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M c C U L L O U G H

The name McCullough, so-spelled, is said to have been “peculiar to Antrim and Down” in the nineteenth century,[1] and it is indeed in those two counties that we find the present family. Further research into the records of Antrim, in particular, could probably extend our account to some extent.

Some of this material originally appeared as part of a privately-published pamphlet entitled Notes concerning the descendants of Thomas McCullough of Purdysburn and of Samuel Hales of London (Winnipeg, 1977), distributed to family members, in which the man called Thomas McCullough of Purdysburn in the title should have been called William McCullough of Ballycowan, as below. Although this lineage does now include a man named Thomas McCullough, this is due to its being extended to an earlier generation.

A great improvement to this account is due to Lawrence Whitford, who discovered the family bible record of William McCullough’s parents. We are deeply grateful to him for bringing this document to our attention, and for allowing us to reproduce it here.

I should like to thank the following persons, without whose help and encouragement this project would not have been possible (listed in the order in which they appear in the text):

  • Emma McCullough, wife of David McCullough, of co. Somerset, England;
  • Kenneth, Doris, and Geraldine Morris, of London, England;
  • my grandfather, the late Alan Blythe, of Winnipeg, Manitoba;
  • my aunt, Barbara (Blythe) Bennett, of Fresno, California;
  • my mother, Kathleen Blythe, of Winnipeg, who beside providing information generously subsidized this research;
  • my step-father, Ross Dobson, of Winnipeg, who helped me to produce an earlier version of these notes;
  • my aunt, Judith Blythe, of Calgary, Alberta;
  • the late Reginald McCullough and his late wife Noel, of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, who besides providing information generously subsidized this research;
  • Teresa (McCullough) Alscher, of Vancouver;
  • Leah (Philcox) McCullough;
  • Meghan Kathleen McCullough;
  • the late Ernest McCullough and his late wife Margaret, of Montréal;
  • the late Joan (McCullough) Rabeneck, of Nanaimo, British Columbia;
  • Sonya Rabeneck-Peimani, of Geneva, Switzerland, who supplied the photographs of Ellen (Canning) McCullough with her two daughters, and of William McCullough with a horse.
  • Laurence Whitford

McCullough family bible record, marriages

McCullough family bible record, births
Family bible record of Thomas McCullough and Jane Hunter, from the collection of Lawrence Whitford (click for larger images)
William and Ellen (Canning) McCullough and their children
William McCullough McCullough family portaits, ca. 1896

Above: William and Ellen (Canning) McCullough with their children (back row, l-r:) Henry, Thomas, (front row, l-r): Jessie, Mary, and Frederick

Left: William McCullough standing in front of Wyck Hill Stables, Wyck Rissington (courtesy of Sonya Rabeneck-Peimani)

Right: Ellen (Canning) McCullough with daughters (l-r): Jessie, Mary (courtesy of Sonya Rabeneck-Peimani)

(click for larger images)

Ellen (Canning) McCullough and her daughters
Tombstone of Lizzie McCullough
Gravestone of Lizzie McCullough in Drumbo Church of Ireland graveyard; photo (2014) courtesy of Leah Philcox McCullough (click for larger image)
McCullough entry, 1901 census
McCullough entry in 1901 census of Wyck Rissington St. Bar, Gloucester
Gravestone of William and Ellen (Canning) McCullough at Wyck Rissington
Gravestone of William and Ellen (Canning) McCullough in St. Laurence parish churchyard, Wyck Rissington; photo (2016) courtesy of Leah Philcox McCullough (click for larger image)

1. Thomas McCullough, coachman, possibly of Greencastle, co. Antrim, was born about 1824 (calculated) in co. Antrim, Northern Ireland, and died 28 March 1887 at 30 Cosgrave Street, Belfast, Antrim.[2] He married before 1845 (when their first child was born), Jane Hunter, born about 1826 (calculated), died 3 March 1891 at 30 Cosgrave Street, Belfast, Antrim.[3] He is called a coachman in the 1867 marriage record of their son William.
     Issue (from family bible record, and the research of Lawrence Whitford):

  1. 2William McCullough, born 18 February 1845 in Northern Ireland, probably in co. Antrim.
  2. James McCullough, born 20 July 1847, died 25 September 1917 at Belfast. He married Catherine Martin.
  3. Thomas McCullough, born 1 March 1850 at Belfast, died 19 April 1923 at 27 Adam Street, Belfast. He married Eliza Nelson, and had three children. They are the great-grandparents of Lawrence Whitford.
  4. Jane McCullough, born 8 May 1852.
  5. Penelope McCullough, born 20 September 1854 in co. Antrim, died 16 March at Belfast. She married John Morton.
  6. John McCullough, born 21 July 1856.
  7. Agnes McCullough, born 9 August 1859.
  8. Alexander Stuart McCullough, born 10 July 1862 in co. Antrim, died ____. He married Ellen McKelvey Cooper, and had five children.

