Lennox of Powell River, Lorraine Olson and Jean Sando of Calgary and Patricia Schiefle of Flin Flon, and eight grandchildren.[73]

     All of the Lubinieckis listed in the 1997 and 1999 telephone directories for Saskatchewan are direct descendants of Leo Lubiniecki and Alma Reagan. For a fuller account of them, see the account in Harvest of Memories. Issue:

  1. Delmar (“Del”) Leon Lubiniecki, born 15 April 1938 at Canora, Saskatchewan. He married 28 May 1966 in St. John’s, Newfoundland, Jo-Ann Lillian Dodd, born 26 July 1944 at St. John’s, daughter of James Dodd and Joan Emily Kielley. Since about 1987 they have lived just outside of Crystal Lake, near Sturgis, Saskatchewan. Their address (Aug. 1997) is Box 1598, Canora, SK S0A 0L0. They have two children.
  2. Daryl Lubiniecki, born 21 June 1941 at Sturgis. He married 1 October 1966 at Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Lolamae Servis, born 1940-41, daughter of Roy Servis, of the Concord District and later of Renown, Saskatchewan.[74] Daryl Lubiniecki was a professional hockey-player, and later became a coach and manager, serving as a coach for the Saskatoon Olympics from 1972 to 1976, as General Manager of the Saskatoon Blades until 1997, and since then, as General Manager for the Prince George Cougars. His wife worked for seven years, between her high-school graduation and their marriage, at CKOM Radio Station, Sasakatoon. They have two children.
  3. Kevin James Lubiniecki, born 18 November 1947 at Preeceville, Saskatchewan. He married 19 May 1973 at Regina, Saskatchewan, Aileen Michelle Donauer, born 15 September 1953 at Meyronne, Saskatchewan, daughter of Michael N. Donauer and Helen Fournier.[75] Kevin was for some time a school teacher. He served as Principal of Wolseley High School from 1983 to 1987, when he moved to Yorkton.[76] He became Principal of Sacred Heart School in Yorkton in 1991, and Vice-Principal in 1995. Their address (2002) is 384 Darlington Street East, Yorkton, SK S3N 3Y9. They spend summers at their cottage at Crystal Lake, near Sturgis. They have five children.
  4. Bernie Joseph Lubiniecki, born 16 May 1950 at Preeceville, Saskatchewan, died 17 October 2009, and buried in Sturgis Community Cemetery. He married 28 June 1975 at Sturgis, Brenda Martha Palaniuk, born 4 February 1952 at Preeceville. Bernie Lubiniecki is the Fire Chief of Sturgis. From 1978 through 1990 he was living at Front Street in Sturgis. About 1991 he and his family moved to their present (2002) address, 308 Laing Street, Sturgis, SK S0A 4A0. His wife is a nurse at Preeceville Hospital. They have four children.
  5. Susan Marie Lubiniecki, born 4 November 1953 at Preeceville. She married 29 October 1976 at Saskatoon, Leslie Goertz. They were living at Saskatoon in 2000. They have no children.

One of Leo Lubiniecki’s grandchildren has become quite well-known, although in deference to their privacy we shall not name his parents here:

Charles Lubiniecki
Charles David Lubiniecki (since 2005 known professionally as Charlie David), born 9 August 1980 at Regina, Saskatchewan, and raised at Yorkton. He is a well-known actor, and his career is documented at the following sites:


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       Relationship to Head   Marital Status
                         |     |
Name              Gender |     |   Birthdate     Age  Occ.
Witwiski, Angus      M   Head  M   1848, October 6   52  farmer
   "      Magdalina  F   Wife  M   1860           40 
   "      Mary       F   Dau.  S   1880, February 15  21 
   "      John       M   Son   S   1881, October     19 
   "      Marion     M   Son   S   1883, October     17 
   "      Nichola    M   Son   S   1891, October      9 
   "      Victor     M   Son   S   1893, November      7
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An Angus Witwicki died 9 March 1933 at Dauphin, aged 73 years (Manitoba death registrations, no. 1933-012232, per the online index; we have not checked the original record). Could this be the same man, despite the apparent discrepancy in their ages?
    The entries found for this family in the Jazłowiec Catholic church registers (we have used contemporary copies, digitized at http://gawron.yum.pl/) are informative, and are in fact identical in every detail except for the names of the children:
  • Josephus, born 25 March 1888, baptized next day; parentes: Ignatius Witwicki, oppidanus, fil[ius] Joannis [Witwicki] et Annæ Crajkowska, [et] Magdalena Wecław, fil[ia] Marcelli [Wecław] et Annæ Malewicz; patrini [sponsors]: Antonius Lubieniecki [et] Antonina Lewicka, Onophrii uxor, oppidani.
  • Nicolaus, born 10 September 1890, baptized next day; parentes: Ignatius Witwicki, oppidanus, fil[ius] Joannis [Witwicki] et Annæ Crajkowska, [et] Magdalena Wecław, fil[ia] Marcelli [Wecław] et Annæ Malewicz; patrini: Antonius Lubieniecki [et] Antonina Lewicka, Onophrii uxor, oppidani.
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address: T23 R21 W1
surname: Lubinicki
          | relationship to head
          | |  marital status
          | |  |  born        where  immig. ethn.  cit. relig.   occ.
Catherina f h. married October 1889  Galicia 1899 Galician Can. G. Cath. none
Leon [?]  m s. s. July 1906+ Man.    ---- "        ---- ----     ----
Helena    f died s. Apr. 1909  "       ---- "        ---- ----     ----
Natalka   f died s. June 1911  "       ---- "        ---- ----     ----
+ (This date is erroneous)
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James* Lubeninski    head 41  m  E. Galicia  E. G.  E. G.  1891 1896
Kathleen Lubeninski  wife 31  m  E. Galicia  E. G.  E. G.  1891 nat.**
Leo Lubeninski       son  14  s  Manitoba    E. G.  E. G.  ----
Helen Lubeninski     dau. 12  s  Manitoba    E. G.  E. G.  ----
Lella Lubeninski     dau. 11  s  Manitoba    E. G.  E. G.  ----
Vernie Lubeninski    dau.  7  s  Manitoba    E. G.  E. G.  ----
Tony Lubeninski      son   2  s  Manitoba    E. G.  E. G.  ----
Demetrus Demchuk  boarder 25  s  E. Galicia  E. G.  E. G.  1911 NA***
For entire household, ethnic origin is given as Ruthenian, and 
religion as Greek Catholic. Everyone except Kathleen and Tony could read
and write.
* [really Julian]
** This should have been a year, but it simply states that she was
*** Evidently for “not applicable” or “not applied”; and his nationality is
given as Austrian whereas all the others are Canadian.
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