Javascript Endnotes

“JavaScript Endnotes” allow a web author to create an HTML document containing endnotes that are dynamically renumbered as new notes are added, in a similar manner to the <NOTE> tag supported in many WIKI applications. The document may be divided into as many sections as desired, each with its own independently-numbered set of notes. Notice that the demo linked to below contains two such sections.

Details of appearance can be easily altered by anyone with a little knowledge of HTML and CSS. No knowledge of JavaScript is required.

Files required for this application

Please do not link to these scripts, but instead copy them to your own web server:

Use of the unmodified files in web pages is completely unrestricted. However, incorporation (in whole or in part) of these files into other web applications is governed by the Creative Commons Licence linked to at the bottom of this page.

Compatibility notes

Version 2 of the “JavaScript Endnotes” script and accompanying CSS file have been successfully tested in the following combinations of web browsers and operating systems:

Note to users of version 1

Version 1 of this script used <div class="endnote">…</div> where this version uses <span class="endnote">…</span>. HTML files written using version 1 need only this one change to be made, and they will work with the new endnotePlacement.js and endnoteStyle.css files.


The stylesheet for version 2 was improved by a suggestion from Chris Conners.

John Blythe Dobson
University of Winnipeg Library
Originally released 25 May 2007
Version 2 released 19 June 2012
Documentation last revised 14 October 2012
Suggestions welcome

Creative Commons License This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 License.