2.   William McCullough,[4] of Ballycowan and Stow-on-the-Wold, Gloucestershire, son of Thomas McCullough and Jane Hunter, was born 18 February 1845 in Northern Ireland, probably in co. Antrim, died (testate) 19 June 1915 at Wyck Hill Stables, Wyck Rissington, near Stow-on-the-Wold, of chronic interstitial nephritis, cardiac dilation, and dropsy, aged 72 years,[5] and was buried in St. Laurence parish churchyard, Wyck Rissington, where his gravestone survived in 2016.[6] He, at the time a servant, of Greencastle, co. Antrim, married (by licence) 2 June 1867 in St. Anne’s Church (Church of Ireland), Shankill, Belfast, Antrim,[7] Ellen Canning, born probably in 1848 (aged 18 years in 1867, 32 years in 1881, 52 years in 1901, 78 years in 1920) in Ireland, died 14 June 1920 at no. 27 Park Road, Old Stratford Within, Warwickshire, of “malignant disease of stomach [and] heart failure,”[8] and buried with her husband, daughter of Thomas Canning, who is called a labourer in her marriage record. At the time of their marriage she was of Belfast and neither party had previously been married; the witnesses were an Alexander Trimble and a Grace Wightman.
     William McCullough and his wife were living at an unspecified place in co. Antrim, Northern Ireland, at the birth of their daughter Agnes in January 1868. Next, they were in Ballycowan, a townland in the parish of Drumbo, in the barony of Upper Castelreigh, co. Down, Northern Ireland. (This place was near Belfast, and is now a suburb thereof.) In the birth record of his son James (1875) he is described as a servant, of 19 Eureka Street, Belfast. He is called a coachman in the birth records of five of his children, including that of his son Thomas (1877). According to family tradition, he worked as a stud groom and breeder at the village of Purdysburn, in Ballycowan, for an English family which owned a coal mine in Wales.[9] The reference to an “English family,” while it has not been corroborated, may perhaps apply to the Batt family of Purdysburn House, who held nearly all the land in the area (though their ownership of a mine has not been confirmed). Robert Narcissus Batt (1844-1891), who succeeded to the estate on the death of his father in 1864, was a “hearty and genial sportsman” who kept “stud race-horses and … had many successes at race courses both in England and at the Maze and Downpatrick.”[10] On his death he left the estate to the Belfast General Hospital, and the mansion was converted into a lunatic asylum.[11] These circumstances would plausibly explain William McCullough’s employment at Purdysburn in the 1870s and 1880s, and his departure from the area in the early 1890s. Unfortunately, none of the Batt family’s household accounts appear to have survived, so at present the possibility cannot be confirmed. However, during a visit to the Drumbo Church of Ireland (Holy Trinity) graveyard in Ballylesson in 2014, Leah McCullough observed that William McCullough’s daughter Lizzie is buried only about ten meters away from the Batt family mausoleum.[12]
     It is said that when William McCullough, who was a Protestant, would ride into Belfast on his two-wheeled horsecart to buy a copy of Reynolds Magazine, he was often accosted by Catholics, and his wife would later find him lying in a ditch. He accordingly carried a shillelagh with which to defend himself.[13] William and Ellen McCullough’s connection with Drumbo Parish Church (Church of Ireland) is attested between 1878 and 1891, during which period they had several children baptized there; and their daughter Elizabeth was buried in the churchyard in 1878. The 1877 birth record of his son Thomas calls William a coachman. William and his wife were in South Kensington, London, in early 1881, when their son Henry was born, and were enumerated there at 10 Cornwall Gardens Stables in the 1881 census, in which William is called a coachman.[14] “Cornwall Gardens,” says a local guide, “was developed in 1866-79 on a block of land belonging to the Broadwood family,”[15] some of which family were still living in the block in 1881, and who may possibly have been William’s employers. But William and his family were back in Ireland during the years 1887-1891, when three more children were born there.
     After spending at least three more years back in Ireland, William McCullough and his wife, and their surviving children, moved to Gloucestershire, England, by about 1896, when they were photographed at Stow on the Wold.[16] In 1901 they were enumerated with the three youngest of their suriving children (Henry, Frederick, and Jessie) in the parish of Wyck Rissington St. Bar, near Stow on the Wold, Gloucester. They were living as domestics at Wyck Hill Stables, William being recorded as a “stud groom” and his son Henry as a “groom.”[17] These stables, which are recognizable in the background of the photograph above of William McCullough with a horse, still stand, and are now part of the Wyck Hill House Hotel and Spa.[18] William is also called a “stud groom” in the 1901 marriage record of his son Thomas. He and his wife, with their daughter Jessie, are also found at Stow on the Wold in the 1911 census.[19] Finally, he is again called a “stud groom” in the record of his own death in 1915, which states that his son “W. McCullough…, of Curragh Camp, co. Kildare,” who served as informant, was “present at the death.” Administration of his estate was granted to his widow, Ellen McCullough on 10 July 1919, and it was evaluated at £284 17s. 1d.[20] Emma McCullough informs us that George Cotter McCullough owns a letter from Robert Nichol Byass, dated 23 June 1915 to the widow McCullough, sent from Wyck Hill Stables, Stow on the Wold, Gloucestershire, “sending his most sincere sympathies on the death of her husband of whom he was very fond.”
     The 1920 death record of his widow Ellen calls her “widow of William McCullough, stud groom,” and gives the name of the informant as “W. McCullough, son, The Kennels Stables, Brigstock, Northamptonshire.” Administration of her estate was granted to (her son) William McCullough, stud groom, and it was evaluated at £277 4s. 4d.[21]
     Known issue:

