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The Ancestry of Oliver Mainwaring: Moyle

1 Richard Moyle = Mary Kendall
2 Loveday Moyle = Henry Esse
3 Prudence Esse = Oliver Mainwaring (II)
4 Oliver Mainwaring (III) = Hannah Raymond

Our main sources for this family are the 1620 Visitation of Cornwall, and the pedigree in Vivian’s Visitations of Cornwall (1887), p. 336, which shows some purported earlier generations, with little detail and no dates. Todd A. Farmerie, “Disproof of a novel descent of Oliver1 Mainwaring…,” TAG 76 (2001): 46-49, at pp. 47-48, cites “An extended Table shewing the relationships between several Cornish Families, previously mentioned in this History, from Additional information obtained from Heralds’ Visitations, Parish Registers, Probates, Parochial [Registers?] &c.,” in Joseph Polsue, A Complete Parochial History of the County of Cornwall, 4 vols. (Truro and London, 1867-72), vol. 4, adjacent to p. 1. Farmerie notes that this table includes Loveday Moyle, “showing a half-dozen generations of her pedigree and revealing several interesting lines, such as a descent from four Mayors of London.” It should be noted that one of these purported descents from mayors, that from Edmund Shaa, is erroneous. In our copy of this work the chart is bound after p. 352.

Polsue, loc. cit., 1:53, writes: “Trevissick was formerly the seat of a younger branch of the Moyles, of Bake, in S. Germans. Over the gateway were the arms of Moyle, with the letters and date R.M.E. 1631. It then became the property of Simon Slade, gent., who took down a great part of the ancient buildings.”

1.  Richard Moyle (the elder), possibly of Trevissick, in the parish of St. Austell, Cornwall, born say 1520. The Moyle pedigree in the 1620 visitation of Cornwall begins with him, and does not show his parentage.[1] In one of his two editions of the 1620 visitation of Cornwall, Vivian makes Richard Moyle marry Anne Watts, daughter of William Harry Watts [N.B. we assume Harry is here a patronymic in the Welsh fashion, not a middle name], but gives no account of any family of this name.[2] But in his other edition, Vivian shows what appears to be this same Richard Moyle, as having a granddaughter who married a grandson of “William Harry Watt, gent.,” and the latter has a daughter Amy but not a daughter Anne.[3] Not only can these accounts not be reconciled unless it is assumed that Anne and Amy are the same person, but if they are, then the aforesaid grandson of William Harry Watt would have married the daughter of his first cousin.

2.  Richard Moyle, of Trevissick, in the parish of St. Austell, Cornwall, born say 1550, buried 17 August 1589 at St. Austell. He married Mary Kendall, buried 5 December 1573 at St. Austell, only known child of Lawrence Kendall by the latter’s wife Katharine, daughter of John Munday.

3.  Loveday Moyle, born before 5 December 1573 (the date of her mother’s death), buried 27 January 1628/9 at Sowton, Devonshire. She married (as his first wife) before 1599, Henry Esshe (or Eshe or Esse or Aishe), Gent., of Clyst Formison (alias Sowton), Devon, in 1620, buried 8 June 1640 at Sowton, son of Richard Esshe (or Ashe), of Clyst Formison, by Prudence, daugher of John Rudgeley, of London. The will of her brother, Richard Moyle, of St. Austell, Cornwall, dated 1 November 1653 and proved 1 July 1654, leaves “unto my sister Lowdye Ash her two grandsonnes which are unmarried, tenn powndes apeece … unto her five granddaughters which are unmarried twenty nobles apeece … [and] unto her three granddaughters which are married foure poundes apeece.”[4] See Aysshe for the continuation of the line.


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