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The Ancestry of Oliver Mainwaring: Pollard

1 John Pollard (I) = Emma Doddiscombe
2 Walter Pollard (I) = Elizabeth Carnewe
3 John Pollard (II) = Alianor de Copleston
4 Walter Pollard = Joan Barnes (or Baron)
5 Richard Pollard = Margaret Cokeworthy
6 Anthony Pollard = Petronell Chudleigh
7 Joanna Pollard = Nicholas Ashe (or Esshe)
8 Richard Esshe = Prudence Rudgeley
9 Henry Esse = Loveday Moyle
10 Prudence Esse = Oliver Mainwaring (II)
11 Oliver Mainwaring (III) = Hannah Raymond

The more recent generations of this line appear in the 1564 Visitation of Devon.[1] This line is treated briefly in Joseph Foster, A revised genealogical account of the various families descended from Francis Fox, of St. Germans, Cornwall (London, 1872), 25.[2] A number of ancestral lines of the Pollards are treated in John Y. Rowe, “Descendants of Thorvaldr or Turold on the Bayeux Tapestry of special Canadian interest,” Families (Ontario Genealogical Society), 18 (1979): 50-60, at pp. 50-54, but the discussion of the early Peverels, with their supposed illegitimate descent from William the Conqueror, is erroneous.

1.  John Pollard (I), of Waye and Horwood, Devon. He married Emma Doddiscombe, daughter and coheiress of John Doddiscombe, by Johanna, daughter of ____ Peverell.

2.  Walter Pollard (I), of Waye and Horwood, Devon. He married Elizabeth Carnewe, daughter of William Carnewe, according to the 1564 visitation of Devon, in the printed edition at least. Henry Sutliff believes this is an error for Carminowe.[3]

3.  John Pollard (II), of Waye and Horwood, Devon, died shortly before 10 April 1477 (the date of his inquistion post mortem), at what must have been an extremely advanced age. He married Alianor de Copleston, died (apparently v.p.) 21 September 1430, and buried in the south aisle of the parish church of St. Giles-in-the-Wood, near Great Torrington, Devon, where a brass monument to her survived in 1979.[4]

4.  Walter Pollard (II), of Waye and Horwood, Devon. He married Joan Barnes (or Baron), daughter and heiress of Roger Barnes or Baron, of “Barnshill” [i.e. Barnhill in the parish of Malpas, co. Chester?], according to the accounts of the Pollards in the 1564 Visitation of Cheshire and in Vivian’s Visitations of Cornwall.

5.  Richard Pollard, of Waye, Devon, died 19 July 1503, seised of several manors in Devonshire. His inquisition post mortem names his wife Margaret, but does not indicate whether she was then alive.[5] He married Margaret Cokeworthy, living 12 March 1501, daughter of John Cokeworthy (III), of Yarnscombe, near Barnstaple, Devon, by the latter’s wife Thomasine, daughter of Sir John Chichester.

6.  Anthony Pollard, of Waye and Horwood, Devon, born ca. 1481 (aged “23 and more” at his father’s 1504 inquisition post mortem). According to the 1564 Visitation of Devon, he and his wife had one son and six daughters. He married Petronell Chudleigh, daughter of James Chudleigh, Esq., of Ashton, Devon.[6]

7.  Joanna Pollard, named in the 1552 inquisition post mortem of her husband, whom she survived, dying (according to Paget) 16 June 1587. She married Nicholas Ashe (or Esshe), of Clistformison, Devon, died 4 April 1552, whom see for the continuation of the line.


1The Visitation of the County of Devon in the year 1564, with additions from the earlier visitaiton of 1551, ed. Frederic Thomas Colby (Exeter, 1881), 170-1.
2The author is Joseph Foster (1844-1905), the prolific genealogical writer treated in the Dictionary of National Biography, but so far as we can tell, he was not himself descended from any of the families treated in the work.
3Henry Sutliff, posting to soc.gen.medieval dated 11 September 2003, <http://archiver.rootsweb.com/th/read/GEN-MEDIEVAL/2003-09/1063341204>. The family of Carminow is treated, but without mention of this Elizabeth, in W.C. Wade, “Extinct Cornish Families, Part II,” Transactions of the Plymouth Institution & Devon and Cornwall Natural History Society, 1890-1891, available online at http://genealogy.patp.us/cornish2.shm.
4The Pollard pedigree in the 1564 Visitation of Devon, p. 170, calls her “Eleanor, daughter of John Copleston,” while the Copleston pedigrees therein fail to mention her. Vivian’s Visitations of Cornwall (1887), 372, calls her “Elianor, son [sic!] of John Coplestone of Coplestone. These are the accounts accepted by John Y. Rowe in Families, 18:53, and we are inclined to concur. According to Charles E.H. Chadwyck Healey, The History of the part of West Somerset comprising the parishes of Luccombe, Selworthy, Stoke Pero, Porlock, Culbone, and Oare (London, 1901), 104-5, Vivian’s Devonshire Families, to which we have not had access, makes her a daughter of Adame de Copleston, of Copleston, but it would appear that a generation has been omitted here.
5Calendar of Inquisitons Post Mortem, Henry VII, vol. 3, no. 794.
61564 Visitation of Devon, ed. Colby (1881), pp. 170-1, at p. 171; Visitations of Cornwall, ed. Vivian (1887), p. 372. Note that he is not there called a knight, and is not mentioned in Shaw’s The Knights of England. A possible Carolingian descent for her was hinted at some time ago by Gary Boyd Roberts in “The Mowbray Connection,” pt. 2, The Connecticut Nutmegger 10(2) (September 1977): 187-198, at p. 194, and written out in detail in Pedigrees of some of the Emperor Charlemagne’s Descendants 2:191, 71-3. Chronological difficulties with the line were pointed out in AR7, line 217, which tried to improve the chronology with the insertion of two generations, but the line even in this revised form was rejected by Farmerie in TAG 76:46-49.

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