  1. Agnes McCullough, born 13 January 1868 in co. Antrim,[22] presumably died by 1881 as she does not appear with her parents in the census of that year.
  2. William McCullough, Jr., born 1869-70 (aged 11 in 1881) in Ireland (no registration found), still alive in 1920. He was a scholar in 1881. He served as informant at both of his parents’s deaths, being called “W. McCullough, son, of Curragh Camp, co. Kildare,” in the record of his father’s death in 1915, and “W. McCullough, son, The Kennels Stables, Brigstock, Northamptonshire,” in that of his mother in 1920. He is probably also the William McCullough, a “coachman domestic,” aged 32, born in Ireland, who is found at Waldon Stables Cottage, Harrow Weald, Middlesex, in the 1901 census,[23] and the Willliam McCullough, also a “coachman domestic,” aged 41, born at Belfast, who is found at no. 1 Williams Mews N.W., London, in the 1911 census.[24] Whether or not these census entries are pertinent, there is no doubt that the present William McCullough was the father of the following:
    1. George McCullough, born 1900 at Groton, Suffolk, a kennel huntsman. He was father of:
      1. George Cotter McCullough, born 1926 in Cornwall; married Evelyn ____. He is the father:
        1. Peter James McCullough.
        2. David McCullough, of ____, co. Somerset, whose wife is Emma (____) McCullough, our informant. They have three children.
  3. Elizabeth McCullough, born 20 October 1872 at Ballycowan, died 10 July 1878,[25] and buried in Drumbo Church of Ireland graveyard, where there was still in 1966 a gravestone reading, “Erected by William McCullough in memory of his daughter Lizzie who died 10 July 1878 aged 6 years.” [26]
  4. James McCullough, born 18 May 1875 at Belfast,[27] living 1881 but probably died young, as his name was unknown to the children of his brother Thomas. At the time of his birth his parents were living at 19 Eureka Street, Belfast.
  5. 3Thomas McCullough, born 7 August 1877 at Ballycowan.
  6. Mary McCullough, born 7 November 1879 at Ballycowan, baptized 11 December following in Drumbo parish church, still alive and unmarried in 1939. She is said to have at one time been a maidservant to two spinsters who dwelt at a large estate six miles from Stratford-on-Avon, Warwickshire.[28] However, in 1939, she and her younger sister Jessie were running a guest-house at Stratford-on-Avon (see below).
  7. Henry McCullough, born 14 March 1881 at South Kensington, London (apparently while his parents where there temporarily), baptized 20 May following in the parish church of Holy Trinity, Upper Chelsea, Middlesex, living with his parents in 1901, when he is called a “groom.”
  8. Frederick McCullough, born 22 December 1887 at Ballycowan,[29] baptized 8 January 1888 in Drumbo parish church, still living 1906 and probably considerably later, said to have died unmarried. His nephew, Reginald McCullough, was awaare that he was a “confidence man” but did not know the details.[30] Emma McCullough brought the following item to our attention:
    Proceedings of the Central Criminal Court, 28th March 1911. Fred McCullough (21, clerk), pleaded guilty of obtaining by false pretences from Ralph George Hadland £2, with intent to defraud. Prisoner confessed to having been convicted at Clerkenwell Police Court on April 20, 1910, receiving six months’ hard labour for a similar offence. Sentence, Nine months’ hard labour.[31]
    The 1911 census shows Fred’k McCullough, aged 23 years, as an inmate in Wormwood Scrubs Prison, Ducane Road, Sherpherds Bush, Hammersmith, Fulham, Middlesex (now in Greater London).[32]
  9. Frank McCullough, born 2 March 1889 at Ballycowan, died 24 August following.[33]
  10. Jessie McCullough,[34] born 5 April 1891 at Ballycowan, baptized (as “Jessica”) 31 May following in Drumbo parish church, still alive in 1939. She was still living unmarried with her parents in 1911. She subsequently married in 1916 in the Stratford registration district,[35] Percy John Lane, of Stratford-on-Avon, Warwickshire, died 7 October 1936 at no. 14 Loxley Road, Stratford-on-Avon.[36] It is said that her husband had been a valet prior to the World War I, managed an aluminum or munitions factory during the war, and afterward managed a theatre.[37] Probate of his estate, which came in at £760, was granted on 13 November 1936 to his widow, Jessie Lane. Jessie was alive at the taking of the 1939 England and Wales Register, in which she and her sister Mary appear as proprietors of a guest-house at no. 23 Church Street; with her are her daughter Ellen P. and someone whose entry is suppressed from the record copy on account of recency of birth. [38]
         Known issue, order uncertain:
    1. Ellen P. Lane, born 17 March 1918 (per the 1939 Register) in the Stratford registration district,[39] perhaps married by 1939, ____ Graham. She was living with her mother at the taking of the 1939 register, in which her occupation is given as “printers and stampers’ clark,” and her surname has been changed from Lane to Graham, with “Grantham?” pencilled in beside it, but her marital status is given as single. Could she have been identical with the Patricia Lan known to Reginald McCullough?[40]
    2. (probably) Mollie Lane, born 1924 in the Stratford registration district,[41] probably died young as her existence was unknown to Reginald McCullough.
Thomas McCullough (1877-1921)
Thomas McCullough (1877-1921)
(click for larger image)

