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The Ancestry of Oliver Mainwaring: Holland

Thomas de Holand, Earl of Kent = Joan of Kent
John de Holand, 1st Duke of Exeter = Elizabeth of Lancaster
John Holand, 3rd Duke of Exeter ~ (an unknown mistress)
Sir Robert Holland = Margaret ____
Jane Holland = John Kendall
Walter Kendall = Jane Rous
Lawrence Kendall = Katherine Munday
Mary Kendall = Richard Moyle
Loveday Moyle = Henry Esse
Prudence Esse = Oliver Mainwaring (II)
Oliver Mainwaring (III) = Hannah Raymond

Earlier writers made Sir Robert Holland, “bastard of Exeter” (no. 4 below), a natural son of Henry Holland, Duke of Exeter (d. 1461). However, the chronological impossibility of this was shown by Todd Farmerie in his important 2001 study of the ancestry of Loveday Moyle.[1] A revised descent involving a more plausible timeline appears in Douglas Richardson’s Plantagenet Ancestry (2004), pp. 299-301, but without presentation of definitive evidence. The correctness of this version is however corroborated by a recent posting by Farmerie to soc.gen.medieval, in which he writes:
When I first posted, (and published) on the question [in TAG in 2001], I could only show that Robert was not Henry’s son…. I have [since] seen a copy of a contemporary document that relates the circumstances of Robert’s death (not at Towton as has been suggested, but in a skermish the day before), explicitly relates he had been granted land by his “brother” Duke Henry, and decribes how this land should have been inherited by his daughter, wife of Kendal of Pelyn, but had been confiscated. It puts all the relationships beyond question.[2]

1.  Thomas de Holand, Earl of Kent; married Joan, “The Fair Maid of Kent,” sister and heiress of John of Woodstock, Earl of Kent, daughter of Edmund of Woodstock, Earl of Kent, and granddaughter of King Edward I and his second wife, Margaret of France.

2.  John de Holand, 1st Duke of Exeter, born after 1350, executed 9 or 10 January 1399/1400, and buried in the Collegiate Church at Pleshy.[3] He married (as her first husband) 24 June 1386 at or near Plymouth, Elizabeth of Lancaster, died 24 November 1426, and buried in Burford Church, Shropshire, 2nd daughter of John “of Gaunt,” Duke of Lancaster (son of King Edward III), by the latter’s first wife, Blanche, 2nd daughter and coheiress, eventually sole heiress, of Henry, Duke of Lancaster.

2.  John Holand, 3rd Duke of Exeter, born and baptized 29 March 1395 or 1396 at Dartington, co. Devon, died (testate) 4 August 1447, aged 51 or 52 years, and buried in the Church of St. Katherine by the Tower. By an unknown mistress he was father of:

4.  Sir Robert Holland, styled “bastard of Exeter” when he served as a witness to a grant made 28 September 1458 by his half-brother, Henry Holland, Duke of Exeter.[4] He married Margaret ____.

2.  Jane/Joan Holland, her father’s heiress. She married (1) John Kendall, of Pelynt, in Lanlivery, Cornwall. She married (2) Sir John Trelawny, Knt.


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4Vivian’s Visitations of Cornwall (1887), p. 258 (where however Henry Duke of Exeter is impossibly said to have been his father); Farmerie, in TAG 76:46-49, at pp. 47-49. Thanks are due to Graham Milne, who in a posting to soc.gen.medieval dated 13 June 2009 <http://archiver.rootsweb.ancestry.com/th/read/gen-medieval/2009-06/1244886794> pointed out a misquotation from Farmerie’s work in an earlier version of these notes.

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