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My 2005 paper Notes on the Nevius Family [PDF] presents everything I could then find on the early generations of this family, and my 2009 paper on the Lenaerts and Sassenbroeck families, as well as an addendum to both article, adds further details.[1] Thus there does not seem to be much point in elaborating on these persons further here, especially given the existence of a very thorough published genealogy which has been widely reprinted.[2]

I therefore have no intention of working on collateral lines, and ask readers not to submit any such material on this family.

However, in order to make my connection to this family clear, I append the following table:

1Johannes Neeff = Sara Lenaerts
2Ds. Johannes Neeffius, Jr. = Maria Becx
3Secr. Joannes Nevius (III) = Adriaentje Bleyck
4Sara Catharina Nevius = Cornelis Pieters Luyster[3]
5Pieter Corneliszen Luyster = Sara Rapalje
6Sara Luyster = Isaac Lent
7Francis Harris = Catharina Lent
8Catharine Harris = John Comfort, Jr.
9Francis Comfort = Jemima Wilcox
10Margaret Comfort = John Kennedy IV
11John Kennedy V = Susanna Samantha Helena Young
12Jean Margaret Kennedy = Richard Harry Mitchelson
(my natural grandparents)


1John Blythe Dobson, “Notes on the Nevius Family,” New York Genealogical and Biographical Record 136 (2005): 33-44; “Lenaerts and Sassenbroeck, ancestors of the Nevius Family of New Netherland,” New York Genealogical and Biographical Record 140 (2009): 13-22; “Nevius, Lenaerts, and Sassenbroeck: Updates and New Ancestry,” New York Genealogical and Biographical Record 141 (2010): 292-96.
2A. Van Doren Honeyman, Joannes Nevius, Schepen and Third Secretary of New Amsterdam under the Dutch, First Secretary of New York City under the English, and his descendants (Plainfield, N.J., 1900).
3For additional detail from this generation onward see The ancestry of Margaret Comfort, nos. 92 and 93.

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