3.   Thomas McCullough, of London, son of William McCullough and Ellen Canning, was born 7 August 1877 at Ballycowan,[42] died 17 September 1921, of pleurisy and pneumonia, at his home, 16 Baron Road, Canningtown District, London, England, and was buried 22 September following in East London Cemetery, Plaistow, London, lot. no. 19574. He married 25 September 1901, in the parish church of Old Ford, London,[43] Deborah Sophia Hales, born 8 December 1873 at 47 Wych (now Aldwych) Street, St. Clement’s Parish, Westminster,[44] baptized 4 January 1874 at St. Clement Danes,[45] died suddenly 23 March 1951 (perhaps of heart failure) at the home of her daughter, Jessie (McCullough) Blythe, 957 Ingersoll Street, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, and buried in Brookside Cemetery. She was a daughter of Samuel William Hales, of London, basket-maker, by the latter’s wife Rebecca Elizabeth Keegan.
    Thomas McCullough worked for some time after his family’s arrival in England as a secretary in a coal mine in Wales which is said to have been owned by his father’s former employer.[46] He is, however, probably the 26-year-old Thomas McCullough, “clerk commercial,” who at the taking of the 1901 census was living as a boarder at 28 Driffield Road E., St. Mary Stratford Bow, London, despite this man’s stated birthplace of London.[47] Certainly he was living in Old Ford, London, at the time of his marriage, as was his wife; the registration gives his occupation as “clerk” and hers as “domestic,” and the witnesses were the bride’s brother William and sister Rebecca.
     In London Thomas McCullough worked as a calculator for the touts at the race tracks, and later became a tallyman for the Thames Oil Warf Co., alternating between Glengall Wharf and Dungeons Wharf at the East India Docks. His death certificate calls him a “shipping clerk.”
     Left destitute on her husband’s death, Deborah, assisted bu funds from the Salvation Army, took their five younger children to Canada in search of better opportunity; her eldest daughter Kathleen, who had just become engaged to be married, remaining behind. They left on 12 May 1922 on the Empress of India, and arrived in Canada on 19 May following, subsequently settling at Winnipeg, Manitoba, and at first staying briefly with her younger sister Rebecca (Hales) Nixon, who was already living there at 107 Selkirk Avenue.[48] The family later lived at a number of locations in the West End. Issue:

