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The Ancestry of Oliver Mainwaring: Gerard

1 Sir Thomas Gerard = Maud ____
2 John Gerard = Alice Boteler
3 Peter Gerard = Isabel (Strangeways?)
4 Thomas Gerard = Cecily Fouleshurst
5 Peter Gerard = Margaret Stanley
6 Thomas Gerard = Margaret Trafford
7 Sir Thomas Gerard (Jr.) = Jane Legh
8 Katherine Gerard = William Torbock
9 Margaret Torbock = Oliver Mainwaring (I)
10 Oliver Mainwaring (II) = Prudence Esse
11 Oliver Mainwaring (III) = Hannah Raymond

AR8, line 217A, refers for this family to Joseph Foster, “Gerard, of Bryn,” in Pedigrees of the County Families of England, vol. 1 — Lancashire (1873), which we have not seen.

1.  Thomas Gerard, of Ashston-in Makerfield, co. Lancaster, and of Kingsley, in the parish of Frodsham, co. Chester, knighted by September 1386, Sheriff of Lancashire (1399-1401), M.P. for Lancashire (1384, 1388, 1394), J.P. for Lancashire (1404, 1413), born in 1359-62 (he came of age some time between 1380 and 1383), died 27 March 1416.[1] On his death he was seised of the manors of Anderton, and of Brindle, in Leyland Hundred, with the advowson of its church.[2] He married by August 1383, Maud ____.

2.  John Gerard, of Kingsley, in the parish of Frodsham, co. Chester, and of Byrn, co. Lancaster, born ca. 1386 (aged “over 30” at the death of his father), died 6 November 1431. He married by 1386,[3] Alice Boteler (or Botiler), died 27 February 1441/2, daughter of Sir John Boteler, of Bewsey, in the parish of Warrington, co. Lancaster, by Alice, daughter of Sir William de Plumpton, of Plumpton, in the parish of Kirkham, co. Lancaster.[4]

3.  Piers Gerard, Knt., of Kingsley, in the parish of Frodsham, co. Chester, and of Bryn, co. Lancaster, born 1407-08, knighted some time in 1440-45, M.P. for Lancashire (1445-46), died 26 March 1447.[5] By their daughter Margaret, wife of Sir John Butler of Bewsey, he and his wife were ancestors of H.M. Elizabeth, the late Queen Mother.[6] He married before 1431,[7] Isabel (Strangeways?), living 26 March 1447 (she survived her husband), generally said to have been a daughter of Thomas or James Strangeways.[8]

4.  Thomas Gerard, Knt., of Kingsley, in the parish of Frodsham, co. Chester, and of Byrn in Ashton-in-Makerfield, co. Lancaster, Sheriff of Lancashire, and of Bryn, co. Lancaster, born 15 July 1431, succeeded father to Ashton, his manor in Bryn, in 1447, died 27 March 1490. As a child he married (1) ca. 1440 (contract), Douce, daughter of Sir Thomas Assheton.[9] He married by 1460, Cecily Fouleshurst, born say 1440, died 24 May 1502, daughter of Sir Robert Fouleshurst, of Crewe, by Joan, daughter and heiress of Sir Richard Vernon, of Shipbrook in the parish of Davenham, co. Chester.

5.  Peter Gerard, of Kingsley, in the parish of Frodsham, co. Chester, and of Byrn, co. Lancaster, born ca. 1460 (aged 30 at the death of his father in 1490), died 20 June 1494, and buried in the Gerard Chantry, Winwick parish church.[10] He married (disp. 1476), Margaret (or Marjorie) Stanley, daughter of Sir William Stanley (V), of Hooton, co. Chester, by Margaret, daughter of Sir John Bromley, of Badington, co. Chester.[11]

6.  Thomas Gerard, Knt., of Byrn in Winwick and of Ashton, co. Lancaster, of Bromley, co. Stafford, and of Hooton, co. Chester, born about 1488 (aged 6 years at the death of his father in 1494), slain 7 November 1523 fighting the Scots at Berwick-upon-Tweed, dying testate (will dated 13 September 1522) and apparently v.p. The Victoria History of Lancashire describes him as a “turbulent and lawless man,” and details various quarrels and assaults in which he was involved.[12] Faris notes that he was heir to his grandfather and an uncle, and that his will refers to his wife, four [unnamed] younger sons, and four daughters.[13] His son William was the great-grandfather of Thomas Gerard (1608-1673), an immigrant to Maryland.[14] He married (as her first husband) by 1511, Margaret (or Margery) Trafford, died 10 May 1540, second daughter of Edmund Trafford, Knt., of Trafford, by Margaret, daughter of John Savage, Knt., of Clifton; on her marriage to Thomas Gerard she was widow of Nicholas Longford, of Longford, co. Derby, and she was married for the third time to John Port (or Porte), Knt., of Etwall, co. Derby, Justice of the King’s Bench.[15]

7.  Thomas Gerard (Jr.), Knt., of Kingsley, in the parish of Frodsham, co. Chester, and of Byrn in Ashton-in-Makerfield, co. Lancaster, Sheriff of Lancashire (1548, 1553), born 1511-12 (aged 12 years in 1524), knighted in 1544 during the invasion of Scotland, living 1550.[16] According to Faris, Thomas Gerard and his wife had one son and one daughter. He married before 1526, when both parties were children, but divorced November 1550 (4 Edw. VI), his second cousin (through the Savage family), Jane Legh, born not before 1514, daughter and coheiress of Peter Legh, of Lyme in Handley, co. Chester, and Haydock, co. Lancaster, by Margaret, daughter of Nicholas de Tyldesley, probably of Tyldesley in the parish of Leigh, co. Lancaster.[17] The 1575 will of “Dame Jane Gerard, of Bromley,” widow, mentions her “son’s [i.e. son-in-law’s] children” Margaret and Frances Tarbock, and brothers Sr Peter Legh, Knight, and George Legh.[18]

8.  Katherine Gerard, whose memorial notes that she “o.s.p.m.” (i.e. died without male issue).[19] She would appear to have predeceased her mother, whose 1575 will makes bequests to Katherine’s daughters. She married by 1556,[20] William Torbock, Esq., lord of the manor of Tarbock, in the parish of Huyton, co. Lancaster, born about 1526 (aged 28 on his father’s death in 1554), living 14 May 1558 (when he made his will), and died s.p.m.s. soon after, son of Thomas Torbock, Esq., of the same place, by Elizabeth, daughter of William Moore, Esq., of Bank-house. See TORBOCK for the continuation of the line.


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20Their daughter Frances was found to be aged 30 months at the time of her father’s i.p.m., which is apparently undated but cannot have been made much later than April 1559, as the younger daughter was then aged only 2 months.

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