  1. Kathleen Mary McCullough, born 3 December 1902 in the Seven Kings District, London, baptized 21 December following in the parish church of Cowley St. John, Oxfordshire, died 27 December 1961 at London. She did not accompany her mother and siblings to Canada, being (we understand) already engaged to be married at the time. She married 25 June 1923, Harold William Morris, born 13 December 1899, died 14 October 1964 at London. Only child:
    1. Kenneth Harold Morris, born 9 May 1924 in West Ham, London. He married 22 April 1950 in St. Mary’s Church, Walthamstow, London, Doris Verden Ford, born 22 July 1920 at Walthamstow. Issue:
      1. Susan Ann Morris, born 24 June 1952 at Walthamstow. She married 30 June 1974, Roger Vick, born 23 May 1951 at Portsmouth, Hampshire.
      2. Geraldine Nicolette Morris, born 17 January 1956 at Walthamstow; unmarried in 1975.
      3. Andrew John Morris, born 11 July 1957 at Walthamstow.
  2. Jessie Clara McCullough, born 28 December 1903 in the Romford District, London, England, died 25 August 1958 in the Old Grace Hospital, Winnipeg, and buried in Brookside Cemetery. Jessie worked from her youth as a dress-maker. She married (as his first wife) 8 October 1927 in St. Matthew’s Anglican Church, Winnipeg, Alan Blythe (no middle name), of Winnipeg, Manitoba, born 2 April 1907 at Brandon, Manitoba, died 7 April 1992 at Winnipeg, son of John Jarratt Blythe, of Winnipeg, by the latter’s wife Mildred Mary Flint. Jessie and Alan met when her family moved into the adjacent suite of the rooming house where his family was staying at 311 Victor Street. They were married five years later, and after living briefly in various places, moved about 1930 to 1190 (now 1210) Dominion Street, then in 1941 to 957 Ingersoll Street. Alan worked for the Canada Malting Co., Winnipeg, from 1924 to 1974, being a kiln fireman for 11 years, a boiler fireman and assisting engineer for 7 years, and an engineer thereafter. For his subsequent marriages see the Blythe page. Issue:
    1. Barbara Ann Blythe, born 8 January 1930 at Winnipeg, died 16 September 2019 at Fresno, California, aged 89 years. She received a B.A. from the University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, in 1951. She met her future husband in Montreal, and they were married (she being his first wife) 7 March 1959 at Fresno, California, and divorced 1982, John Arbuthnot Bennett, born 28 May 1925 at Buxton, died 13 October 1986 at Fresno, of lung cancer, having married (2) 9 June 1982 as her second husband, Ellen Elizabeth (Pierson) Ward. He was a son of G.W. Leslie Bennett, of Fresno, formerly of Buxton, Derbyshire, by the latter’s wife Anne Findlay.[49] Barbara’s married life was spent at Fresno, where she moved in 1959 and lived until her death. She has three children:
      1. John Alan MacFarlane Bennett (called “Jonathan” in his youth), born 1 December 1963 at Fresno. He graduated from high school in 1982, and was for four years a member of a professional rock band. From 1986 to 1989 he studied Radio and T.V. Broadcasting at California State University, Fresno. He married (1) 17 February 1990 at Denver, Colorado, but was deserted by her immediately afterward, the marriage being annulled in 1991, Paige ____. He married (2) 17 May 2003, Susie Bennett (no relation to himself). They are living at Fresno (2010). They have one child:
        1. Austin Bennett, born 5 May 2004 (?).
      2. Ann Findlay Bennett, born 21 September 1966 at Fresno. She received a B.A. (4-year) in English at California State University in 1990, a teaching certificate in 1991, and a law degree in 2002 (?). She married (1) 3 June 1989 in the Wawona Hotel, Wawona, California, but subsequently divorced, Hale John Sjostrand, born 13 April 1965 at Fresno, alive in May 1998, a commercial graphic artist, son of Gerald and Pauline (Sharp) Sjostrand, of Oakland, California. There were no children of this marriage. She married (2) by 2006, Greg Mason. By her second husband she two children:
        1. Lauren Ann Mason, born 2 September 2006.
        2. Maxwell Prescott Mason, born 18 September 2007.
        3. Barbara Mason, born 8 April 2010.
      3. Mary Blythe Bennett, born 5 March 1969 at Fresno. She attended Fresno State College in 1988-89, majoring in Photography and Music. She married (1), but subsequently divorced, Mike Withycombe, born 18 November 1964 at Meridan, Minnesota, a professional football player from 1988 to 1992. There were no children of this marriage. She married (2) Dr. Chris Larson. By her second husband she has one child:
        1. Alexandra Larson, born 2012.
    2. Kathleen Ellen Blythe was born 23 July 1934 at Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, alive in 2017. She received a B.A. from United College (now the University of Winnipeg) in 1955, and did most of the work toward a B.S.W. degree. She married (1) 27 December 1958 in St. Edward’s Church (Roman Catholic), Winnipeg, Carl George Dawshka, born 17 February 1933 at Pratt, near Austin, Manitoba, died s.p.n., v.p., and v.m. 28 January 1969 at Portage la Prairie, Manitoba, and buried there, son of Nicholas and Maria (Yessis) Dawshka, of Carberry, Manitoba, formerly of Naruszewicze, near Minsk, in Byeloruskaia (White Russia). Carl received a B.A. in 1954 from St. Paul’s College at the University of Manitoba, and a B.S.W. in 1956 and an M.S.W. from the University of Manitoba in 1959. They were social workers for some time in Northern Manitoba, then moved in 1961 to Portage la Prairie, where they lived at 15 Sunset Drive. She and her husband adopted two children, and she left work for some time to raise them. At Portage, Carl was Regional Director for the Social Services Division of the Department of Health and Social Services, and he was a member of Rotary International, a service club.
           After her first husband’s death Kathleen moved to Winnipeg in June 1973 to live with her future second husband. She married (2) (as his third wife) 12 April 1975 in their home at 4 Cromer Bay, Winnipeg, but was separated from in 1984, and divorced on 21 December 2000, Ross Victor Goodwin Dobson, of Winnipeg, born 15 April 1934 at London, Ontario, alive in 2019, widower of Mary Eleanor Kuske (1935-1962), former husband of Carol Mary (Stark) Dick (1943-1989), and son of Walter Dobson, of London, Ontario, by the latter’s wife Doris Eva Goodwin. He was until 197_ a producer with CBC Radio, and received a Master’s degree in City Planning from the University of Manitoba in 199_. He married thirdly 15 April 2009 (on his 75th birthday) at Winnipeg, Roberta Louise Simpson, born 24 March 1945 at Flin Flon, Manitoba, alive in 2019, divorced wife of William John Van der Lek, and daughter of Philip Simpson and Isabel Ethel Hunt.
          Kathleen did freelance radio journalism during the late 1970s, and was secretary for Symposium Studios, an art college, in 1979. In 1979 she returned to social work, and was with the Emergency Department of Health Sciences Centre, in Winnipeg, until her retirement in 1999. In 1998 Kathleen legally resumed the surname of Blythe, which she has retained through her third marriage.
          She married (3) (as his third wife) 24 February 2001 in Christ the King Church (Roman Catholic), Winnipeg, Ronald Douglas Slate, born 3 January 1936, died 19 June 2019 at Winnipeg, aged 83 years, formerly husband of the late Muriel Watt (daughter of Ed Watt, of Brandon, by his wife Florence Stewart), widower of Marie Marguerite Cecile Jeannette (Leveque) Williams, and son of Frank Douglas Slate, of Winnipeg, by the latter’s wife, Georgianna Hester Robinson. In June 2019 Kathleen moved to #132, 2002 St. Mary’s Road, Winnipeg.
          Children of first marriage, both adopted:
      1. John Blythe Dawshka (the present writer), born 7 November 1961 at Brandon, Manitoba; unmarried. He has been commonly known as John Blythe Dobson since his mother’s second marriage, and legally assumed the name on 9 April 2015. He received a B.A. (4-year) in Dramatic Studies in 1987, a B.A. in English in 1988, and a B.A. (Honors) in History in 1990, all from the University of Winnipeg. He started as an assistant in the U. of W. Library in 1982, worked there in the Reference Department from 1986 to 2000, in the Systems Department from 2000 to 2017, and in the Scholarly Communications Department from 2017 to the present. He has been a contributing editor to The New York Genealogical and Biographical Record since 2010, and was elected a fellow of the American Society of Genealogists in 2012, and of the New York Genealogical and Biographical Society in 2014. He lived at 23-10 Balmoral Street, Winnipeg, from 2000 to 2005, and has lived at 1170 Spruce Street, R3E 2V3 since 2005.
      2. Ann Marie Dawshka (who briefly used the surname Dobson after her mother’s second marriage, and since her marriage goes by the surname Johnston), born 14 November 1963 at Winnipeg. She studied for two years at the University of Winnipeg, and later worked as a baker and veterinarian’s assistant. She married 15 June 1996 in the Roman Catholic Church, Lorette, Manitoba, Kieran Johnston, born 18 July 1964, son of Desmond and Betty (Lowe) Johnston, of Winnipeg. She and her husband live near Dufresne, Manitoba, and are the owners of Quickdraw Embroidery, which they operate out of their home. Issue:

        (natural child, by Allan Wishnowski:)

        1. Jessica Blythe Dawshka, born 24 January 1986 at Winnipeg. She married 7 July 2006 at the home of her mother near Dufresne, Manitoba (but they have since separated), Patrick Michael Leonoff, son of Les and Shaun (Wankling) Leonoff, of St. Anne, Manitoba. Blythe is presently living with her two children in Winnipeg (2021). Issue:

          (by Adam Kyle Emerson:)

          1. Caleb Michael Dawshka, born 16 October 2002.

          (by her husband:)

          1. Mikalah Blythe Leonoff, born 4 April 2006.

        (by her husband:)

        1. Maeve Kathleen Elizabeth Johnston, born 23 September 1997 at Winnipeg.
        2. Hugh Desmond Johnston, born 19 December 1999 at Winnipeg.
    3. Judith Ann Blythe (who used the surname Wilkes during her first marriage, then reverted to her maiden surname and has retained it since), born 20 September 1940 at Winnipeg, alive in 2017. She married (1) 30 December 1960 in St. Jude’s Anglican Church, Home Street, Winnipeg, and divorced 1984, John (for many years known as “Jack”) David Wilkes, born 25 March 1933 at Winnipeg, died 26 January 2020 at Calgary, son of David Wilkes, of Winnipeg, a boiler-maker’s assistant with the Canadian Pacific Railway (C.P.R.), by the latter’s wife Elsie Sexton, daughter of James Sexton, also of Winnipeg, a tinsmith with the C.P.R.[50] She and her husband moved to Gladstone, Manitoba, in 1961, to Portage la Prairie, Manitoba, in 1962, and to Calgary, Alberta, in August 1964, where they spent most of their married life at 4923 Claret Street N.W. He, who received a B.Sc. from the University of Manitoba, joined the staff of Forest Lawn High School, Calgary in 1969, and was subsequently head of the Science Department there until his retirement.
           Judith Blythe received a B.S.W. in 1980 and an M.S.W. in 1982, both from the University of Calgary, her research specialty being the counselling of families of suicide victims. Meanwhile she worked in corrections, including the John Howard Society, and for the Alberta Solicitor General as a probation officer. Since graduating she has worked for the Canadian Mental Health Association, developing a program for bereaved families of suicides; she has been a counsellor for the Tom Baker Cancer Centre, working with cancer patients and their families, from 1984 to 1986; and she has been Hospice Coordinator of the extended care facility, Bethany Care Centre, since 1986. She is presently (2017) doing social work at Western Veterinarian Clinic.
           Judith married (2) (as his second wife) 19 September 1987 at Calgary, but separated December 1988 and divorced 23 January 1992, Norman Jackson, born 20 May 1923 at Edmonton, died 1 May 2007 at Calgary, son of Frank and Eliza Naylor (Brown) Jackson, of Edmonton, Alberta. Until his retirement he was a social worker, and has taught university courses in Social Work.
           Judith married (3) (as his second wife) 2 January 1995, Martin T. Smith, born 9 April 1930, died 19 June 2010, a widower, son of Edwin T. Smith and Fern ____, of Calgary. Prior to his retirement he was a building contractor.
          By her first husband, Judith has three sons:
      1. Alan David Wilkes, born 17 September 1963 at Portage la Prairie. He received a B.A. (4-year) in Political Science from the University of Calgary in 1989. He married Chiho Taguchi. They have two sons:
        1. Kai Taguchi-Wilkes, born 21 January 2007 at Calgary.
        2. Sho Taguchi-Wilkes, born 14 December 2008 at Calgary.
      2. Glen James Wilkes, born 23 April 1967 at Calgary; unmarried. He graduated from high school in 1985, and was a day-care centre worker for two years. He has since worked mainly as a server in restaurants. He is now (2008) a postal worker with Canada Post.
      3. Christopher Richard Wilkes, born 23 January 1969 at Calgary. He graduated from high school in 1987. He married 11 September 1999 at Calgary, Corey Smith, daughter of Martin T. Smith, of Calgary, above-mentioned, by the latter’s first wife. They have one daughter:
        1. Rachael Elizabeth Wilkes, born 15 September 2002 at Calgary.
  3. Frederick George McCullough, born 1 April 1905 at no. 38 Guildford Road, Ilford, Essex (now Redbridge, Greater London), died 11 January 1984, following a stroke. He married (1) before 1953, Mary ____, who died shortly after their marriage. He married (2) (as her second husband) 11 December 1951, but divorced in 1975, Kathleen (Shehowsky) Black, died 1993, widow of ____ Black and daughter of Ezeder Shehowsky and Dora Andrusak.[51] He married (3) probably in 1976, Gwen Fuller. Issue, by second wife:
    1. Dale Frederick McCullough, born 27 April 1953. He married Debra Magnussen. Only child:
      1. Jenna Rae McCullough, born 14 February 1984.
    2. Kirk Lorne McCullough, born 27 August 1954. He married Leah Anne Philcox. Children:
      1. Samuel Lorne McCullough, born 21 March 1987.
      2. Meghan Kathleen McCullough, born 23 August 1989.
  4. Reginald Thomas McCullough, born 19 October 1906 in the Seven Kings District, died 16 November 1989 (aged over 83 years) at Vancouver, of emphysema, and buried in Forest Lawn Cemetery, Burnaby. He married 17 October 1931 at Winnipeg, his sister-in-law, Noel Blythe (no middle name), born 19 December 1905 at Winnipeg, died 7 November 1994 at Vancouver, aged nearly 89 years,[52] sister of Alan Blythe, above-named, and daughter of John Jarratt Blythe, of Winnipeg, by the latter’s wife Mildred Mary Flint. They met when his family moved into the adjacent suite of the rooming house where her family was staying on Victor Street, and were married eight years later. Her husband was a sign-painter with the Canadian Pacific Railway. She had lived with her parents until the marriage, entered Success-Angus Business College in 1920 and studied there for some time, then worked for several years at Modern Laundry. After living briefly in various places, they lived at 389 Central Avenue (until 1945), at 1932 Elgin Avenue (1945 to 19__), then at 408 Jefferson Avenue until 197_, when they moved to Vancouver. Reginald McCullough was confined to a nursing home for several years before his death. Noel spent the last years of her life near her daughter Teresa, at “Trinity Lodge,” 2125 Eddington Drive, Vancouver. Issue:
    1. Teresa Helen McCullough, born 28 June 1935 at Winnipeg. She married (in a religious ceremony) 26 March 1966 in the home of her parents, at 408 Jefferson Street, Winnipeg, Adolf Franz Alscher, born 28 September 1934 in Germany, died 7 (?) May 1992 at Vancouver, of hear failure. Immediately after their marriage she and her husband moved to Vancouver, B.C., where he had previously been living. He worked for some time as a cabinet maker, and they subsequently owned the Murray Hotel, which they sold about 1987. They lived, and Teresa is still (2001) living, at 2404 Eddington Drive, Vancouver, BC V6L 2G1. They have three children. Issue:
      1. Eric Franz Alscher, born 8 September 1968 at Vancouver; unmarried. He received a B.A. (4-year) in Psychology from the University of British Columbia in 1991. He worked for some time as a customs officer at the Vancouver Airport. He was living with his parents in 1992.
      2. Kurt Thomas Alscher, born 28 August 1969 at Vancouver. He received a B.A. (4-year) in Biochemistry from the University of British Columbia in 1991. He married 19 August 1991 in Our Lady of Perpetual Help Church (Roman Catholic), 10th Avenue, Vancouver, Audrey Leong, born 1 October 1967 in Malaysia, daughter of Philip and Monica (____) Leong, of Vancouver. His wife received a Bachelor of Commerce degree (5-year) from the same place in 1990, and is presently working for the Bank of Canada (1990). She has an A.R.T.C. (?) in piano. They are living at Vancouver, and as of 2003 have one child, Cara Theresa Alscher, born 3 August 1999.
      3. Janna Patricia Alscher, born 22 October 1971 at Vancouver; married Richard Lewis. After completing a year-long program, she became a Legal secretary. She and her husband are living at Vancouver, and as of 2003 have one child.
    2. Patricia Arlene McCullough (twin), born 1 March 1939 at Winnipeg, died 17 April 2017. She received a B.A. from Queen’s University, Kingston, Ontario, and further degrees in Education and in Social Work. She was living at Montreal in 2001.
    3. Mary Elizabeth McCullough (twin), born 1 March 1939 at Winnipeg, died young at Portage la Prairie, Manitoba.
  5. William Ernest (“Ernie”) McCullough, born 6 May 1912 at Ilford, Essex, near London, died 1 August 1987. He married 6 June 1936 in St. Matthew’s Church (Anglican), Winnipeg, Margaret Ellen Key, born 27 April 1913 at Delorane, Manitoba, died 9 June 1989 at Montréal, of lung cancer, daughter of Frank Percy Key and his wife Beatrice Ellen Kingston. Issue:
    1. Maureen Joan McCullough, born 11 June 1944 at St. Boniface, Manitoba, alive in 2001. She married 6 April 1968 in St. Marks Anglican Church, Dorval, P.Q., Charles Richard Murray, born 1940-41 at Montréal. They were living at Montréal between 1970 and 1974, but moved to Toronto by 1989. They have two children.
    2. Virginia (“Ginnie”) Ellen McCullough, born 16 December 1946 at Winnipeg, alive in 2001. She married 16 December 1972 at Montréal, Graham Fowler, born — August 1944 (?) in New Zealand. They were living at Montréal between 1977 and 1980. They have two children.
  6. Joan Deborah Elizabeth McCullough, born 15 February 1918 at Canningtown, West Ham, London, died during the night of 28-29 March 1991 at Nanaimo, British Columbia. Joan attended Kelvin Technical High School, Winnipeg, where she was the winner of a Governor-General’s medal. She married 25 November 1940 (on her husband’s birthday) at Winnipeg, Herman Rabeneck, born 25 November 1904 at Sobolevo, near Moscow, Russia, died 3 February 1980 at Nainaimo, B.C., son of Eduard Rabeneck, of London, England, formerly of Russia, by the latter’s wife Else Lasch, who according to her son’s death record was born in the Netherlands.[53] Her husband, as a child, briefly studied piano with Lily Tchaikovskaïa, niece of the composer Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky, with whom he was indirectly connected by marriage (his father’s brother and the composer’s first cousin married sisters). He became a fisherman. In 1942 they moved to Prince Rupert, British Columbia, where he owned a fishing boat. They have three children:
    1. Linda Rabeneck, M.D., born 14 June 1948 at Nanaimo. She lived from about 1991 to 2001 at Houston, Texas. She married 2 May 1970, but was subsequently divorced from, Friedhelm (“Fritz”) Aubke, born 28 March 1932 at Herne, West Germany.
    2. Sonya Rabeneck, Ph.D., born 9 April 1950 at Nanaimo. He received a doctorate in Nutrition Science. She worked for some time in Nigeria. Later, by 1988, she moved to Ottawa, where she and her husband lived for ten years. In 1997 she moved to Geneva, Switzerland, where she still (2002) resides, and is working for the World Health Organization. She married by 1988, Hooman Peimani, a political scientist and author, who was born at Tehran, Iran. They have one son.
    3. John Herman Rabeneck, born 6 July 1951 at Nanaimo. In 1976 he was working at the Nanaimo Fisheries Biological Station as an electronics engineer. He was still living at Nanaimo in 2001. He has one daughter and one son.

McCullough family group, 1957
A McCullough family gathering in 1957. (in back:) Fred McCullough and his wife Kathleen; (middle row:) Linda, Sonya, and John Rabeneck, Dale McCullough; (front:) Kirk McCullough. Photograph kindly supplied by Leah (Philcox) McCullough
(click for larger image)

No. 38 Guildford Road, Ilford, Essex (now Redbridge, Greater London), birthplace of Frederick George McCullough in 1905; photographed by his son, Kirk McCullough
(click for larger image)


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William McCullough  head  M  32   coachman domestic    Ireland
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William McCullough  son   S   4                        Suffolk: Groton
George McCullough   son   S   4 mos.                   Suffolk: Groton
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McCullough, William*         head  mar   M  41  coachman    Belfast, Ireland
McCullough, Annie Elizabeth  wife  mar   F  38  ----        Groton, Suffolk
McCullough, William          son   ----  M  14  school      Groton, Suffolk
McCullough, George           son   ----  M  10  school      Groton, Suffolk
McCullough, Thomas           son   ----  M   8  ----        Hamstead, London
* Years married: 16
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name             sex   date of birth  cond.   occupation
Jessie Lane        F   5  April 1891   W      Guest house proprietress
Mary McCullough    F   7  Nov.  1878   S      Guest house proprietress
Ellen P. Lane      F   17 Mar.  1918   S      Printers and stampers' clark
[suppressed record]
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